Did the 3/22 patch break 14th anniversary chest drops (stones of power)?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Asune, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. Asune New Member

    Before the patch I was seeing augment drops of different variety of stones of power almost everytime.

    Since the patch yesterday, me and my guildmates have yet to see a stone of power drop and we've done about 20. That's right.. zero out of 20+ and it doesn't seem to matter where.. chapterhouse, converteum, king xorbb, steamfont.

    Did you guys break it?
  2. daranged Lorekeeper

    There random been times didnt see any through 3-4 missions
  3. Coffee Journeyman

    What is the lockout? How did you do 20 in one day?
  4. Cactuszach Elder

    I've only run Convortium twice since the patch but havent seen an aug drop yet. I know thats such a small sample size it doesnt really mean anything, but I wanted to add my voice just in case there actually is an issue with the drops.
  5. Ankarv Harbinger of Nightmares

    I also ran Convortium twice with no aug drop
  6. Asune New Member

    Ok I personally do chapterhouse, valley of king xorbb and converteum every 6 hours. I have not gotten a drop in over 2 days. Other people from my guild are the same.

    Either I have really bad luck or they're not dropping. Can someone confirm if they have gotten a drop today?
  7. Cactuszach Elder

    Update: I ran Convortium this morning and got the Yellow to drop. Hopefully your luck improves.