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  1. Slasher Augur

    for $90 you better give me 6 months of all access and keep your heroic character i don't need. Seriously they need to rethink how smart it is to charge 125% more for something that gives almost nothing that people want.
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  2. Hekaton Elder

    I will be going standard this run. It's kind of silly that it took this long to get the information on what was going to be in a $90 dollar edition. You think you would have tried to build a little more hype by letting the community know a bit further in advance, but maybe by seeing whats included here that was the reason. You have a player base that wants to keep investing in the product, but less for more is not the way.
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  3. ZenMaster Augur

    I could see some "perk" to a Heroic Character if it were transferrable (separate code). You could make a pocket Buffer/Teleporter on a separate free account. Though, it remains a rip-off when you consider it is not a "perk" and that you are paying full price for a Heroic Character that what will likely clutter (compete for attention on) your main/top alt account.
  4. Melanippe Augur

    Actually, Call of the Forsaken was priced at:
    The Standard Edition pre-order is available for $39.99.
    Take advantage of the pre-oder discount on the Collector's Edition: save $30 and pay just $59.99.

    After the Pre-order period one paid $89.99 to purchase Collector's Edition or $50.00 to upgrade Standard Edition. https://www.everquest.com/expansions

    Likewise Rain of Fear.

    House of Thule pricing:
    If you pre-order between September 9 and October 11, 2010:
    Station Store Digital Download: Collector's Edition ($69.99 USD):
    Station Store Digital Download ($39.99 USD):

    If you order on or after October 12, 2010:
    Station Store Digital Download: Collector's Edition ($89.99 USD):
    Station Store Digital Download($39.99 USD):

    The TDS announcement goes on to state:
    These items and much more are waiting for you!

    Much more? Much more what?

    As has been mentioned there are no disks to press, boxes to make , no shipping costs involved in the distribution of TDS. If someone really wants an Heroic character the costs is still $35.00USD anytime with or without the purchase of a new expansion. The other "extras", ONE land locked ship house per account and a mercenary contract for each character per account for an additional $50.00USD is more than pushing reasonable and customary costs.

    While I do not expect anyone of consequence to step up and explain the reasoning behind these prices, I, for one, would appreciate a display of the much touted "transparency" we, the players, have heard so much about,
  5. Drakang Augur

    Just it no preorder means no discount. If it had a port clickie maybe. But don't care about a heroic toon, and a house and merc that will probably increase lag are not worth $50. Will be the first time I have not bought the collectors edition.
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  6. Cheddarella New Member

    I usually stick with the freebie version I get from attending Fan Faire/SOE Live -- said attendance being a gift from a friend I help with her computer (and other errands, as she is a stroke-survivor and uses a wheelchair to get around) throughout the year. The *only* reason I regretted not spending the then-$20 extra (for preorder) was when the now-no-longer-available Collector's Edition gave you access to a special set of in-game collectibles. That access was never mentioned in any advertising of the expansion or the Collector's Edition. Will something like that happen with this new expansion? If not, I will have to forego the "bonus" items and stick with my standard edition; that $50 represents three months of All Access subscription to someone on a ramen-noodle-for-every-meal budget.
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  7. Ellmadar New Member

    I have one household and 3 accounts. My husband and I have always pre-ordered and always gotten the ( since pre-order) slightly higher priced edition of each expansion. Unless they are holding back some super doper bonus item or as stated above
    We will be going with the cheaper version. Sony needs to check out these comments and understand for their core players we don't need heroic toons. They should also offer for the gold members a discount on the higher priced package. That would be easy to do since we can buy it 2 weeks early. Even if they did not add anything new to the bonus items just lowering the price - as they have in the past- would make us buy the higher edition.
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  8. Ratbo Peep Augur

    For that matter put all the houses, mounts, and illusions from earlier expansions in the marketplace - as well as any pictures you missed adding.
    That's the only way we can buy them now - don't you want our money?
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  9. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Heh. Riding osition, and the fact that it rides like a jackhammer make it "less than zero".
    And it's also an epic fail as a yard pet even.
    Most mounts have a right click menu with locomotion commands (like stay, follow, walk, run around, etc) Not so this silly Raptor mount. Put it in the yard in a "horse corral", and it promptly walks out with no way to make it stay. Then it walks all over the property. (oversight?)
    Overall, the raptor mount personifies the difference between useless and effing useless.

