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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by dreamweaver, Mar 23, 2020.

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  1. smash Augur

    Could there come a new filter.
    With that I mean a filter so you can see who cast an alliance spell/ability and be able to set it for all/class/none.

    Reason for those: all =wanna see all that cast alliance things, class= only interested in my own class, none = I dont care about those.

    For me I have only so I can see my own spells, and that is to minimize the lag. With that filter it would help me, and not cause lag for me.

    Second thing is chat windows:

    When you select Lock in right click menu, would it be possible to remove the X, so you cannot accidently close down the window by left clicking the X ?
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  2. Zurril Elder

    Most have already asked the mechanic questions/ future implementation questions I was thinking of, so here are a couple of general questions:

    1) Is there a zone/ quest/ raid event/ expansion that you guys are particularly proud of or liked a lot?

    2) on the flip side, is there a zone / quest/ raid event/ expansion that you guys regret or wish you would have done differently in hindsight?

    3) If the game ever sunsets, who would you want to be the final boss and why?

    4) Has there ever been an event that you thought was going to be particularly hard, that was easily beaten by players ... and the reverse, one that would be on the easier side that gave a lot of players some trouble ? If so, what were they?
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  3. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Would it be possible to have custom filters? Much like the ignore list, a list of phrases that if they come across in chat channels of any kind just aren't displayed. For example, some of the ones I'd probably love to block would be:

    The tipsy gnome race
    Traveler achievement.

    I don't want to block all achievement messages, but Traveler messages would be one I wouldn't mind never seeing again.

    Sure, someone might be a doofus, and block a single letter and go OMG I can't see anything anymore! so you'd probably want to have a character requirement for this to avoid unnecessary CS tickets.
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  4. Zerkini New Member

    [Question 1 - long winded, but important to me]
    Could we get a decent UI editing tool? Maybe even update the entire system to ease 4k+ issues.

    2000% upvote to UI editing tools. XML is pretty in depth method of creating windows, and without a tool, it's also rather complicated. Testing those windows for myself involves logging into the game, trying to load the UI, following by crashing in some cases. Then I have to look at the UIErrors.txt to find out what's wrong. Sometimes it's because I didn't do something like put "Screen:" before the element in the <Pieces> section, or <Pages> can't recall which off the top of my head.

    While I can appreciate the effort that was involved in creating the default UI, customization of the layout brings a new look and feel to your gaming experience. Having the ability to alter the UI in a way that allows non-programming capable players, to make adjustments to the textures location of elements, entirely custom windows, creating windows such as a single window to view the contents of all of your bags, a quick reference bar to access your stats. Compile several commonly used things to a "quick access" type bar such as for mercenary, pet, target of target health, XTargets, currencies, special currencies, etc in a way that is both simple to use for a typical user, and visually available outside of the game would be a Major QoL feature to the community.

    I recall a long while back that there was someone who was doing custom icons and such. I remember them only as "TKing" and I believe they were brought on to the everquest team at some point, though it was a great many years ago for me. So clearly someone there understands the benefit of having appealing UI.

    There was a "What you see is what you get" editor at one point, but the code has become broken over the years for one reason or another. (SidlWidl0.2.9 was the last version I was able to find). Having a replacement/updated/maintained version of this I feel would a massive help to the interface community.

    What tools do the devs use to create the UI elements that currently exist in game? Is there a way to get some form of it to the community assuming it's not all done in raw code?

    I have the code that was available for SidlWidl0.2.9, but don't have the experience to update it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b66my0o8n38wxbh/SidlWidl-Code.zip?dl=0
    that's a dropbox link, if DPG doesn't plan to release a tool, here's one that hopefully someone in the community would be interested in fixing/updating?

    [Question 2]
    Piggy backing on other requests about filters. /say filter would be amazing.

    Hang on. Hear me out. If I filter "Say" to a tab, not only do I get player say, I also get npc /say, random messages from mobs every time I engage them, and a host of other randomness. I want to be able to tell the difference in NPC /say and player /say in the filters, kinda of like the sub-menu for other filters that are already present. I feel like the engage messages should go to the combat window instead of say.

    These two things are the only issues that come to mind at this time. Keep up the great work, looking forward to the next 20 years of EQ.
  5. Chikkin Augur

    I thought of something else today, and I've seen it asked before (not here) but I don't recall if a dev ever spoke on it.

    (1) Is Smart-targeting an option? I know EQ is old, just never know. Therefore when you cast a detrimental spell, it knows you probably mean your last opponent target or current tanks-target etc and when you cast a beneficial spell, you're not trying to heal an Orc because you forgot to click the group member first? (Where as instead it knows to heal your Target's Target)

    (2) Can we keep a running thread/website showing current dev plan of action on things? I'm sure this has to have happen in the past, or been asked for a bunch, but I don't think I've ever seen anything official from the dev team. Even if it's very vague like Soon (Next 30-90 days), in the works (This year we hope) and Never (or at least a year+ away). --- if there is something like this already and I missed it, let me know. -- Although you would have to be more transparent and worry about people holding you to your word when something didn't happen as planned, or listen to whiners who want to know why you can't do their request soon, or ever -- it would go a long way towards killing a bunch of request threads. Edit: Actually, not request threads, but "when is this happening or is this still happening" threads.

