Ditch Overseer and just make exp better

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  1. hein Augur

    I mean come on, this is ridiculous.Overseer shouldn't be the best option for regular exp in the game other than begging for someone to run you through ToV missions or slaughter FM or ME. What would be best for the game, and the player is to improve the exp for progression in the early expansions, such as EoK, RoS or even earlier. That would be way more valuable then making it easier to click a couple buttons for 1%-5% regular exp. Surely, 99.99999% of the player base would like to make the exp actually playing Everquest. Not some stupid mini game set up for the sake of making cash from the station store. Then again, I'm starting to think they want those levels between 85-100 to be garbage, because then your more inclined to buy a level 100 Heroic. Oh, and your more inclined to buy Kronos to pay for PL if the leveling from 100-113 is miserable.

    Change my mind...
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  2. Windance Augur

    I doubt anyone can change your mind but ...

    I will agree with you there. However, I know several low play time raiders who LOVE being able to just log in and raid using overseer to keep their XP bar topped off.

    The game has some micro transactions but they are VERY minor.

    I don't think they are intentionally making XP worse to promote the level 100 Heroics.

    I *DO* however wonder if there isn't a financial reason they haven't followed up on the hundreds of petitions about the guy/team who constantly spams the super fast leveling service ( who's also known for running automated XP groups for days at a time )
  3. Laronk Augur

    Overseer is there so you have a thing to do while LFG. I don't ever use the overseer exp personally but its not an either or type of deal. 1-5% exp a day is junk and overseer is not the best option for exp.

    Better regular exp isn't going to make players group with you. You have to make friends.

    I don't see a lot of players do it but you don't need to beg for these missions. If you make a post on the forums

    Hi my name is Soandso, you know the guy that's used in the examples on allakhazam: That's ME!. I am a level 113 ranger and I need my TOV missions and my TOL missions. My play times are from 9pm to 12pm and I am normally online Mondays Tuesdays and Saturdays. I'm looking for a regular group as well, PM me for my discord thanks!

    While some people here will poo poo over the idea of being in discord voice chat with someone but it is otherwise hard to communicate in game in a way you're going to make gaming friends while you're mashing all the buttons that you need to mash to do a decent job. You don't need to be in voice chat but it can help make friends. Also maybe check out the everquest discord.

    Also have a plan for your game day of things you'd like to do, you're going to have better more interactive groups if you form groups to do quests. Mindless grinding with other people in game generally isn't going to build relationships with these other players but trust me if you go drag other players thru quests those players are going to want to group with you again because you got stuff done. If you have a plan you'll find you have more stuff to do, make a list of things that you can solo and a list of things you need a group for. Be ok with making a substandard group

    Big question: Not saying this is you but, do you group with lower level people when you're on that character that is in that level 110-113 range? Do you invite the random level 98 druid that is lfg and find something to do with him? If you're not out there trying to help the 98's of the world out with your 110 guy then well that's really the same as 120's not helping you with TOV quests.

    You're having trouble leveling but you don't tell us what server you're playing on or who you are in game or how to contact you.
  4. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I use Overseer for alts. Weird I know.
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  5. itzagame_m8s Journeyman

    base function of OS is timerquest like WoW has. 6 hour, 12 hour recurrance.
    Overseer shouldn't be the best option for regular exp in the game = wall of victim blaming.

  6. Alnitak Augur

    I use Overseer daily - for Collectibles and rarely tradeskill materials of this or that type. On very rare occasions I use it for experience for my neglected alts. Very rarely - for very simple reason that 10-12% per day is simply too little. When I level alts by playing them the experience gained is far better than just clicking Overseer.
    But sometimes I have an odd-ball alt I need leveled up, which does not fit particular group I am actively playing at that time, and in such rare cases that alt gets experience from Overseer.

    My biggest issue with multitude of alts - how to max their AA's and learn how to play well their classes, not to bump them to lvl 120. That is easy, getting good with them is much harder.
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  7. Zunnoab Augur

    Overseer is absolutely not the best option. It just provides an option for lower play time tanks to keep up thier buffers and gradual progress to supplement normal experience. Progression bonuses and regular experience are far faster.

