DirectX 11 API Port is live!

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  1. Vykee ToysRus New Member

    Great, I bought the new expansion and now I can't play it on my computer at work. I even updated dx and it says Fatal error: The game can't run on any GPU that your system has (0). Great way to take our money and run.
  2. Lodestar The Undefeated

    If you have 15 seconds of freezing, then you absolutely should not have only positive things to say. Re-assess your expectations of what's acceptable.

    This half-baked and unnecessary rollout is entirely unacceptable. No one is forcing Daybreak to push DX11 yet, and there's zero upside with the current implementation. There is only risk of losing millions of dollars in subscriptions. The decision makes zero sense. Keep it in beta for another 6 months until it's an actual improvement.
  3. Dirkman Journeyman

    Like seriously can we get a UseDirectX9=true option put in so we dont have to deal with this mess?
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  4. Fanra

    Pre-loading character textures (or at least that's what the game is saying it is doing) when loading or zoning characters is considerably longer than with DX9.

    Is there any way to speed this up? Long character loading (when switching characters), and especially, long zoning times detract from the fun.

    Thank you.
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  5. Sverre New Member

    Big decrease in FPS here. Any known fixes at this point?
  6. Kilorf Wolfrender New Member

    Put brightness back. What were you thinking? I won't play in the dark but i will end all of my accounts.
  7. Lodestar The Undefeated

    There are no fixes until it's rolled back. Or hopefully EG7 pre-approved half a million dollars in payroll overtime labor going into this rollout. Doubtful.

    If half a million dollars was pre-approved in OT labor to support already-known player bugs on test/beta, then I'd also be interested in understanding what anticipated revenue was expected to offset and exceed OT labor costs in intentionally releasing DX11 in this state. Does EG7 anticipate half a million dollars in in-game marketplace sales because players now have DX11 in January instead of July 2024?
  8. Estalia Journeyman

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  9. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    I have aways said this, NEVER EVER EVER mess with UI.. and this dark issue is related to MY UI. MY windows inventory ect.
    This is what I did:
    New patch issue for me, and as others have mentioned about gamma.

    Before reading this, keep in mind.. your gamma is too low and you won't see the photo comparisions low gamma vs high gamma. (I'm pondering on removing them but I'm not going to).

    The background texture on my windows and the inventory window and items windows are too dark to not see the proper texture. Now with low gamma, it is basically black background with eye strain.

    Here is what I did to temp fix my gamma for EQ play.
    I have a 2022 laptop, AMD cpu, Nvidia GPU. DX12.
    The Nvidia "Display" option is not in the Nvidia control panel as others have suggested, so that suggested fix is not there to enhance gamma.

    In Windows 11 Search: "Graphics Settings" eqgame.exe is set to high performance ( so when EQ plays, it is Nvidia GPU)

    BUT, am I missing something here in Nvidia settings? (see settings picture below)
    Because I am still getting low UI Gamma. As you see in the above pict, nvidia control panel does not show display as this is a laptop with AMD CPU. So, Gamma ON in this setting as you see. Why doesn't it work in game?

    This new "Enhanced Vision" option does nothing for the UI:
    Enhanced Vision ON (default display gamma)

    Enhanced Vision OFF (default display gamma)

    Now before the patched, My windows had a graphical texture pattern and were lighter... now after patch they are black and cause eye strain.

    The only 'fix' I found was to adjust my gamma in my windows...

    I looked up AMD gamma (Google) becuase as I said above, what am I missing in Nvidia settings? My CPU is AMD and iGPU for display would be AMD :
    Interestingly I found in Windows you search for " Calibrate Display Color " .
    This was discussed in the AMD link about Gamma.
    Seen here

    So I am aiming for Gamma too high. (to raise it)
    After adjusting my Gamma in "Calibrate Display Color'' in windows..
    Now comparing, I see this (I don't know if you will see the difference because your gamma maybe too low lol.)

    But now I get texture in my windows again and less eye strain.

