Distillate Potions gone till PoR?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nuggziee, May 16, 2018.

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  1. Xanadas Augur

    Era-inaccurate or not, you just put the final nail in the coffin when it came to anyone trying to solo viably in your game. These potions have been in the game on prog servers for a very long time now and nothing has blown up. Why not just leave it alone? Throw the players a bone every once in awhile.....
  2. Celatus Elder

    EQ is not a solo game make friends or die...
  3. Ahze Journeyman

    Quoted for truth.

    You penalize small raid forces by reducing mana regen on early prog servers immensely, requiring more healers to make a viable raid. You do know that healers are not the most popular classes and that it is not easy to recruit more or convince current members to main switch to healers? That people stop paying subs sometimes rather than become more social players or abandon their small raid for a larger raid group?

    What benefit to do get besides the short sighted gains from increased buff potion sales? You are reducing the play options, narrowing the viable things to do. How is reducing the number of fun things to do to your advantage as a company or to your players? Seriously what game company seeks to limit the fun?

    But it just might bump the sales from the dbg store enough to make up for lost subs, so I guess that is a pure gain from a MBA pov right, since nothing matters beyond the next quarterly report. Orginalism is not a virtue in and of itself. You were willing to add click from bags when there was nothing original about that. It is hard to see this commitment to originalism when there is no additional money to be squeezed out in a micro transaction.
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  4. Quester New Member

    Potion of Assailing, Potion of Dulsehound,, Potion of Undead's Recourse, Potion of Graveyard Dust, Potion of Calimony, etc.

    These are classic alchemy recipes whose potions were changed to distillates, and now the recipes and resultant potions are removed.

    I'm furious. +1 to the list of players who are incredibly tired of changes made to the game that make no sense. (Alchemists can't make the potions, but feel free to buy them in the /marketplace.)

    When I'm done stewing, I will make the final decision on whether to cancel my subscription and say a final "goodbye" to Daybreak.

    Looking forward to a more Pantheistic view of the world.
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  5. Crazyranger New Member

    Well since we don't have pots, drop the buff of the mighty :)
  6. Drexyll New Member

    Has there ever been a patch that didn't F*** up something or totally screw us?? It's like the blind leading the blind at Daybreak...like the old joke, if you turned all of there brains into gas, there wouldn't be enough to ride an ant's motorcycle around a bb.
  7. GeauxTigers Elder

    This is actually slightly hilarious for the guilds trying to 'catch up' on servers like Agnarr - there are certain fights where the pots are basically the only thing keeping you alive.

    Things like Quarm will be interesting to see.

    As of now you can survive with MGB celestial / wood but it's a much larger gear/strat check than it was when you could add the potion on top.
  8. discordkitty Augur

    And they don't care and likely don't have the means to put these original versions of the potions back into the game.

    I personally refuse to give more than a monthly sub to them in terms of cash. I will never use real money to buy anything from the DBG store, ever. I'll save up my monthly 500dbc per month if I want something more than the 'deal' of 3 25% xp pots every month when you claim the dbc.

    As of now I'm set for a good 12+ months via krono I obtained in game and while someone else initially purchased it - I didn't. So since starting on Agnarr back in Luclin era, I've only given them 2 months of real money in terms of playtime.

    If they actually cared about their playerbase and worked on fixing the plethora of bugs rather than constantly providing nerfs every patch, I'd happily give them real money every month.
  9. raceyann New Member

    So all those hours I spent farming / stockpiling deepwater ink and nodding blue lily has all been for nothing.... very tempted to cancel my subscription over this.
  10. Deavirtus Lorekeeper

    While I understand the decision to remove the distillate recipes from the TLPs, I am rather disappointed in the execution. For those TLPs that move to PoR (to where the alchemy changes are last noted) It is difficult to skill up alchemy to make OoW augments (before PoR that is) Old school alchemy has been changed about and those distillates (As far as I can find) were the only viable path to skilling Alchemy to 300. As for those of us on Agnarr, basically there is no skill up path to 300 with them removed. There also remain, as noted above, several old alchemy recipes that were changed to create distillates that have been removed rather then changed back to the old results.
    Please look back over the alchemy skill up path for the TLPs.
    Thank you,
    Tkelah of Agnarr
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  11. snailish Augur

    If your group can't succeed at the "camp", or your raid can't beat the raid without these potions... isn't that basically proving the argument that they are overpowered for the content?

    Don't get me wrong, there are historically overpowered things in the game:

    -the long duration of some buffs (that has the consequence of you don't want the class in the group you just want their buffs from PoK)

    -Luclin AAs lines (oops didn't anticipate decades of growth added onto that, or the fact that in most cases the Luclin version is the best power bump the AA ever gives)

    -charm pet DPS risk vs. reward (especially with the sum of changes over the years when looking at pre-OoW content on progression servers).

    to give 3 examples.

    I agree that tradeskills need "restored" for the pre-OoW game. Not necessarily put back to as-was, but made skillable and useful by era.