    Don't want to spam this thread and this is my 2nd post/ask, but at least it gives me another time to thank you guys again. Also, since my first post (where I quoted Jonathan from FoH AMA), I later decided to find out who that was -- Hi Prathun! Thank you kindly for your work sir.
  6. bortage spammin lifetaps

    1) Can we get rotating dailies in ToV zones? You could place an NPC in the camp in Eastern Wastes who gives a T1 and a T2 target that cycles daily, so on Monday you kill 25 GD wurms and it changes on Tuesday to tizmaks or something, this would provide an easy time-limited target to encourage people to group up and kill a few mobs every day and I'm pretty sure you'd see an increase in general chat groups forming as long as the T1 targets were doable by a mishmash of 111-115 players

    2) What about more zone-missions similar to the TBM Plane of Hate/Fear Revisited with HA-scaled mobs on a long lockout? I imagine it would be a decent amount of work scaling up mob abilities and gear stats but no need for new zones, models for weapons and all the gear has names already. This would be a fun way to revisit old content with modern abilities. You could even skip re-itemizing multiple zones by offering group currency from mob kills that are used on a vendor that just sells current expansion stuff providing an alternate way to gear up, sort of like how CoTF HA's gave currency for group gear from previous expansions if you did them while leveling

    TL;DR spitballing ways to recapture players who have quit over the years through a combination of exp/gear catch-up and non-tlp nostalgia trips that don't require as many dev resources as a new expansion would
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  7. Froglok Augur

    TY for fielding questions...

    COMMEMORATIVE COINS: Currently, lock out timers are at 50% as a temporary bonus. However, even with 3+ hour lock outs, most people aren't on long enough for round 2 and it really makes little to no difference on re-doing tasks any faster. With the Commemorative vendor selling a new Mount at 1,750 coins, it doesn't help pace up that process, either. So, maybe what is needed here is double or even quadruple Alternative Currency rewards instead of, or in addition to, shorter timers? Has that ever been considered? Lets face it -- doing Anniversary tasks over and over and over and over for 5 or 10 coins towards 1,750 requires 100% of play time -- for the duration of Anniversary events -- in hopes of getting enough coin to buy that mount. The most you can get is 20 in one task (mission). How about making 20 the least you can get and adjust up the 10+ rewards accordingly?

    ACCOUNT TO ACCOUNT TRANSFERS: When when this service be offered again? From a Players point of view, how are Account to Account transfers really any more difficult than Server transfers, that happen every day? I own both accounts. The characters are on the same server. They are in the same guild. Now that Veteran Rewards have just been handed out to everyone, that is no longer a consideration. The houses do not need to be packed up. The only thing that needs to be changed is what account the character is assigned to. That's it.

    ALTERNATIVE CURRENCY: How about making most, if not all, Alternative Currency tradable? Not all alternative currency is No Trade, but most is. The question is why? Many Alternative Currency vendors have the items they sell locked behind progression / quests / missions / raids. So why isn't the currency tradable, as you can only use it if you have the flagging? Raid currency or not? This would help a lot of people who may want to finish up their Rank 3 spells, armor ornamentation sets and / or buy certain items for the clicky or the wall... but they can't get the coin because no guilds raid the content any more, or at least over and over and over to get enough coin to buy anything. And even then, maybe jack up the coin x4 or x10 (like was done with older raid progression click items) -- so if they do get a raid there... it would be a bigger help. Or maybe at least remove the No Trade 2 or 3 expansions after the fact?

    LOYALTY VENDOR: Why is there a cap on how many Loyalty Tokens aka Crowns that you can have (not to be confused with Earning them), if this is a little bonus and encouragement for long term paid subscribers? And will there ever be better, even if more costly, items added? Like bigger bags (they are 16 slot atm), or more bags of alternative currency options, etc.?
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  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Good question, to add to it:

    FWIW The bestial alignment ability still transforms the Beastlord into the old Crocdile form instead of the Basilisk which I feel is adding further insult to injury.

    The old Croc model was problematic and is was why it was changed so I am pretty certain using the old one is never going to happen.

    That said and having seen the croc model from Beast Domain (Veil of Alaris) I genuinely would like that model to be applied to Troll Beastlord warders, I like that Crocodile.

    This is quite personal to me actually as I had a Troll Beastlord which I really enjoyed but I deleted it after the change to Basilisk as I felt that strongly about the change at the time, were the Troll Beastlord's warder a variant of the VoA croc model (and the Bestial Alignment changed to suit) I would definitely be rolling one again.

