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  1. Soltara Augur

    Is anyone else completely disenchanted with the progression server? I think I will just continue on Live until my sub goes silver. I had such high hopes but after seeing some of the beta shenanigans and recent dps war policy I am leery of how Ragefire is going to go.

  2. liveitup1216 Augur

    This server is sounding better and better honestly. No need to worry about petitioning and crying and rule lawyering. You either win, or you don't.
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  3. Druz Augur

    I think it's going to be a ton of fun and I can't wait, 7 days from launch!
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  4. Hateseeker Augur

    I would have preferred instancing, but fair is now fair and I think we can both celebrate a bit. Where is Lron?
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  5. liveitup1216 Augur

    Can we form like a braintrust of sorts? If only we could have gotten a solid push for PvP. :(
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  6. Misaligned Augur

    I have tried to get back into EQ Live on a few occasions after leaving during Luclin and was always so overwhelmed by how much had changed and the need to box that I never stuck with it. I'm looking forward to this opportunity to restart during an era I'm more comfortable with and some modern conveniences added.

    There are a few things that are bothersome/worrisome but certainly not enough to deter me from playing. When I login to beta and play I'm really enjoying myself and not worried about the mage pets or monks punching the crap out of stuff. The dps wins stance is unfortunate but what can we really expect for a game this old with a crew that has just gone through a big transition in becoming DBG? I don't suspect they have the resources to babysit everyone. I expect the majority of the population to be civil.

    In the end, my only criteria for any game these days is am I having fun or not? Thus far, just from beta, it's an overwhelming yes and I'm really looking forward to spending some time with an old flame who sparked my love for MMORPGs.
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  7. Jaxarale01 Augur

    True, at least we know going in, that is the only positive I see.
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  8. Vaclav Augur

    Spoken just like an RMTer.
  9. Trosh Augur

    Eh, the devs have been pretty good at listening and responding to feedback. Couple months in when everything sucks and enough ppl complain, they'll do something to fix stuff. Most probable fixes will be making all zones have multiple instances, launching a new server, promoting a hardcore guide program, launching Kunark earlier, or something else I'm not thinking of.

    Just have fun leveling for the first couple months, you really don't know how it will be, you just fear it will suck.. it could rock though!.
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  10. Leifer Augur

    It will be cutthroat, nasty and ugly - unless you are in a major guild that looks the other way at such behavior, in which case we are seeing a small chorus of cheering from the sidelines. I will go back to EVE where such rules are in place to handle the sort of nastiness which accompanies anti-social behavior in a way that promotes teamwork and group play. There should be open PvP if we are actually letting the players try to govern themselves. I had much more fun in classic EQ back in1999 when I helped someone else or when they helped me. Fippy was ugly and I don't want to go through it again.
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  11. vardune Augur

    Wth kind of attitude is that. All the dps policy is gonna do is make everyone play mages. This is really turning into a show.
  12. jagarr Augur

    it is actually going to be pretty silly and random. it will probably be a lot of fun even if the end game is 'tarded. i foresee lots of bugged boss loot that nobody can retrieve, tantrums from big names, chinese farmers doing incredible things for the sploitz community and a lot of station cash related credit card fraud.

    if i could buy stock in projectred, i'd fund it with a 2nd mortgage right now. those guys are gonna be buying jet skis and harleys from now til christmas.

    everybody loves a good circus!!
  13. Behee Augur

    I am all for this server. The dps changes are fine, there is still a basic play nice policy. It now comes down to the players who work together and get along to work things out. That is fine with me.
  14. Vaclav Augur

    I wouldn't anticipate RoC/PNP being enforced until you see otherwise - 90% of what is covered was just neutered.

    And stuff like training can easily be explained away by "Oh, we were trying to join the DPS race and didn't realize we had mobs on us".

    PNP/RoC as they stand now do not exist on this server, as they have no foundation to stand upon.
  15. liveitup1216 Augur

    Ahhh you caught me from a WoW post in 2007. I bow before my new internet detective overlord. What will your first command be, m'lord?
  16. sihpa Augur

    Yep pretty much all dps classes are suspect now. All newly arriving mages wizards and monks in the zone will start on the blacklist until proven innocent on a dps parse of their peers. Tanks and healers will have to unite to form the awesome 54 part juggernaut know as Xenophobtron! /who still gets KSed by 1 person 6-boxing a mage group lol :p

    Seriously though the people who'll be pulling the dps race card on others, while clearly KSing, wouldnt be the types you'd want to be around anyways amirite? TBH this policy change/clarification, w/e you want to call it, will just make it easier to spot the d00ds.
  17. Vaclav Augur

    Not much of a detective someone pointed you out as such before I went poking around.
  18. crag79 Augur

    How was it nuetered all that was said is that its a dps war on unengaged mobs. You cannot ks and you there is no such thing as a camp.
  19. liveitup1216 Augur

    I'd like to offer you the lead position in my fan club. Sort of like a groupie manager. We can go on adventures in Norrath and your only task is to keep my adoring entourage at bay.

  20. Vaclav Augur

    They said there's DPS War and no rules on engagement - I'd suggest a reread.

    And being someone that was involved in enforcing the PNP for around 7 years, I can tell you that I've never heard of a case of the other things ever getting enforced without the core two tenets - the engagement rule and the KSing rule being broken as well.

    In fact in the black mark list for my server, Veeshan, there wasn't even a category for anything but Engagement violations or KSing violations besides harassment (which profanity and such fell under as well). They were added by hand by the server GM so it's possible she felt that was the right way and others may not have - but in my experience I see the other rules having zero teeth with that core being gutted.