Ditch Overseer and just make exp better

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    There have been literally scores of threads on this.....


    Yes, they wholesale reduced xp per kill. Even mobs in Blighfire give less xp per kill than previously.

    Less XP per kill, no matter how it is scored, is a NERF to leveling.




    Making things needlessly more difficult in legacy content...

    is a nerf to leveling.

    All the semantics argumanet in the world doesn't change the fact that it's a nerf.
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    It's always been faster to level with a group, but a better metaphor than your spell rotation would be to telling them to group with all the right ADPS classes. When you're dependent on others, you don't always get to do what's optimal for you.

    What's new is that the cost of taking a less-optimal path has drastically increased.
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    My guild group was talking about getting together a band of "baby" ebils so I've created a few new characters. In a couple hours while eating lunch or otherwise not paying 100% attention, you can finish all of Glooming Mines and be level 10. I made a new gnomie cleric of Bertie (May disease and petulance.. err pestilence heal your wounds!) and, after the Mines, decided I wanted the old gnome starter armors. I accidentally discovered the quest giver for the goodie clerics would talk to me until I did the first step of the Bertie Initiates' quest and so decided to do BOTH of the cleric armors. Eventhough about half of the stuff I was killing for the bits were grey and Steamfont is not a Hot Zone, she got to 15 in a few very casual, have to pause for long spans of time, hours but did get both of the armors. I wasn't trying to level her at that point. Last night we got the baby ebils together, 4 of us were playing + 1 merc. In about 2 hours in Blightfire Moors, without using Lesson or Potions (I think we all forget to use them most of the time), all of us got at least 10 levels and our group is very... dysfunctional: cleric (me), wizard, shaman, and SK. We were killing the cats not far from the Knowledge stone and they were red red red to my level 15 cleric at the start with some of them becoming yellow before bedtime consumed half our group. (darn those time zones anyway!)

    In Nov/Dec, I created a new mage and, with a bard from mid-20s, got to 85 in less than a month with only playing them a few hours a week and at least one of those weeks not at all because of working overtime.

    How much faster do you want the "legacy content"?

    Back when I was playing originally, in the late 2000s, it actually took time to level. Even in the teens, it could take a few hours or even a couple days if you didn't have long sessions available, to get even just 1 level. There were "hell levels" which could take several hours or days or even weeks to get a level. When I meandered back for a couple months sometime after Serpent Spine was launched but way before HoT (I played EQ2 in those days), I was shocked, then, too, by how much faster the leveling was. My sweetie and I were leveling faster than we could even do the beginnings of most of the quests. When I returned again in mid-2020, I still was in absolute awe at how fast the leveling is. There was an absolute boost to the amount of XP you get in the lower levels.

    A similar thing has occurred in EQ2 as well. At one point, when there was an inquiry about the increase in leveling speed in the lower levels, a developer said it was intentional to keep the amount of time a new character spends leveling from 1 to a level 20ish below the max (at the time of "tuning") to be about the same. One reason is to let newer players (or characters) join with the older ones.

    Your allegation that XP in the lower levels has been reduced is utterly LUDICROUS especially vs the XP originally available in the 2000s.

    Yes, it is slower to level in the higher level ranges because there is more XP needed in those ranges unless you are doing quests that give you a % of a level. Kills alone have not, and never have, given a % of a level. Missions, achievements, and many newer quests don't give an XP amount, they give a %. If you do one of those at a lower level, you'll get less actual XP for it because the total amount of XP needed will be less so the % will equal less even if the % is the same.
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    Actually I don't think saying the expansion is supposed to last 12 months is realistic. Just because they create one expansion a year does not mean it is going to last a year. All we can say is we get one expansion a year. Some finish it in must less time some take more.

    We used to get more content. Smaller expansions means they try to stretch things out with less content to go through.

    And... Grinding is not being lazy so not sure where you get that from. And no it is not very viable if you don't want repetitive stress injuries. Just because some like grinding is no reason to call them lazy. I don't get why folks have to be negative towards those who simply like something different. Not better not worse just different. And if grinding is lazy then everyone who played EQ several years ago was lazy because that was the primary means of leveling for most of Everquests existence.
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    Not everyone who grinds is a min maxer. Rarely ever did my grinding in some perfect past expansion zone. Did my grinding in the current zones because I could also get current drops. *shrugs*

    Can't ever recall thinking I was being persecuted but I did feel that the play style I enjoyed for the majority of EQ got changed. I don't like Overseer at all. I don't like the idea of leveling up from a mini game at all. I liked grinding my exp and seeing a reasonable return on my effort. Then it was decided by Daybreak they that wouldn't happen anymore. I am not happy with that but there isn't much I can do about it.

    And strangely enough I never got livid at anyone leveling faster then me. While I preferred to grind getting exp I can see the value of Overseer to some. I use it myself though not by preference. And I see how some folks like getting their exp in big chunks from missions. Lots of raiders just want to get the exp leveling over with so they want to get on with raiding. That doesn't make them lazy its just how they want to play.

    I really really hate how folks on this board love to throw all kinds of negative crap on folks with different views. Stop projecting folks.
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    Couldn't agree with you more. This is exactly right. As far a the "grinders are lazy comment", it's just a silly and poorly thought out statement. We live in a world and culture today, where when ones personally opinion is not affirmed, and they have a weak argument, they result to name calling. "Oh, you disagree with me, therefore you must be ....lazy" I suppose we shouldn't expect these forums or any other medium to be any different.
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    The problem is they have eliminated choice and freedom WE used to have a sandbox where folks could progress as they pleased. Then both types of folks were happy. WHat has changed? Only the exp stream in overseer. They had to offset this new exp stream by reducing the old system by that same amount. It's fine for some people but it drove away a percentage of players that enjoy exp grind.

    It's a horrible idea unless you really do not care about alienating your loyal customers. Maybe they are gonna sell it again. Who knows.
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    This thread is still going?

    I think we can all agree EQ XP is fine. Do your progression. Then grind until your heart's content.
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    I think we can all agree that with respect to this topic:


    There are those who are dead set that XP is fine, there are those who are dead set XP is not fine.

    Thus the thread continues ....
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    But the problem is the amount of XP you get from grinding isn't impacted by the addition of overseer you just need a lot more to level anymore.
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    I have a max level 120 character that did not do ToL progression and I play it regularly
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