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  10. Torriadore Elder

    The whole selling point of $89.99 collector's editions was to catch a select few people who missed the preorder price of $59.99 who really, REALLY wanted the bonuses and were willing to pay an inflated price. Charging $89.99 just because you aren't doing preorders this time around is lol.

    You'll get your answer after you've been billed with no option for refunds.
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  11. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I tend to agree. As a bundle, it just doesn't rise to the $50 price tag. More money is to be made selling all the stuff separately.
    Most of us have heroic characters on secondary accounts as we see fit already. Adding a "free heroic" to the bundle is a good "cash value" - but the need isn't widespread amongst your core players and best (longest) supporters.
    The lack of a pre-order discount is striking as well. A business model of offering less and less and charging more and more for it - can only lead to a bad end.
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  12. Drusi Augur

    Add a portal clickie (15min recast would be ok) to TDS main zone and Sony will actually get some sales of CE at $90, otherwise this is a horrible deal.
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  13. iniari-TR Augur

    I can understand SoE's decision not to have a "pre-order" this year due to the issues of people canceling accounts, and issues with CC / banks , etc and people getting hit with suspended accounts and chargebacks.

    However , I am strongly against the fact that they also got rid of the "pre-order discount"
    in the past I have always gotten the deluxe / collectors edition because it was a nice discount and a few extra items for a good price.

    this year i will just get the normal edition. if the collectors edition was priced at the "discounted" level of $60 bucks i might have gotten it, but at the full $90 ? , no way can i justify that kind of an expense.
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  14. Numiko Augur

    You would have thought with the expansion adding in mount key rings they would have tossed in a few new mounts!

    And I have to agree the collectors edition is not really worth it.

    Don't forget too if your all access a heroic toon only costs $31.50 .. and when you factor in your free 500 every month it takes it down to $26.50.... definitely a lot cheaper to go that way.
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  15. Vlad Diszno Augur

    I just went to check out the pirate ship on Jardel's Hook. If it is going to be just like that pirate ship, will we be able to actually look out the port holes to see the yard? Now that would be an interesting turn of events.
    I was hoping for a house w/ lots of open space and room for more than the usual count of items. This might have a decent item count, but looks to lack the open space. That is what I liked about the bixie hives, I even bought CE on 2 more accounts when they had the sale.
    I'm not sure if I'll pull the trigger on main account's CE if they don't offer the discounted price like in previous pre-orders. All summer I had been anticipating getting the CE on at least the main account and hopefully all 3, but w/out a discounted price, it looks bleek for that.

    Does one get All-Access 10% discount on the new expansion? Even w/ that, the price wouldn't get near what previous pre-orders were.

    "These items and much more are waiting for you!" -So are there more items w/ the CE that you haven't listed here? Or is that 'much more' just referencing stuff like new spells/ AA's/ zones/ quests...etc?
  16. melph New Member

    Absolutely WON'T be buying the collectors edition for either account this time. What are you guys thinking with this terrible deal?!?
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  17. Greymantle Augur

    Sad , i normally purchase one of the CE's for my main and 3 SE for the family accounts. But not for $90.00 US, while i would like the additional items , i cannot justify spending that kind of money. As well i live in Canada, so with the exchange rate it would be > $100 Cdn for the CE.
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  18. Rorce Augur

    All Access accounts get 10% off expansion purchases, I don't see why this expansion purchase would be any different.

    Pretty nice, knowing we will be getting this expansion cheaper than those of the past several years.
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  19. Shiea Augur

    Uhm are you sure about that sir? Any source you can verify this with?
  20. Smellyogres New Member

    Nope, I might not even be buying the standard edition. I came back to this game after years of being gone back in January. I have been paying for 2 accounts for a while now and have bought 2 expansions. I can tell you from a returning player standpoint something needs to change with content and marketing. This game has the possibility returning to some semblance of a cash cow for SOE if you guys actually put some effort into not only gaining returning players but keeping them. I read the forums, I see what players have to say here and these are players that have been loyal to the game for years and years. I left the game for the same reasons (SOE not paying attention to what the players want to see, content, customer support) and nothing has changed. I am sure there are many other returning players that feel the same thing, what is the draw to keep us playing, and to keep giving SOE recurring revenue? Everything that I have read from the "veterans" that have paid thousands of dollars over the course of 14 years want has a net cost of zero to SOE and the potential to actually increase loyalty and in turn increase the bottom line of the company. Somebody needs to pay attention. I truly foresee another great flight of customers that have recently returned simply give up and leave again.

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