Dive into The Darkened Sea with these Bonus Items!

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  1. Roshen Brand Manager


    In addition to all of the exciting new content on the way with The Darkened Sea, players will also receive some awesome items just for purchasing the expansion! There will be both a Standard Edition and a Collector’s Edition of The Darkened Sea available, and each version will contain some amazing new items.

    Standard Edition

    The Standard Edition of The Darkened Sea will be available for $39.99 and will include various items to enhance your home as well as your adventures around Norrath! This includes:

    Four Exclusive Paintings

    Bring beauty into your home with these fabulous paintings that feature images straight out of The Darkened Sea. The rope and wood frames add a nautical touch to any décor while the rich scenery brings the sense of action into any living space. Each character on your account will receive these paintings.
    • Painting: Coastal Brigand
    • Painting: Forgetful Strike
    • Painting: Speed of Faith
    • Painting: The Darkened Sea


    Contract of the Lizardman

    Hire your very own Lizardman mercenary to do your dirty work! He is ready for battle and will take on any role needed to get the job done. He features a fierce appearance straight from the expansion, so he’s sure to feel at home in The Darkened Sea. Each character on your account will be able to obtain a Lizardman mercenary to do their biddings.


    Metamorph Totem: Ankylosaurus

    Summon an Ankylosaurus dinosaur to follow you during your adventures in Norrath or transform your current pet into an Ankylosaurus dinosaur. What better way to make your presence known than by being able to command your very own dinosaur? Each character on your account will be able to obtain a Metamorph Totem: Ankylosaurus.


    Collector’s Edition

    The Collector’s Edition of The Darkened Sea will be available for $89.99. It will include all of the items from the Standard Edition, plus the following:

    Heroic Character

    Create a fully equipped character to start your adventures in Norrath at level 85! Your choice of Heroic character will come with:
    • 15,000 Platinum
    • Jungle Raptor Mount
    • Two 24-Slot Bags
    • Spells
    • Thousands of Auto-Granted Alternative Advancement Abilities (AA’s)
    • Full Set of Equipment, including weapons, armor, Power Source and Charm
    • Food, Drink, and Ammo
    • 100 Bayle Marks
    Players will be able to claim a single Heroic Character with this Collector's Edition.

    The Wayward Lady House

    Avast Matey! Do you want to feel as if you are setting sail on The Darkened Seas at all times? Decorate your very own pirate ship themed home know what it’s like to be the captain on the high seas. Don’t forget to invite your crew over for a good time once your work is complete! Players will be able to claim a single Wayward Lady with this Collector’s Edition. Players will receive a single Wayward Lady in this Collector’s Edition.



    Contract of the Arc Worker

    Don’t leave home without your very own arc worker mercenary by your side. You can’t deny it, that mercenary has some style! Hire your very own Arc Worker and be ready to rock and roll in The Darkened Seas. Each character on your account will be able to obtain a Contract of the Arc Worker.


    These items and much more are waiting for you! The Darkened Sea launches on November 11, but All-Access members can access the expansion two weeks early and start their adventures on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. Will you be decorating a new ship-themed home in celebration of the expansion or will you head straight out into battle with a new mercenary by your side?
  2. Goth Augur

    bummer no free bag... thats one of the only things i like about the bonus stuff.
  3. Rorce Augur

    This might be the first time I splurge and buy the collector's edition. Very nice job!
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  4. Rafather Augur

    If its just a heroic alt, a boathouse and a second merc skin, then this will be the first time since the collectors/preorder bonus started that I wont be buying it. Toss in a couple 36 slot bags and 10charges of true double xp pots to make it worth the $50 upcharge.
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  5. Aliano Journeyman

    Utterly unimpressed...
  6. complexication Augur

    Well...y'all certainly upped the ante by throwing in a heroic character.

    I could live without more wall hangings though. The rest I'm really impressed with.
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  7. Crystilla Augur

    For me, I rarely have purchased the collector's addition (just RoF basically and only on one account), but with the boat and the heroic character, I'm definitely in for this.

    That house rocks!
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  8. Marton Augur

    Thanks for TDS update, Roshen.

    Not impressed with Collectors Ed.
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  9. Borias New Member

    I'm NOT impressed at all with the amount of items that will be given along with the $90 purchase of a Collector's edition. Bags, Armor Ornamentations, Mounts, and Potions also need to be thrown in.

    Is the heroic character going to be a true heroic character, or just like one of the freebies yall gave us a while back that shouldn't be deleted, and / or changed to a different class?
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  10. Rorce Augur

    Bags are way overdone now imo. Just doing all the content rewards you with so many big bags through achievements. These are nice items that can't be obtained through doing content.
  11. Kiillz Augur

    its serious over KILL, more useless paints and what ? just a heroic toon? As previously stated throw in a 40 slot bag, a zone over clicky something in those useful lines....otherwise frankly I m over the collectors and I ll just hit standard.

    24slot bag really? in a $90 selling item couldnt do better then that??
  12. Roshen Brand Manager

    The Collector's Edition adds an additional Heroic Character to your account. This is not a trial Heroic Character like the previous promotion you refer too.

    While you can delete a Heroic Character to change it to a different class, please note that each additional Heroic Character you create using the same 'feature' won't start with things you can trade away, like Plat or Bayle Marks.
  13. Aliano Journeyman

    Zone clicky. Some sort of in game item thats useful, and makes you actually want to spend the extra cash without laughing at yourself.
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  14. Jasazick New Member

    I'll probably get the collectors ed for an alt account that I was already planing to toss a heroic character on.

    Add a REALLY useful zone clicky and I'd buy it for both accounts. Who cares about paintings?

    Will there be content in the expansion that a lvl 85 heroic character can actually handle?
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  15. Elizabeta Augur

    Does this add an additional character slot with/for the Heroic?
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  16. Maeryn Augur

    Add that: https://www.everquest.com/news/heroic-character-faq
    Drop one of: Players will be able to claim a single Wayward Lady with this Collector’s Edition. Players will receive a single Wayward Lady in this Collector’s Edition.
    Clarify if Ankylosaurus and Arc Worker are one per account or character.
    All Heroic characters don't come with spells, can also correct that on the FAQ.
    It's not thousands of AA Abilities or AAA it's thousands of points of AA, can also correct that on the FAQ.
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  17. Stephen51 Augur

    So no pre-order I heard? Does that mean we have to order the expansion on the day it goes live? If so have you (SOE) prepared for a surge of people using your site all at once?
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  18. Ebonylight-Xegony Elder

    The price on the collector's edition is absolutely ridiculous. $90 for you to take/copy the pirate ship out of Jardel's Hook and a merc skin? Im not mentioning heroic character cause you can already buy this and its not a selling point at all. Price should be $60 tops or less and offer more unique items. I dont and try not to complain often but... just wow.
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  19. Flixx New Member

    $90 NOT worth it at all, that a $30 offer at best. SOE get ur hands out of my wallet before you get agro.
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  20. NireVZ Elder

    if you changed the "raptoid" mercenary into a character illusion, I think you will yield more collectors editions. raptoid sounds cooler then lizardme due mainly to the fact I think they resemble raptors then generic lizards!
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