Did you guys forget to turn off the no-is boxer code for Rizlona?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Machen, May 27, 2020.

  1. Machen New Member

    People are crashing out after 1-2 minutes consistently with is boxer running. If Rizlona is not a truebox server, this shouldn't be happening. Please fix.
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  2. Jaqen New Member

    be glad you was on >.>
  3. Machen New Member

    I've been on like 15 times, for 1 minute at a time. It's not exactly a jackpot.
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  4. TronStar New Member

    Maybe [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] is not allowed?
  5. Thewiz Augur

    Huge mistake DPG. THis will take a patch to fix it I bet. Which they wont get around to until next month, Asshats.
  6. Machen New Member

    Software like is boxer being allowed is the entire point of the server. Something halfway between truebox and live is not ok.
  7. Balderdash Lorekeeper

    Seriously, why would you even need IS boxer for the first couple of days of classic. Just alt tab like a hobo. And how the #$&* are you getting in 15 times when others can’t even get in once?
  8. zenless Journeyman

    the 3rd party software was never said to be allowed. automation was explicitly said to not be allowed

    Rizlona Ruleset -
    Mangler XP Progression
    Agents of Change Enabled
    Pick Zones Enabled
    By playing on Rizlona you agree to:
    Absolutely No Automated/Unintended Game-play, any incident of automated gameplay is immediate suspension, second offence is ban including Rizlona associated accounts.
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  9. Machen New Member

    Six characters between my wife and I, and we are quick at the start of the queue
  10. Machen New Member

    And, to this point, if we 've got GM enforcers sending tells to see if you're at the keyboard, I don't want any clients where I can't see them...
  11. oldkracow Augur

    Just automate the rest of your box team on rizlona like a real boxer.
  12. Trizek Augur

    Is IS Boxer even a legitimate software in the eys of the devs?

    I for one am playing on Riz, however I plan on boxin the traditional Alt+Tabbing way
  13. Machen New Member

    I've just learned the problem is probably on [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software]'s end, not DPG's. Apologies for barking up the wrong tree.
  14. Machen New Member

    Yes. It is used rampantly on live and was specifically discussed in Holly's meeting with GM's as something people would use on a boxing friendly TLP.
  15. Thewiz Augur

    How so? It works fine on Ragefire for example.
  16. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Rofl, I would laugh so much if I just spent the last 3 weeks learning is boxer just for this to happen, my god.
  17. TronStar New Member

    The fact that the name of the 3rd Party Software is automatically removed from post (if you don't try to circumvent it), probably tells you something.
  18. Pawtato Augur

  19. Hinastorm86 Augur

    Welp this throws a massive wrench into my plans if it's not fixed in a few days at most.

    Would you mind linking me where you're seeing discussion of it being on their side?
  20. Lejaun Augur

    You've been on 15 times? Some of us can't even get on one time.
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