    What I think is sad is, on Luclin-Stromm at least, the LFG tool is virtually unused.
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  8. Laronk Augur

    God, victim blaming? I put good information there on how to get help and how to make friends in game. If they increase regular exp and get rid of overseer that will not solve the OPs problem.

    A more helpful request which I've put into a suggestion before is we need entry level quests in every expansions starter zone with repeatable kill tasks that provide some experience so those without a home have a good place to congregate in the current expansion.

    And overseer is not the best option for regular exp in the game, overseer is the regular exp in the game that requires the least effort.
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  9. Laronk Augur

    Unfortunately it's that way on most servers I see people lfg but no lfg tag up. Heck if they made a dungeon finder like in wow (bonus points if it was cross server) it would help a lot of people get into groups I think.
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  10. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I do believe experience should be raised.Overseer is still a good thing as one said above about raiding exp loss.... simply claiming a few overseer and I'm topped off.

    And AA'ing my mercenary!
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  11. itzagame_m8s Journeyman

    OP didn't say they had a hard time. OP said Overseer shouldn't be the best option versus playing EQ. Maybe you haven't noticed that they kiled grind grouping by nerfing per kill xp. They also nerfed XP in instances.

    What IS going on is they are milking engagement metrics by removing sources of XP, conveniently, those where players buy Krono to solve "the problem"

    Overseer is another method of keeping players logging back in 2-3x times a day. Nerfing XP is a method of making everything take longer.

    Tying all XP gains to quests while removing mob kill XP is a silent nerf to groups.

    6 players kill mobs, 6 players get XP. same 6 player group, each player has a quest to kill 10 soandso - and - LOOT 10 "soandso's whatever" means the group of 6 players must then farm 60 whatevers = more time wasted.

    This is why there are afk bot groups on every live server. it's now grindier than a Korean MMO.

    It's weird, it's like they don't WANT players to level up and gear up within an expansion.

    Like, If you bought EQ today, you MIGHT make raiding by next expansion and Overseer will be your highest XP per day on average.

    Overseer should NOT be everyone's go to.

    EQ should be.
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  12. itzagame_m8s Journeyman

    Also, the longer it takes for the average player to progress to top tier, the more people buy Kronos to exchange for relevant gear the first half of an expansion. This is by design gatekeeping.

    See a general chat near you and what's on offer for 7 Krono. Droppable group gear that average players can't attain yet.
  13. Zunnoab Augur

    That's a really needlessly complex conspiracy theory.

    I like that progression gives huge boosts to normal experience. This is EverQUEST. Slower grinding is the flip side.

    I do think non level increase expansions should give large boosts to normal experience with progression achievements too though, to help people catch up. The minimum level to get a task also shouldn't be the current or previous level cap either.

    This makes actually experiencing the content worth it rather than just grinding past it.
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  14. itzagame_m8s Journeyman

    actually, it's modern game development.

    They nerfed kill XP too hard.
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  15. Zunnoab Augur

    Pointing out that some "loot item" quests are poorly implemented isn't evidence of such sweeping declarations.
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  16. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Thread has turned into a wall of text, so I skimmed. Sue me.

    What I have noticed is, people are talking like getting XP is the only thing Overseer is used for.

    News flash: it's not.

    For me, getting XP has been about 15-20% of my Overseer use. The rest has been for collectibles and TS mats.

    If you don't like the feature, don't use it. Not that hard.
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  17. code-zero Augur

    Yeah, tradeskill mats, finishing collectibles and assorted ornamentation is over 95% of what I've used it for
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  18. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    It took a while to get here, but Overseer is the best FREE implementation the devs have added to this game since the advanced loot window. XP was a little dicey in ToL, it's much better in this XPac. Overseer has little to do with the XP in game, but because - per the language in your post - you think you're a victim. I'd recommend working on not thinking this way. Life is too short and precious to live like that.
  19. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    DOH! Totally forgot about ornamentations. Never use them ;)
  20. Dre. Altoholic

    When I think of all the exp I've left on the table over the years by not logging in for 30 minutes to burn LotD, crank out dailies, or learn Overseer to spend 5 mins x untold numbers of alts I don't have time to play instead of ... living life, and gaming when I have nothing better to do, well, it makes me much more content about hitting that 'cancel' button six times.