    I can see the point that comparable things being sold in the store changes the optics of the change as well.
  12. GeauxTigers Elder

    Thing is they have been 'in the game' in other ways, distillates are post change potions. There are potions that had basically the same effects before and were used for the same things. Removing the distillates actually makes zero sense unless you're putting back in the old potions (most of which did the EXACT same thing) the only thing the distillate change did back in the day was streamline the materials you needed to farm.
  13. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Hey! Dont remove my OP potions cause now i need a group, larger raid, or to be more coordinted!

    Does that sound like something that needed a nerf or not?

    Tbh, if the 65 pots were broke then nerf those. This nerf, however, critcally hurts alchemy as well as solving far more unbroke than broke recipes.
  14. GeauxTigers Elder

    You can't even spell coordinated so I think we know which side you fall on. The whole point was removing the post-change version and not putting back the pre-change version is an issue. The original potion change was great, removing it when you don't have the old data to revert to is flat out stupid.
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    yea i definitely dont stand in solidarity of newbs who despise any semblance of a challenge in spite of sheer overpowered insta cast potions.
  16. Baxter New Member

    I don't understand the point of this after all this time. Quarm is already dead, there's no real race anywhere that these benefit except for smaller guilds who honestly probably don't even use the healing pots, and just the mana ones for grouping or soloing.

    This is a game for entertainment purposes. Why are you working so hard to reduce people's enjoyment? Why not work on epic bottlenecks instead, or making sure all of your AoC instances work properly instead of letting it be screwed up every server, every expansion.

    They're not classic but neither are the DBG store potions, so what gives?

    See yourself from the side of the player. If you weren't a dev/manager/etc, how would you feel about being shafted like this in a game that people have been playing for 20 years? Stop diminishing the gameplay and people's experience and be a decent company.
  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    They are being a decent company by continually fine tuning the product they offer.

    These potions really don't have a place in the game until later. I'll echo what others said above though, they should reintroduce any old Alchemy combines like they already have for ant potion / blood of the wolf / unlife awareness etc. All classic potions should be available until PoR.

    Just because they left something in forever doesn't mean they can't, won't, or shouldn't remove it. I mean they removed illusioning through doors after 16? Years. They are always working on making TLP servers a little more accurate or a little more balanced/playable. See load balancing to make the classic-OoW group experience tolerable. See Truebox to attempt to kill 24-bot raid crews farming content. See AoCs to allow people to raid without needing batphones and DPS fights. See Mighty Buff to pseudo balance raid fights against modern combat tables/spell values.

    TLP servers are in a constant state of being improved upon. Comparing Coirnav to Combine/Sleeper. They don't really resemble each other much at all, event TLP/Truebox code aside.

    I like the path they're going and hope they continue on it. I would love to see the Earring of the Solstice subcombines limited to Luclin as they provide skillups too easy for Classic-Velious. I'd like to also see Celestial Essence combine limited to Luclin for the same reason. Would be great to see some DPS balancing so that the group and raid games aren't completely trivialized in full 6-man group or 54/72 man raids due to combat table updates and out of era AAs. It sounds like some of these are real possibilities now.
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  18. Baxter New Member

    That's fine, but also fine tune it in a positive way. Before removing something like that, have something else in place like putting the old potions back in place. Have a positive correlating effect with every negative one.

    Do you know how difficult it is to get 54/72 if you're not one of the top guilds or just a mass zerg of members? This isn't 1999, it shouldn't be played by the same rules. If you want the same challenge take away VoiPs, take out raid windows, bring back equipment staying on corpses. You get my point.
    Majority of the time you only see negatives like instances lowering exp, or bottlenecks increasing, tradeskills being less viable. In the mean time there's still spells that are bugged for decades. I could live with the negatives if they balanced it out with some positives.
  19. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I'll ask about blocking the marketplace items until the same time period as well, so we get rid of this silly tin foil hat bit about us doing everything to bilk more money. (not this quote, I chose not to quote the folks saying/implying this) Leaving it on the marketplace was an oversight not intent.
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  20. That One Guy Augur

    Can we get rid of the name change potions too? It seems pretty unfair that people can train and harass people and then pay money to simply change their identity. This is also extremely not classic. In classic, you had to keep a good reputation on your name.

    btw, threatening to punish the community for complaining about a change isn't going to help. You'll never convince the people who want money, to take out enough of the marketplace items. They may budge on an item or 2, but there is no way they will ever take out every out of era item from the marketplace for TLPs. You can hate the people making sarcastic remarks, but it is us showing our frustration with all of these changes, yet you guys can't change bottlenecks for specific epics that everyone is okay with and agrees should change.

    You going to ask them about the 100% weight reduction bags too? I spend $200 on those bags every TLP. You think they'll take those out?

    I know it's not up to you to make all of these decisions. We, as a community, just want other things fixed ALSO. Sure, take the heal potions, I am sure most of us are fine with going through TLPs without out of era healing potions... But, why are we taking things out like golden idols, mana pres 2 necks... yet every other focus item in classic/kunark is still fine? Is Daybreaks plan to take focus effects off every single classic item? I could name a lot of items that are more powerful than the golden idols. I.E. Every single item that has one of the key focus effects on it. Mana preservation and spell haste being 2 big ones.
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