Distillate Potions gone till PoR?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Nuggziee, May 16, 2018.

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  1. taliefer Augur

    from aug 11, 2005. also during DoN

    - All potions that were recently introduced now have a required level instead of a
    recommended level.
  2. Golgothird Journeyman

    There we go. Evidence. This change should be reversed, it is anachronistic and is not an authentic progression experience. I don't know what the original recipes for this were, but they should either leave in the new recipes, or dig up and reintroduce the old ones.
  3. Arrk Augur

    So when can we expect the flat damage reduction to all players....

    Oh and reverse the DOT changes to druid and shamans cause those are not "classic" changes...
  4. taliefer Augur

    dont try understanding the logic behind what they do and dont change on progression servers. you'll just give yourself a headache
  5. Catashe Augur

    Tell me your at LEAST on LJ or RF cause if you ain't.. Your "evidence" really just takes the fight out of your argument.. Cause Agnarr if you go by the whole "classic" feel thing.. You shouldn't have them to begin with cause by your evidence they are DoN... If your on Cornav.. you REALLY shouldn't have them cause.. Are you even in Kunark? I don't even know.. You shouldn't have them..

    Yes I agree, the healing, alacrity, and clarity pots should be DoN.. If you want it changed.. Just send a PM to Ngreth with evidence that they belong in this era instead of that and he'll almost always be glad to fix it if your nice about it and present your evidence so he don't gotta go digging in the archives for it... He has done it in the past more than willingly.. But if your going to go on a ***** fest about it he'll just lock the thread and move on to something else he has gotta do..

    I'll even help you out.. Yes Taliefer was correct the healing, alacrity, and clarity pots were introduced on June 29th 2005 4 months after the release of DoN and 3 months before DoDh..

    Heres a achive of ZAM for Jul 3rd 2005... Clearly showing a news update with the new potions when they were introduced into the ZAM database...
  6. Catashe Augur

    But again those are the Exilers but the new Distillates so.. GL.. Same ingredients though
  7. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Thanks devs for this excellent change!

    Those potions have no place on TLPs until DoNs when you should be able to vendor them and until PoR when you should be able to craft them.

    Being able to faceroll through PoP clicking 600 HP/tick HoT potions that cost almost nothing to make was dumb. Now you have to actually MGB a HoT or get a heal cast on you to cover AE damage, I look forward to this experience.

    I agree with the above poster. Removing Melee Innate DPS AAs, Destructive Fury until OoW and DoT Revamps to prior values on TLPs would all be incredible changes if they can swing those.
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  8. Catashe Augur

    I almost see no way they could swing it though without f'in up low levels on the Live servers =\ I mean its easy just to block X spell or X recipe to a certain expansion but in my mind the AA system is so ingrained into the combat system on live i doubt they could untie it
  9. Fumi-chan Augur

    Just curious from those who played with distillates prior to today's nerf, how much of an impact will this have on future progression servers once they hit Luclin/PoP?
  10. Golgothird Journeyman

    1. Attacking the person instead of the argument = unacceptable
    2. Attempted straw-man argument by insinuating I am on Agnarr = unacceptable.
    3. I am on Ragefire, a fact which has zero to do in any way with anything I have said.
    4. My main argument is that is a bad change. There are numerous reasons, from the difficulty of leveling alchemy now, to the 100% utterly unacceptable decision to invalidate recipes after people spend time and plat to acquire the ingredients, to the anachronistic and inaccurate justification the developers used for removing this, and finally, the most obvious reason of all: making changes that infuriate large numbers of people, damage the in-game economy, and erode customer trust are objectively wrong.

    This is not a good change. It has been proven inaccurate with objective data (the patch notes), and is not going to be a positive change for the health of the game. This is not the appropriate or correct way to introduce changes. The developers should not ever, under any circumstances, punish people for playing the game in a normal way. Retroactively deleting recipes and invalidating time and platinum already spent is 100% unacceptable. There's really no rational way to disagree with that. Here's how this change should have been done:

    1. It should have only applied to future progression servers
    2. The DoN era recipes and potions should have been made available in DoN
    3. The PoR era versions of the recipes should appear when PoR is going to be launched

    Since you've decided to try and focus on what server I'm playing on (100% irrelevant) instead of what I'm actually saying, I'll be tuning out now. That's not an interesting or meaningful discussion.
  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    The same way they do everything else.

