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    Brief background: I have had noticed problems with UI items being randomly strewn about when switching between Windowed and Full screen mode and back (despite having taking the time to painstakingly fix it).

    I also play on monitors with different resolutions and different desktops. For quite some time, I have changed to not switching between Full screen and Windowed. I also have stopped moving clients to other windows with different resolutions. And I keep the UI character configuration files separate for the different monitors and screen mode. It is a pain but it works.

    I have a batch to archive (timestamped) various EQ files (stored using computer name to keep separate). I am working on a repo style batch to sync (because manually sucks) character settings across desktops (hot keys, loot filters, bazaar, etc). I plan on maintaining the UI character ini files based on resolution and mode so they do not interfere. The point of all of this:

    Has anyone successfully managed to have a single UI character ini file properly manage multiple resolutions and modes (full screen and Windowed)? Ideally, it would not be necessary to segregate these but clearly the client is ignoring some of the resolution based fields contained in the UI character ini file. Of course, if this issue were resolved, the fun part comes in merging the settings into a single UI character ini file.
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    One trick is to ensure you camp after getting a single mode correct to ensure the settings are saved. If you crash, or use /q, or /ex or even quick camp your INI files changes don't always get saved correctly.

    But to answer your question, No, I went the other direction and made sure I run EQ in the same resolution on every monitor I have.
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  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I do not beleive this is possible with the current UI system.
  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    This is the most sensible approach to work with how EQ UI.ini work.
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    Every resolution used and windowed mode are different settings in different areas of some file somewhere. When you switch from windowed to full screen it loads the appropriate settings. So painstakingly setting up 1920x1080 and switching to windowed mode will screw everything up. I think you can use the copy ui feature in options in windowed mode and select the previous resolutions UI to get close but I think it still causes problems.

    I keep my UI the same for all of my characters but I run borderless windowed mode. Then I copy the settings from character to character so they are all the same. I haven't found a way to do it manually in file manager with notepad but that would be good if it were possible. :eek:
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    Once you have it good in full screen then camp to save the settings.

    Log back in and switch to windowed mode and manually fix the UI again. Once set then camp again and your windowed layout will be saved.

    Now you can switch back and forth and your UI won't be hosed any longer.
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