    I still feel Basilisk was a really bad choice of replacement.
  9. Froglok Augur

    I am all for DP making profit in a multitude of ways so that the best game ever keeps going, and maybe even allows hiring more people to get things done more expediently.

    Has there ever been consideration to selling the individual Expansion Only Bonus items in the marketplace? Or sell the "upgrades" for those expansions for the purpose of getting those items? Then again, some items (i.e. Mark of Brell) was only give 1 per account (I would love to have one on all my toons, not just one).

    And how about the special Beta award items. Sure, it was a reward for Beta testers (if they got enough Beta Tokens)... but they got it FREE. Why not let others buy them (as in NOT free)?

    And how about rotating items through Marketplace categories we don't see anymore? There are a number of mounts, familiars and / or illusions that we never seem to have a chance to buy.

    Or how about +5 Level Character boosts? One for Boost to 90, one for boost to 95 and one for boost to 100 (the point at which Auto-grant AA ends)?
  10. Shmid Journeyman

    1) Would it be possible to add AA's that make mobs unable to summon the player?

    Nothing makes you wince like running thru some old zones full of grey con mobs that should be running and hiding the best they can from you, when that one or two poor dumb fools tries to smack ya, you riposte it, or a damage shield does a little damage and welp now its summoning me!

    Can look at current game play, many classes have lure abilities, however those are level restricted, we cannot lure or use gravity effects on mobs XXX many levels higher than the player, why should a lvl 51 mob be able to summon a lvl 115 toon?

    2) With the recent tier 3 launch snafu, have safeguards been put into place to ensure this cannot happen again?

    Wouldn't think it would be hard to simulate a date/time on a stand alone computer to see if things work right. Heck even for the fabled Y2K twenty years ago, companies simply checked what would happen to their systems in advance to see if they needed to find solutions.
  11. Silver-Crow Augur

  12. yodo Augur

    Outside of PoS giants which got a hard no, the issue of keying on TLPs has been largely ignored. Have you considered increasing the amount of keys dropped by raid in SoF+? Going from roughly 1 year of the original expansion to the 1 month on Selo the keying systems are completely broken.
  13. bigpapa Augur

    YES , PLS , i play a shm in raid and here and there i like to contribute on some dps,, 1st thing i need to check , how many necros we have in raid.......................if i can or not cast some dots , because of the debuff slot issue .o_O
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  14. Stagentti Augur

    1) For all of you: is an FV rule set TLP a possibility for the future or is there a programming challenge that needs to be overcome?

    1a) Alan - given the continued popularity of the FV server and forum threads, has your view on people not wanting FV rules because they're a curse (from FoH AMA) changed at all?

    2) any thoughts on an expac for lower level zones, perhaps for TLPs to hit at some point? This is something a subset of the WoW Classic people have asked for too.

    3) Alan - still holding strong on people needing to show demand by playing on Zek before we see a PVP TLP? Interest seems low with no change since FoH AMA.
  15. Metanis Bad Company

    I've been playing EQ for over 20 years. I want to keep playing it until I die. Is there a way that EQ can be transitioned to the public domain if the legal owners ever decide to pull the plug?
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  16. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Apologies if already asked, didn't read others' questions.

    Is there ever any real consideration given to removing the Truebox restriction once a TLP server reaches a certain expansion? Is there a technical limitation for removing it, or is it just a design choice to leave it in place permanently? I think Truebox is great for early TLP eras, but it serves little to no purpose in level 70+ content. Removing it from more mature TLP servers (like Phinigel and Coirnav) would definitely help sustain viable grouping and raiding numbers. It would also increase revenue as more box accounts would subscribe.
  17. kookoo Augur

    possible to have memorizing spell sets to be faster , class who need to change spell sets a lot , like necro , shm , ect , or could be via AA line ,rank one 15 % , rank two 30 % ,rank three 50 % faster.

    ~~ as a shaman and having to cast alliance every 4 min or so, is not a fun job, possible to extend the lenght of it, or just get rid of the alliance priest buff . or make it to be able to be overwrited.

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  18. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Can we have an option in raids to hide swarm pets like we hide afk players , or even hide all pets? This could help raiding lag and improve raid performance for many people.

    I think many people would liked to see an IVU clicky .5 second cast that is all/all . Can you add that to reward for anniversary quests or achievement rewards? Heck if sold in market place Id buy 6 - 9 of them. You could even charge a premium for a Double Invis clicky.
  19. Sokki Still Won't Buff You!!

    Is there any chance of getting an in game option for the Hero's Forge Suit Consolidators? Loyalty Merchant, Overseer Merchant, TS option, just something other than only able to be bought in the marketplace with rl money?
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  20. Lannin Elder

    Can we get a key ring that holds keys ? We have one for everything else.

    Can we get a Group NET yet or do enchanters need to suffer more first ?
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