did you forget to update older stuff?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by foypofs, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. foypofs New Member

    I'm 109, just did the daily heroic Castle Relic, i started out at 51% exp and when done withe HA and Daily quest bonus and lesson of the devoted at the end i was still 51%.

    I did "An Endless Cycles" and "To Remake Eden" the other day, that's killing 50 level 106-108 and the exp from turn in and got 1% exp for the entire thing. these were hard mobs with more hp then EOK mobs and took me several hours for almost no reward.

    Y'all need to update this stuff so people have incentives to go back, because this sucks
  2. Elskidor Augur

    Yup, same thing happened to me from a HA couple weeks back but at level 105. I won't be returning to TDS beyond wrapping up some progression.
  3. CrazyLarth Augur

    its not a good place to EXP go find some place else

    Step #7:
    Retrieve the key from Commander Alast Degmar 0/1
    --- He won't get away this time.

    At this point in the task, collectibles spawn in the zone (ground spawns) and a named (or its PH) has a chance to spawn.

    that is the reason to do them over and over. Collectables and Hunter.

    Achievement: Seaslayer

    - Title Prefix: "Seaslayer"
    - Title Suffix: ", the Seaslayer"
    - Seaslayer's Bottomless Box

    Achievement: Master Scavenger of The Darkened Sea

    - Title Prefix "Dredger"
    - Title Suffix ", the Dredger"
    - Hoarder's Belt Pouch
    - Improvement to AA "Trophy Collector" (grants access to one additional trophy per rank)
    - 10 AAs -OR- 2% Experience in Level 105

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