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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by dreamweaver, Mar 23, 2020.

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  1. Coas Lorekeeper

    Do you have any plans to consolidate necro dots? We have druids (a priest class) parsing in the top 1-3 spots DPS wise on at least half of our raid events. During burns, our druids can dish out 15-20 million damage per tick. Necromancers are nowhere near that, and we are supposed to be the top dot class in the game.
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  2. Waldagar Augur

    Thanks to all of you for keeping the lights on and keeping EQ going. The amount of work it takes to create all the content for for a new expansion must be staggering. It make me sad when even some of that effort goes into something that players are not embracing. All of my comments going forward are with respect to Beastloards and there are several. I know new spells and discs do not drop off of trees, but Beastlords have been looking for for a upgrade to the focused claw line since CotF. We keep getting AoE claw upgrades that just aren't feasible to use by most beastlords in most circumstances.

    Beastlords create huge amounts of aggro, but with the latest ToV spells you add de-aggro to our pet. Adding de-aggro to the pet does nothing to lower the aggro on the pet owner (beastlord). This has been discussed before but the de-aggro amount on the ToV pet proc 10500 de-aggro is roughly 12x what was on the previous expansions (RoS) pet proc (875 de-aggro). This makes this spell "back of the spell book" material. We have to use the RoS version for the pet to hold aggro and we lose out on stun part of the proc actually stunning any of the mobs in ToV content. This also means the combination spell Ally's Unity, since it casts the ToV pet proc also goes to the back of the spell book.

    Are you sure the 10,500 de-aggro wasn't the value for the ToV upgrade to the Chameleon Strike AA?

    On a more general note: Did you ever figure out why Fragments of Alaran History don't drop from grey con mobs? At 115 I am finding it really hard to find mobs that drop the fragment.

  3. keeney New Member

    Being that I'm still personally grinding away at The Tears of Alaris, which is much harder at 115, I would love to see Fragment of Legendary Alaran History as one of the Overseer rewards.
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  4. glocksp17 New Member

    1. Where are the ornamentation bought from SC that is no longer in weapons they were placed in? If you're not going to make the graphics reappear, will you be reimbursing us for the poofed ornemations?
    2. Will you be bringing back the items you took out and or adding to the items we can deco with in or houses and guild halls?
    3. Will you be adding more house, yard and crate space to the houses and guild halls?
  5. Gashedeagle Death Becomes You

    Now that ya'll removed focus effects from TLP servers in earlier expansions are there any plans to nerf/change how powerful Monks and/or Charm is during these expansions?
  6. Babien New Member

    1) Will you bring back bard only weapons? Rogues still get their daggers, rangers with their bows and wars with their weapons. Monks/Beastlords share but no love for the bards.
    2) If not bringing back bard only weapons, can you consider 2 handed ability and weapons? We are the jack of all trades after all and all other melee have this with exception of rogues.
  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    What justification would you put forth for Bard only weapons?
  8. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    So many questions, don't know where to start! But here goes...

    1. Can we get others invises to not take off our own (you canot block someone elses spell if it has the same name as your own). I've died more to others overwriting/removing my own IVU than anything else. Failing that can those who have both UVI and Invis please get a combined spell/AA, and change the bard IVU portion of their invis AA to match the distance of the normal invis portion.

    2. With the majority of this expansion being undead can we get an alternative ability for fade please that allows us to fade off undead creatures?

    3. Can we get a new summon throwing item? I'd like to be able to summon books to throw, just my sense of humour at wanting to "throw the book at someone".

    4. Can pure casters get a tunic for once to match their other gear slots, robes have become very boring and repetative and it would be nice to show off how lovely the soft silk looks underneath my robe!

    5. Will the final portal in Shards Landing ever go anywhere?

    6. Can we see a return of pre expansion content? I know big ask, but I always found it a nice introduction as to why we were required to help the NPCs in new content.Loved building the blimp to allow us to get to Alaris.

    7. Can we get an expansion based on Drinal, Norraths other moon?........pretty please.

    8. Why are there no female giants?....just curious

    9. Overseer ornament rewards are very lacking in ones suitable for casters. Can we see more 1HB and 2HB usable staffs and rods.

    10. Can we see the return of the "book" look for range and Secondary items?

    11. Can we see a return of Bard/Rogue illusion masks? Enchanters still get their illusions spells every expansion but bards and rogues have been forgotten.

    12. ToV expansion had no prerequests for requesting missions and raids, can we see this appiled to older raids?

    13. Is the ZEM in Velks Lab (ToV) correct? It appears to be giving less exp per mob than other ToV zones, and being both T2 and a dungeon I would expect it to be higher than somewhere like GD & EW.

    14. Can the exp/AA cap be increased at higher levels? A lot of the named at level 115 give 5 AA per kill regardless of having bonus exp or lesson running. First started noticing this in EoK.

    15. Marketplace appearance tab, can we get this split up into Onaments (weapons), Heros Forge, Illusions and pet illusuons? As it currently is not easy to sort to find what you are looking for and have to scroll through everything.

    16. Can we get Vitality (from fellowship) ammended slightly so we can choose to share our exp with others but not gain exp from others. My main has more than enough and I would like to share my exp with others in my fellowship, but I don't want to take from their exp.

