Ditch Overseer and just make exp better

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by hein, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    It is just a nice bonus and they still need to play the game to get any gear, items and AA that they need/want. There is nothing preventing them from doing any of that and in fact it could make it easier as they can stay current with their level.
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  2. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    While you blame Overseer for needing more EXP per %, I blame the many posts we have had that leveling is too easy. Which has lead to needing more EXP per % and the nerf to GMM.

    AA is fine, if they increased the EXP gain that would push AA earning through the roof.

    While no one asked for Overseer, EQ2 got it, many games already had it. I'd rather I could do it from my phone any time of the day, but alas I need to log in. Overseer gets done once a day most of the time, but if I don't have the time I'm not losing sleep over it. I'm down to needing 6 collects then I'm done with Overseer till December or later if I get all NoS collects.
  3. Velisaris_MS Augur

    There's nothing to fix with XP GAIN, because there's nothing wrong with.

    The problem is the XP NEEDED since ToV, because every level is now "huge" (hell levels).

    If they would just go back to the leveling increase curve they had prior to ToV (you know...what they had for more than 2 decades), and kept rewards as actual percentages of current level, all of these problems would go away.
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  4. Bobokin Augur

    As my first post in this topic suggested, I vote for all of the above.
  5. Bobokin Augur

    Fair enough. Your post read like you were the principal calling Marty McFly a slacker.
  6. Tappin Augur

    Are we suggesting that DP is no longer maintaning the exp curve and instead using missions to off set the broken curve?
  7. Mesc Old Soul

    I have not Paid to play this game in over 15 Months. Most likely i will never pay to play this game again after Absor's Mismanagement of it. I don't think upper management realizes how much profit they would have made had Absor just kept the game the way it was. I have Krono on my account that i have been waiting 15 months to spend. i am going to start using them soon and then thats it. I AM DONE. They will have lost a 21 year customer and i will never, ever play another daybreak game.

    Congrats on screwing over your player base Absor. I hope the loss of profits and players was worth it.
  8. Velisaris_MS Augur

    We're suggesting that Daybreak doesn't actually give a crap about the players anymore because they've put the game into maintainence mode and don't actually play it. At least when it comes to group players.

    They seem to bend over backwards to accomodate raiders, but treat group players like second class citizens. They always have.
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  9. Cicelee Augur

    What makes me laugh at the "grind mobs player" are those who refuse to get any Mercenary tasks for an expansion. Which is quite literally "grind mobs" on a much smaller scale, outside of going to some NPC that takes (at most) 60 seconds to reach from a zone in. Even partisans nowadays are lots of running and hailing, followed by killing one kind of mobs, then more running/hailing. While I can understand the "grind mobs" player does not like to run, to not get Mercenary tasks is laughable. You are missing out on probably a level and a half of free XP while grinding.

    And last time I checked, Overseer does not give AA or current gear or augments. Which that trifecta combined could be debated as more important than levels. Because a level 120 with auto grant AA and COTF group gear and augments is going to be destroyed in current content compared to a level 118 with 40k AA and COV/TOV gear/augments.

    The Overseer complaint is silly. I haven't done Overseer in 18 months, and yet I am max level and AA, shooting off fireworks during the group game.
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  10. Windance Augur

    For those threatening to quit: CAN I HAVE YOUR STUFF !!! Thanks! :rolleyes:
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  11. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    Mercenary tasks do not reward experience, the reward is for the achievement. This isn’t DSH-era, where players can grab some tasks as a bonus, while they grind together.
  12. Gialana Augur

    This isn't strictly true. Completing all of the Mercenary quests in a zone gives a one-time experience reward starting in ToV. In the level increase expansions (ToV and ToL) the percent of level experience rewarded depends on your level, but should be at least 5% at level 111+. In the non-level increase expansions (CoV and NoS), it's a flat 2% no matter your level.

    After the hotfix on December 8, individual mercenary quests in NoS gave completion experience upon each completion. The experience was removed from the Darklight Caverns Mercenary Quests with the January 18 patch. I haven't tested the other NoS zones to see if the Mercenary Quests still give experience, though.
  13. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    It’s good to know that the only way to get the experience added back is via a bug.
  14. Alnitak Augur

    Here is not a bug story from this week:
    A group of non-raiders camped trash in Shadeweaver Tangle for 1 hour and 3 minutes.
    74 trash dead, about 50 were placeholders with 145 mil HP, the rest just roamers with about 75 mil HP.
    3.6% of the level at 120 with no lesson.

    3.5% of the level per hour, that's about 30 hours for the entire level just grinding trash. How much more exp do you expect from grinding?
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  15. Cintile Lorekeeper

    I really hope this is sarcasm. I can't imagine anyone thinking that 30 hours of grinding for 1 level is reasonable exp.
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  16. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    You didn’t follow the context of the post that I replied to that had replied to my post above. The experience being added back via a bug is about mercenary quests.

    To answer your question 30 hours per level is too long. Slow leveling early on is fine in a game’s life, but after numerous level cap increases it has to be faster. Your playerbase already has been capped, there’s not enough space in 5 levels to add mid-range content.

    3.6% after 63 minutes is pretty terrible for doing the current content, for what is essentially T3 for 120. You’re getting 0.013-0.014% per kill. Just put that into perspective, you’re being reward nearly 1/100th of a percent. Those kind of numbers aren’t going to make a player feel rewarded. Now, think about when people don’t get groups and have to solo in less content like ToV T1, RoS, or even EoK depending on class and gear.
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  17. sieger Augur

    XP is great and leveling is easy.
  18. Alnitak Augur

    Your math is WAY off.
    3.6% / 74 = 0.048% per kill
    Still, please answer my question, how many % of the level experience I should have earned in 63 mins by killing 74 mobs in a group ?
  19. Alnitak Augur

    Please, do tell.
    How much of level experience in your opinion a character should earn in 63 minutes after killing 74 mobs in a group ?
  20. KushallaFV Playing EverQuest

    You’re right. From my perspective I don’t see a point in raising the level cap, so in a T3 zone 74 mobs should be good enough for 74%.
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