Did I miss it? Are 115 type 3 augs still not in game?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fian, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. Fian Augur

    I didn't see it mentioned in the patch notes.
  2. Riou Augur

    Check back in February
  3. Yinla Augur

    Can't we just scrap type 3s and add the bonus to the AAs?

    Sucks to still be waiting for augs to improve my spells.
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  4. Yirrara New Member

    Or just adapt the values of rk2 and rk3 spells.
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  5. Cicelee Augur

    They are probably considered a plat sink. Considering how little plat sinks there are, I do not see this going away...
  6. Tadenea Augur

    they are still being worked on
  7. Skuz Augur

    Soon (tm)
  8. Ravanta Suffer Augur

    Not to mention they give people the choice of deciding how to best min/max their characters. For some classes, there is a clearly defined best in all circumstances. For others, there is not.
    But people will complain about anything nowadays. The last time I went grocery shopping some ingrate was really upset because they couldn't decide on what flavor of oreos to buy.
  9. Yinla Augur

    Both of course!
  10. Sancus Augur

    While there may be some benefits of the Type 3 spell focus aug system, my personal feeling is that they are not sufficient to justify the apparently substantial work required to create them if they can't be made available prior to two months after expansion launch.

    Some reduced complexity in the spell system wouldn't be a bad thing. I think it would be prudent to roll the benefits into the base spells and find a plat sink that's easier to maintain.
  11. Ashian Augur

    I agree with this. I like to think of it as a ratio of developer time investment to additional content. While expensive, type 3 augs really just serve as a quick mindless task that everyone needs to go out and purchase every time they upgrade a certain piece of gear or a level increase expansion comes. There is no in-game limitation on achieving them and no meaningful time investment to get them. I certainly don’t feel any sort of accomplishment after selecting “Buy” and then throwing it in the augment slot.

    I don’t think it is too late, but I suggest that instead of implementing type 3 augments this time around, simply go back and increase the base damage of every spell by ~5% (or the cooldown by X seconds). I believe the type 3 augments are mathematically calculated to be a roughly 5% increase in base spell damage.
  12. Fian Augur

    Augs do more than just increase damage. For an enchanter, there are augs that increase mez duration. So it would be a bigger undertaking, but overall I wouldn't disagree with you. Also, evolving gear doesn't have type 3 slot, so it would be nice to need fewer type 3 augs. Maybe instead have them be more like they were originally intended, special bonuses like a dodge modifier that aren't automatically increased every expansion.
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  13. svann Augur

    None of the above.
  14. Tucoh Augur

    I probably won't even get them when they come out. Just skip them on the next expansion.
  15. Jhenna_BB Augur

    I want my 6 seconds lowered from my jolt kick so I can synergy more tyvm! ;)
  16. Jennre Elder

    I haven't used many of the Bard type 3's for a long time. I will be using the DOT foci this time around, though.
  17. Tucoh Augur

    Ok I'll probably get the Riotous Servant type3 for my mages for the same reason!
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