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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kongfoo, Nov 7, 2015.

  1. Kongfoo Elder

    Just about every time after I zone my discs get a 3 min or so timer. The discs could be ready before I zone but then after I zone I get the timer. Most of the time they appear as if they are ready but then when I attempt to use them it shows the timer. This has killed me multiple times since my discs should be ready and they appear ready.

    Here is an example of the most recent time it has killed me. I'm going back and finishing up some old quests I missed. I pulled a mini train since I can normally take those on when I have my discs.
    [Sat Nov 07 21:03:17 2015] You have entered Sepulcher East.
    [Sat Nov 07 21:04:13 2015] You can use the ability Earthforce Discipline Rk. III again in 3 minute(s) 26 seconds.
    I don't use anything on Earthforce's timer but Earthforce so that is not my issue. Earthforce is normally a 2 min 9 sec reuse. It was ready before I zoned as well.

    My issue isn't just Earthforce though. I am getting this with just about every one of my discs. This is very frustrating to be nerfed just about every time after I zone. If anyone has a fix for this then please let me know.

    On a possibly related note, my merc timer is bugged as well. When my merc dies or gets suspended it gets a 9 min 36 sec timer. It revives at 4 min 36 so this doesn't really nerf me but it is annoying.
  2. Shurman Journeyman

    I've had this issue in the past- Swap what website your computer references time from. in Windows OS: Control Panel / date and Time / Internet time - click advanced and choose another. Windows.time seems to do this a lot- also it synchs via a scheduled task, make sure the task isn't hanging on a dependency or timeout.

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