Fixed Dirk Kollimar in Timorus Falls

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Rongo, Feb 7, 2024.

  1. Barski New Member

    Given that this is current content you might assume that someone on the payroll would prioritize it higher, or at least give an official update. From a customer service standpoint, the silence is not good. I know the bug is "confirmed" but what does that even mean? It could just be an automatic tag once x number of people say the same thing.
  2. bortage spammin lifetaps

    this is my last quest and I can't upgrade my neck until it's fixed :(
  3. Adainn New Member

    Last quest for me too. Maybe they just can't figure it out. Poor developers/etc /hug.
  4. Aywendil New Member

    Would love a fix for this before the next official patch.
  5. NeverPayForLag Augur

    gosh.. came back and Everbug has not changed except the xpacs getting lazier and lazier... 2 missions only...and even the basics don't work properly... despite it is out now since 6 months?

    Thought this time I jump in now - perhaps they are getting the bugs of the first days done... should have stayed in Diablo IV until next xpac....

    And if they complain to have no income (sorry, 11Mill is a joke excuse) then they shouldn't be surprised if they piss players off all the time... you don't hold customers with such a quality of service...

    Doing the second zone and stuck at the same issue then all others here... nice start into a new 6month old xpac...