    17. Why are all reanimated hands left handed?

    18. Botting/Killstealing is becoming a major problem on multiple servers, can we get named locked to those who killed the PH similar to how The Judicator works in Plane of War and how some of the epic hand in mobs work. Or is there something else you can do to help with players frustrations over spending hours to get a named only to lose it to the same botted chars all the time. It is happening so much now this is starting to amount to harasement.

    19. I hope you are all staying safe and avoiding the outside world as much as possible, what have you all been doing to while away your free time?

    Keep safe all.
  9. enclee Augur

    1. Thoughts on Joe Exotic being found guilty of murder for hire?
    2. Did you know it was that easy to own tigers?
    3. Do you see yourself moving to Oklahoma and buying a couple hundred tigers and some meth for retirement?
    4. Carole Baskin, killed her second husband for sure right?

    In closing, Carole Baskin...
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    On TLP the pre-expansion events are omitted - such as the Ykeshan war & Frogloks taking over Grobb, Lanys T'Vyl in her battle in Firiona Vie Zone and Sam Napth's Tower of Frozen Shadow escapades prior to the release of Rain of Fear, probably others too, are these just too difficult to redo "in era" on TLP?

    If so, could I suggest that the team create instances of such historic events so that players can relive them, some of these were thematically really fun events but there is no option currently for anyone to be able to experience them & even on live many players missed these or found they couldn't take part as they were too low level at the time. Not all at once but as part of ongoing development kind of in the way Hardcore Heritage helps players relive old memories, putting out one a year maybe.
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  11. Bullsnooze Augur

    Server Wide
    1. Are there any plans to integrate Anti-Cheat software into the EverQuest engine?
    Progression Specific
    1. I’m assuming that Progression servers share their code-base with live. If so, are there plans to split the code-base so that progression servers can be independent from Live servers?
    2. Would you ever create premium servers with increased monthly membership to accommodate activ GMs, Guides, and possibly active server events?
    3. Would you implement on-demand group instances for pre-LDoN expansions?
    4. Would you ever implement Progression Vendors where you can spend special currency to obtain high-value items each expansion?
    5. The Progression server name 'Aradune' suggests that you're planning on using his name to dictate the vision of the server. Would this assumption be true? :)
    6. What’s your favorite progression server to date?
  12. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I am going to update the OP as well but wanted everyone to be aware that the answers to lots of these questions has a date and time!

    Next Wednesday April 8, 2020, 230 PM PDT!
  13. Cham New Member

    Will fewer people in a group result in more experience gained per mob?
    Or will a full group always gain a bigger xp bonus?

    I think cutting the xp for solos/duos is an unfair penalty to those players

    (This question pertains to the new TLPs)

    Thank you :)
  14. Spartee New Member

    PoM cards and flagged older raid coins on overseer for insane price. Or put PoM cards on Marcia. More illusions (Barbarian All/All) and close combat archery AA please.
  15. Bullsnooze Augur

    Woohoo, thanks for the update Dreamweaver! (and, reminder added to my calendar.)

    I'm guessing we'll also get the information regarding the new TLPs as well? :D
  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I'd say we aren't quite ready but it's always possible.
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  17. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Which discord channel you using for this ?
  18. dreamweaver Community Manager

    One that is currently still hidden.
  19. Devincean New Member

    Is there more features coming to Overseer to make it a catch up mechanic?
    As it is right now besides giving general level exp and Mercenary exp I don't really see any gear for leveling or AAs for catching up in a bigger burst then doing daily missions. Usually around 85 to 90+ is when defiant gear runs out and you are left trying to run old Heroic Missions for group gear which is nice but the token cost is high considering how far outdated it is. Honestly something should be done since when you try to entice people to play giving them free 85 heroic characters it sucks learning there is no gear for you except a group dungeon gear that you as a new player without a guild/group probably won't be able to obtain on your own. Making leveling up and enjoying the game very difficult.

    Why was outdated/old collections nerfed for rares in Overseer?
    Wasn't the point to help us finish our old collections. I get it hurt the economy but you do realize its from expansions going back 8 years. Honestly I was hoping you'd go the other way and give the complete collections per zone since 1 item from one zone when there was 5+ zones per expansion with 8+ collectables per zone. That means collections was going to take forever for a new player anyways. With less and less players playing you need to help new and players trying to come back. The economy is already so skewed as a new player seeing thousands of plat for spells and gear and crafting mats makes it real hard to come back without feeling like the grind for plat is needed just to level.

    Will daily missions ever get new missions for higher levels to catch up?

    Can you add more recipe books to help new tradeskillers catch up to the current endgame crafting?
    Having to learn 1000s of recipes even 100s of recipes takes forever to hit the 350 skill for each crafting and in most cases your trophy still isn't maxed why can't the trophy be the sign of a master tradeskill I thought it was suppose to be instead you have a giant hurdle for outdated mats that's hard to pass for new/returning players. Without the 50 extra skill for learning enough recipes everything post kunark is almost always a fail.
  20. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    Could we at least get an idea of what you are trying to do? I understand you guys are trying to make sure what you are planning is doable before you announce the official rules, but could the community at least know what's possibly on the table now? I don't see how this could hurt. I have a discord for a guild I'm making for the new TLP's with nearly 150 people in it, that have all been there since I made it in February thinking it could not possibly take this long to get an announcement. People are getting restless waiting to find out more information and I feel like keeping the community in the dark for so long is doing more harm than good.
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