    Tie the AAs to correct eras. Innate Melee AAs tie them to The Darkened Sea. Live servers get them at normal mile stones. TLPs don't get them until TDS unlocks. Same deal with Destructive Fury (available in Luclin). This actually wasn't released until OoW, just change the expansion date. The DoT thing would be harder to swing. Probably would have to code it similar to swift DoTs. In the way those do X damage if a trash mob and Y damage if a raid mob, you'd have them do X damage if normal, Y damage if TLP server before TBM when most of the revamps happened iirc.

    The DoT damage is a fairly minor issue since necros still haven't been revamped, the only classes that have are Sham/Druid/Enchanter. In PoR Shamans have 4 DoT lines they can stack, Druid have 3 DoT lines they can stack and Enchanters have 2 DoT lines they can stack. They do a lot more than they used to but they also bleed your mana a lot more which actually matters on TLPs not as much on Live servers. All of these classes would stilly rightly get wrecked by real DPS classes even if they flagged those AAs to the correct era.
  12. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    This is not a typo.

    I can look and see what might have been introduced between Dragons of Norrath(DoN) and Depths of Darkhollow and decide where to place them. Unfortunately, we are missing historical data from that time period :/ I have an idea though since there is a set of recipe numbers in a different number range, which is likely what is introduced at a different time.

    That does still mean that Agnarr is out of luck, because, at the best, they will be set to DoN.

    We did NOT remove any potions from anyone this time, only disabled the recipes. So if you have the items, you get to keep them.
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  13. Dythan Augur

    WTS healing and spirit pots, 1 krono a stack.
  14. Catashe Augur

    Just look at my last post above Ngreth theres a link showing the introduction of the healing,HoT,clarity, and alacrity pots originally called Exilar of whatever(which in turn they were renamed to Distillates in PoR I'm guessing to keep everything the same name cause the recipes didn't change) all introduced on June 29 2005.. the web archive of ZAM shows them putting those pots into the database on Jul 1st 2005
  15. Uumdano Elder

    Ngreth, any word on suspensions? This could be used to fill the gap for leveling without having to go back and re-farm old out dated content. At least for myself that is since I have at least some of the taelosian sludge saved.

    This creates a gap in alchemy, those who leveled and those who cant. Im not sure I agree with this decision, you already let the cat out of the bag, why continue to tick your customer base off with retroactive changes that create haves and have nots?
  16. taliefer Augur

    been browsing zam (slow day at work) and it looks like these were added with the june 29th, 2005 patch. but the potions were called "Elixir of healing XXX" and were later renamed, probably during PoR, to be "distillate of healing xxx" or sub healing for alacrity, divine health, healing, or whatever effect. the effects of the potions dont seem to have changed, just the names.
  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

  18. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    That data *may* help, but the same issue stands true. Our internal data that would show that change didn't exist for that time period (there are a bunch of years where tracking changes didn't happen) without that internal data there's much more work on digging around. ZAM's item numbers do not match the EQ item numbers, so I can't use them as a data point. And we don't have a "record" of the name change for me to track down.
    I will look into it.
    I'll decide if I'm only going to unlock them on the vendor (if they aren't already) or if I'm going to do a non-progression thing and allow them to be created. (DoN or DoD though)
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  19. Uumdano Elder

    Not sure what server you are on, the damage has been done to RF/LJ, changing this now creates a gap with those who leveled alchemy prior to this change and those who no longer can. Lets be honest, the exceptional zombie essence is not really a leveling option and both these servers are on the verge of DoN anyways, which is a level 70 expansion. The change makes little sense except when you take into account they use 'this is when this change originally occurred' to fit their reasoning to make changes.

    I agree, this change would be good for future tlp`s, however implementing this now is just going to tick lots of people off, again.
  20. Kahna Augur

    No real logical reason for it, but this change, more than any of the other changes, just makes me feel meh about continuing on Coirnav. Like there isn’t anything to look forward to. I loved the independence the potions gave me. Makes me want to go back to Phinny where I wouldn’t have to wait 2 years for them.
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