Dexterity on TLP?

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  1. WokeCat Augur

    Does Dexterity affect the following:
    Melee Augments
    Chance to Double Backstab?

    What does "Damage Done" being increased by dexterity actually mean? Because I thought that's what strength did.

    I'm currently playing a Rogue and have attempted to find this answer using Google, but there isn't much information about it.
  2. roth Augur

    Are you looking at base Dex, or Heroic Dex?

    Heroic Dex comes with base Dex, so sometimes the effects can be difficult to pinpoint (is it base or Heroic Dex doing that?); that said for melee classes the more Dex (typically by getting more Heroic Dex, since base Dex is capped) you have the better, until you hit a 100% melee (and special attack) crit rate, at that point you want to start adding in more Heroic Strength.

    HDex and HStr boost damage, by 1/10 their value. HStr boosts melee type attacks, while HDex boosts ranged type attacks. Both boost their attack type Attack scores, as well (HDex ranged; HStr melee). Both also have Mod2’s that they effect.

    Base stats still do the same things they have done forever. Strength raises your displayed Attack score (really, all your Attack scores, for melee type attacks). It raises your carry limit. Dexterity affects your proc rate as well as your crit rate, as well as raising ranged Attack scores.

    It is the impact on crit rates conferred by Heroic Dexterity’s Base Dexterity that makes HDex such a valuable offensive stat. All melee DPS types want to focus exclusively on HDex util the point they reach a 100% melee-based crit rate. I believe only Warriors and Berserkers, thanks to their inherent crit rates, are capable of reaching that point currently? But once that point is reached, for DPS purposes, start swapping in HStr augs while still maintaining the HDex needed to reach that 100% crit rate. Rogues should hit 100% crit rate on throwing already; as should Rangers with archery, as both classes using those specific attack types have the same bonus to crit rate as Warriors and Berserkers do for all attacks.

    I know you were asking specifically about Rogues, and my post was more generic. I hope that it helps you anyway.
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  3. WokeCat Augur

    Thanks for the response. I'm assuming that these Heroic stats are introduced at some later stage in the game? Or are they always in the game? I'm currently playing in Kunark, and to my knowledge, have never scored a critical hit as a Rogue?

    I'm genuinely curious how useful Dexterity is as a stat during this era in the game. I get a bunch of Banestrike and Gem Enchant procs, and wasn't sure if these are determined by dexterity or if they are automatic? I also had someone tell me that dexterity affects your chance to double backstab, but have yet to find any information to determine whether or not this is true?

    It would be useful information for me to have because in some instances I can lose 5 strength on an item but gain 10 dexterity (compare Dark Scale Greaves to Mrylokar's Greaves for an example), but I don't necessarily want to do that if dexterity serves no function during Kunark? Should I be focusing primarily on strength over everything else? Or is dexterity actually a pretty useful stat?
  4. roth Augur

    Sooner or later, you used to start seeing Mod2’s appear on gear : Accuracy, Shielding, etc. I forget if this was Luclin or Planes of Power. Those have since been replaced on gear by being determined by various Heroic stats, so when those would have appeared, now you will start seeing some Heroics. Not many, a point here, a couple points there, all based on the Mod2’s that used to appear on that gear.

    At the point you are at in the game, though? Just try to max your base stats, and focus on AC and HP. Never lose sight of that AC/HP focus, either; you will want to maintain that even as you start looking for HDex later on. Your stats cap at 255 as I recall, not much by Live’s standards but still difficult/impossible to cap out on. Your ability to crit comes from AA’s with the Luclin expansion (except for throwing, not sure when that starts to crit) so you are a little bit away from that if you are still in Kunark.
  5. Yteran Journeyman

    Dexterity affects the accuracy portion of your attack rating (iirc) as well as proc chances (so melee augments and procs from other sources such as weapons or buffs.)

    How much it affects these things I don't know exactly. I believe somewhere out there on the internet is a thread that details dexterity versus proc rate, and it isn't enough to make a huge difference in DPS on TLPs, but it does have an affect.

    Later, as others have mentioned, Hdex and increased dexterity caps begin to make a massive difference in proc rates, to the point where on live procs are a not insignificant portion of DPS. I've heard that even caster classes melee on some raid targets because the proc damage is significant, and stack hdex as well.

    This all being said, on TLPs as a melee DPS, you want strength over dex until you reach cap, because strength means better attack stat and higher damage average per hit.

    As a rogue you should seek to maximize strength, seek out any +attack items you can (spirit wracked cord might be the only rogue usable +attack in kunark) and then focus on your other stats, including dexterity, AC, hitpoints. You are not a tank; I personally would prioritize dexterity over AC/hp after strength/attack and worn haste. Use the damage over time melee augments as the DD augment has a stun portion and generates extra aggro.
  6. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Heroic Items (items with mod2) were originally introduced with the Level 80 expansion Secrets of Faydwer but there was also some retroactive improvements to some earlier items, on TLP you should see Heroic stats start to show up on gear as early as PoP (on raid gear at least). They were also retroactively added to Defiant gear that starts to drop on TLP sometime after TSS unlocks.

    There have been tweaks and changes to them since then, the really major changes went in during May 2016's patch when these "mod 2" were converted into Heroic Stats.

    As a Rogue (or any other DPS melee) you will want to stack as much HDex as you can and do so probably until your TLP catches Live.

    Banestrike's proc-rate is based off slayer achievements:

    Rank I/4 - once per 60 seconds (granted upon 1st slayer achievement)
    Rank 2/4 - once per 55 seconds 1/3 category groups completed
    Rank 3/4 - once per 50 seconds 2/3 category groups completed
    Rank 4/4 - once per 45 seconds 3/3 category groups completed
  7. Szilent Augur

    Right through & way past Live. The top, most stacked rogue on Live (checking on Magelo) is barely approaching 3k hDex; when that rogue has the opportunity to move from 3.9k to 4000 hDex, mayyyybe possible around Christmas 2024(?) that rogue will be almost certainly be right to do so for the (slightly over +1%) melee crits gained.
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