Fixed Internally disappearing (and reappearing) rewards in window

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by kalrie, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. kalrie New Member

    Zoning seems to blank out the quest reward window if the window is closed before zoning. Both /reward and the button from the EQ menu result in the "you do not currently have any pending rewards." message. Camping to character select and back fixes it.

    I'm not willing to do a whole lot more testing in case they decide to disappear permanently, but I've reproduced it a bunch of times zoning around guild hall/sunrise hills/plane of knowledge.
  2. Hegsheoshed Elder

    It will also set your Overseer quests to 10/10 if you restart the client vs just camping to character select.

    My issue may have been slightly different on the two accounts I saw it on. There are quest rewards but I was unable to bring up the window at all. Not even a brief flicker of it showing and disappearing.
  3. Grabatz Lorekeeper

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Log a character into the game. The reward window will be open. In my case it shows 3 pending rewards.
    2. You can close the reward window and re-open it again by all available methods (/reward command, reward button in the EQ menu and self defined keyboard shortcut - if you did make any).
    3. Now close the reward window and move into a different zone!
    4. When arrived in the new zone, try to open the reward window via the /reward command, the button in the EQ menu or - if it exists - your keyboard shortcut. All will result in the message "You currently do not have any pending rewards.", although there are (in my case) still 3 pending rewards.
    5. If you receive a new quest reward, the window will open and you will be at point 1 again, being able to open and close the reward window.
    It seems zoning makes the client forget that there are pending rewards in the window. Ths was introduced with the implementation of the "You currently do not have any pending rewards." message in the patch of june 17th 2020.
    Please fix this asap and don't make it a long standing anoyance like the Task Step Bleed Through.
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  4. DebonAir Lorekeeper

    Same here!
    Maybe it has to do with having pending rewards from before the patch?
  5. Ranger Dave Lorekeeper

    This is happening to me as well. I complete a daily hot zone "simple task" and if I close the reward window, usually because I'm still in a fight or in a hostile environment, I'll try to reopen it later with the rewards button and it says "You currently have no pending rewards". Please get this fixed!!!
  6. Yinadriel New Member

    Same thing is happening to me since the patch of june 17th.
    As prior posts implied, the workaround ist to open the rewards window before zoning. This is rather annoying. Please fix it!
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  7. Cacky Elder

    I have multiple rewards pending, but when I click the EQ button, Quests, Rewards, I get the message "You currently do not have any pending rewards." The only way I can get the rewards window to open (with multiple pending rewards in it) is by camping out and logging in again, or getting another reward.

    (And by the way, Overseer will not let you complete a quest and get another reward if you have 10 pending, so in that situation, you have to camp out or find another way to earn an additional reward).
  8. strongbus Augur

    when i log in to game if i try to open my quest reward window. i get the message saying i don't currently have any pending rewards even though i do.

    but if I open my overseer and finish up a quest. it opening my quest window and show my all my banked quest rewards.
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  9. CatsPaws SMH

    Added a "like" as this appears to be widespread. I always leave one reward in my list - so the window would always come up. It is not population on 12 out of 17 of my characters.

    Could be server connection issues.

    Yes, I use the patcher.

    Yes, Its on multiple live servers

    Loyalty tokens have not updated in 3 weeks either. Although they do lag sometimes, not this many weeks
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  10. Nniki Augur

    I was helping a guild member redo his UI. He said that he also had this issue. It went away after we removed his UI_Name_server.ini file.

    I personally have never ran into the issue to test it, but if you feel comfortable in temporarily renaming/moving the file, I'd be interested in hearing from others whether that is the source of the issue or if it was simply coincidental.
  11. CatsPaws SMH

    Nah, no need. Like most issues in the game it cleared up today when I logged in. I always give a full camp out and computer restart before I troubleshoot anything in EQ. And then wait a day. There are a lot of different server connected issues happening right now so figured it would clear up on its own.

    EQ game problems be like a pimple - if you mess with it then it just gets worse.
  12. DebonAir Lorekeeper

  13. Baldur Augur

    We've been having issues with raid achievements and quest rewards.

    Specifically if you are dead and in the hovering state when the raid is beaten and you get an achievement that gives you AAs, when you get rezed, you don't have the quest reward for the AAs.

    Trying to open the quest reward window results in it saying you have no rewards. You have to camp and come back in and then it appears.
  14. Grabatz Lorekeeper

  15. Cacky Elder

    Regardless of zoning, if you close the reward window, you cannot open it again by typing /reward or by clicking to it on the EQ menu. The only way I have found to open it again is to earn another reward, or to camp and come back.
  16. Enoch New Member

    This is still happening after the patch of july 15th. :(
  17. Ramps New Member

    I also haven't gotten NAY Loyalty tokens in ages. My velocity is at 100% and I used to stay maxxed on them, but now I'm down to less than 300 and haven't bought much of anything in months.
  18. CatsPaws SMH

    I did get 1 week of loyalty tokens on Monday. They are usually granted on Sundays (yes I keep a spreadsheet) so I figure it was a server mis-connection which was also causing other sync issues. But I did not get the other 3 weeks they didn't appear.

    Make sure you are logging in thru the patcher. Did you revert to F2P? Cause that only gives you 30 as opposed to 120
  19. Cacky Elder

    Two (or perhaps 3) patches ago, the /reward command stopped working. Instead of bringing up the reward window when you have rewards pending, it now always says you have no rewards pending.

    I have confirmed this with many other players. Let's not let this bug become permanent. It was just introduced, surely someone can figure out what broke it and undo it.
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  20. CatsPaws SMH

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