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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Grailer, May 23, 2019.

  1. Grailer Augur

    For some reason people get upset when I dispel there pets so I can kill the mob.

    As soon as pet is dispelled it is no longer a pet and therefore it becomes a resource that can be killed for loot . As long as I intend to kill mob and not dispel so that mob kills you there should be no problem right ?

    But when I did this in OOT to someone who had seafury pet while I was using animation pet they said they would train me with entire island . Well only 2 mobs were on track so they would be doing me a favour .
  2. Moranis Augur

    Virtue signal much?
  3. Meridian Augur

    D-. Do better next time.
  4. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    Enchanters have Track now?

    BRB rolling an Enchanter.
  5. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Bards have Track.
  6. Meredyth Elder

    It is totally legitimate to dispel charm if you plan to kill the charm pet or when engaged in a DPS race and you want to decrease the other team’s DPS. I have never ever seen anybody get even suspended for it, despite having witnessed it occurring MANY times over the years.

    They will however ban people for training, and if they literally told you they would train you in any form of in game chat and then actually did it, reporting the text where they threaten you and then petitioning with video evidence of the train will earn them at the very least a nearly immediate suspension. Just mention your report in your petition along with the link to the video and I have seen GMs act on that very quickly multiple times.
  7. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    So Bards have animations now?
  8. Elemenopi Augur

    This is how the Play Nice Policy dies...

    ...with thundering applause.

    Actually its more of a golf clap. :p
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  9. Meredyth Elder

    The PNP has been dead ever since DBG changed their policy to DPS races are king and that players can resolve their own disputes.

    Which was several years ago at this point.
  10. Kaysa New Member

    Does track come with your animation? No decent enchanter would ever use an animation in OOT. Maybe that is the key to winning at EQ.
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  11. Meredyth Elder

    Have you ever considered the possibility that this person was playing both an enchanter and a ranger, bard, or Druid? I know, I know - I shouldn’t put up such a far fetched straw man argument right? Clearly it is a stretch that somebody was grouping in this game.
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  12. Grailer Augur

    Yes I was grouped with druid .

    I used to be a “decent” enchanter using charmed pets in OOT but would always get my pet dispelled by others every now and then .

    So I developed a counter that no other decent enchanter in the game uses
    I would pull using a few casts of enchanters Tash which seems to have great taunt abilities ( needed to pull a dispelled pet ) Cast root + shiftless deeds on seafury slows it down so animation can tank it.

    The druid then casts a dot on seafury . While I go pull another ..

    If I see a decent enchanter nearby pull area with charmed pet I break charm .. tash a few times then pull to medding druid.

    Easy game

    The decent chanters should maybe break charm and kill their pet when its low hp after killing another fury?
  13. Phiyre Augur

    Their = people related
    There = where one may be going
    They're = They are
  14. yerm Augur

    You chain tash for agro and the slow a mob... that your druid is just going to root rot? Why?
  15. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    junk de/buffs to take up slots so if someone tries to out DPS you, you can charm and they can't dispel as quickly?

  16. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    but then if they charm you're boned hmmm
  17. yerm Augur

    I dunno maybe its the other thread jading me, but I am starting to think the op is just bad. Dispel shouldn't be a problem even if your pet gets dispelled, if you are rolling around with a druid. Animation is useless if you root rot. I don't think the problem is hostile dispelling, I think the problem is an inability to cope with the "difficulty" (lol) of managing charm with everything else.

    By the by, blue players cannot dispel a red player or their pet. Talk to uour nearest priest of discord for details.
  18. Grailer Augur

    Druid root rot is pretty mana efficient and with 3 or 4 mobs rooted at the same time the dps is seems pretty good. Not the best but tracking is handy for finding ancient clops .

    I think if I was going to do the charm method I would probably use the giant lizard + cleric duo . Or even just get an elite goblin lvl 45) bit weak.
    Using a seafury to kill a seafury and not kill both is a bit noob when the object is to farm sea furies.

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