    Now, for US to change our Windows settings ( which one mentioned above ) to play the GAME is something I believe we need an option in game to do, as we did before this patch.
    I don't know if the gamma ON setting for eqgame.exe is broken and Nvidia needs an update on there latest driver 1/17/2024 which I am using, or it is the game.

    It worked before the patch, please put it back in.
    The UI is an eye strain without my changing my windows gamma.

    This above is noting to do with the extra heat created when boxing now after the patch.
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  10. Scila Augur

    Veteran BT - the last option you did is the only thing available to some of us and WILL change everything on your comp to allow you to play EQ. Then when you want to go back to doing something with other apps to not create eyestrain or the kids need to do homework, play other games, etc. you need to change it back. This isn't something that should need to be done imo.
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  11. Bluuddy New Member

    Great job. You've made the game almost un-playable. I know your trying to better the game "HOWEVER" there are things you shouldn't screw with, and this is unanimous. PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS. You also caused people hours upon hours to redo their chat boxes because of the useless spam going to our main windows. I spent 2 1/2 hours yesterday trying to fix all my chat windows "filters etc" with useless spam on 4 accounts and it still ain't fixed.
  12. Kegwell Lurker since '99

    if you look at promo screen shots from DPG of the new expansion, it isn't all dark...
  13. BlunderingBard New Member

    I had this same issue, game worked fine before this update.
    10th gen intel i9 + Nvidia 3060.
    I had tried updating GPU drivers, windows updates, motherboard BIOS, downloaded and ran the dx11 offline installer from Microsoft.... anything I could think of. What ended up working for me was to use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) utility in safe mode; completely get rid of existing GPU drivers, reboot into windows normally, then re-install latest GPU driver. One final reboot and I was back to Norrath!

    I have newer and older machines with nvidia graphics that run EQ that weren't affected like this; so using DDU for a fresh start on drivers didn't become apparent to me at first.
  14. Rygan11 Journeyman

    At least the ToS covers them from the seizure I’m gonna have looking at this stuttering mess
  15. Izzeln New Member

    I've done everything listed here and reinstalled the game, however the game is still closing on it's own as soon as I hit the character select screen. What is the problem and how is that fixed?
  16. cryptastix New Member

    personally, i love it.
  17. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I'm rather happy with this improvement. My zoning times have been faster, even with 3 characters logged in on the same computer. Switching personnas was fast fast, almost as fast as just opening the inventory screen. The overly insane brightness on some items has toned down but has increased on others. But mostly, I have seen no differences between before and after for the changes which is exactly as it should be at this point. I know the port is to make other improvements possible later and I am looking forward to that.

    I'm running Windows 10 desktop with a reasonably recent AMD motherboard with integrated Radeo RX580 video and nothing really impressive about the computer. On top of commonly running 3 clients, I'm often running video and another game in the background along with 2 different web browsers in more than one window for one of them (I have to run 2 different browsers for work and use 2 browser windows for my regular use). I have 2 monitors that do not match; one of them is older and used for watching videos or listening to music while doing other stuff on the main. Admittedly, I have not tried playing on my other two computers I have the game installed on.
  18. Damiel New Member

    Ryzen 5 3600, RX 6600 XT, 32 gig DDR4 3200, M.2 drive, Windows 11 with directx12. No brightness issues at all but massive lag in PoK, Guild Lobby and other random large zones but oddly enough not the new OverThere but when I port back to the lobby from there I have huge graphic glitches coming from all the other players in the lobby until I log out and restart everything. Everything is updated.
  19. Dividend New Member

    EXACTLY my same problem. Come on Devs wtf. shed some light on how to fix this crap. I'm getting the same exact behavior as this individual. It logs in fine, connects to server select fine, seems to connect to actual game server just fine. Then.... when the screen is supposed to be char select it stays black for like 10 seconds and then just closes itself.
  20. lagkills Slain by Fippy while guards stood and watched.

    I think the graphical stutter and errors is due to particle effects, all the fiery swords etc, those became way more dense with dx11 like there is 4 or 5 instances of that effect on top of each other. So combine that with lag pile in GL and it gets nuts.
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