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  1. kthehammy Elder

    When you mouse hover over the DEX stat in your inventory window, it has the following tooltip...

    "Influences success to make a successful attack, damage done, and chance to raise skills."

    However the wiki states what I have always known DEX to do, just help raise skills faster, help procs fire more often (this includes crits if available), and effects ranged damage and accuracy. for,with throwing weapons and archery.

    So why does the in game tooltip say Influences success to make a successful attack? Does that just need to be editing to specify ranged attack? Has it changed and it also effect hit chance for melee attacks now?

    If I am a monk in classic with no proc weapons and I cannot crit yet due to no AAs, is there any point in having DEX? The tooltip says yes, but all previous knowledge and statements regarding what the DEX stats does say no.
  2. kthehammy Elder

    no one knows?
  3. Elabone Elder

    What previous knowledge are you referring to? You linked alla, which is a wiki site created and updated by the community.

    I would go looking for someone who decided to do some testing on the stat before assuming the in game tool tip is wrong.
  4. Stymie Pendragon

    I believe that is what the OP is trying to do with this post. They are asking for more clarification than what they've found already.
  5. Mithra Augur

    DEX does nothing for you
  6. Foaming I Drank Bleach IRL Once

    Only stat worth raising is STA. The rest have marginal increases for the effort of raising them.
  7. Ultrazen Augur

    I've done quite a lot of fitzing around with various stats and boosts, and my conclusion was, there were only 2 things that mattered in classic. 1. Hit points 2. Str to carry loot Everything else seems to be within the margin of error for what kind of difference it makes to anything. The stats in classic are so pathetic, and the increases you get make such a small difference, that it's really not worth worrying about past putting all your points into something that will actually do something for you.
  8. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    CHA can matter for selling prices, but only minorly unless your CHA is terrible. DEX for proc rates, but probably marginally again. I will say that trying to raise weapon skills with low DEX is a pain, even with the catch-up mechanic they have in place. Those last 10-20 to max for your level can really suck.

    Some have said AGI should be at least 75, but going much higher doesn't matter much.
  9. taliefer Augur

    supposedly it effects archery attacks in the same way str effects melee. but never parsed it myself, and the character sheet in game only bases its value off the skill of whatever is equipped in your main hand so cant see numbers in game change releative to archery, since there are no main hand archery items im aware of.

    it does nothing for melee accuracy, despite the tooltips. it increases proc rate, and critical hit rate of warriors in classic. neither by a huge amount, so its even more useless than agility really.
  10. TheDohn Augur

    EQ was never a complicated or difficult game. Early on, it depended on obfuscation and outright lies to mislead players in order to maintain a steep learning curve. You've stumbled on a vestigial remnant of one of those lies in that tool tip.

    DEX does not impact melee accuracy. Not at all.
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  11. TheDohn Augur

    Common EQ wive's tale.

    Rogues get an avoidance AC bonus for AGI over 75. No other class gets a bonus or penalty around the 75 mark. Everyone loses 1 avoidance AC going from 74 to 73, but that's true at a bunch of points because the avoidance AC from AGI formula is (8000 * (FunctionalAgility-40)) / 36000 and EQ rounds down to the nearest whole number.

    Further detail:
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  12. Kylo Classic Augur

    So INT isn't important.
  13. TheDohn Augur

    Only in the context of total mana pool size, which is only relevant when burning from FM to OOM in a single encounter. Otherwise, a conc pot and clarity are what actually matters - mana throughput.
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  14. Magician9001 Elder

    Dex increases chance to get weapon skill ups. Weapon skill ups = Accuracy. If you level 2 Rangers 1-50 one puts points into Dex and one puts them into Wis the Ranger that puts points into Dex will hit more often during the leveling process.

    It's a bit misleading because it has no effect end game. But it's not a lie since it WILL during the leveling process, which was originally intended to be the game.
  15. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    That's true, but it's probably still marginal. Leveling a Dwarven Paladin on Agnarr, in the 30's and 40's, if I was working up a weapon skill I had ignored, sometimes I wouldn't get 5 increases before I levelled again. That was really annoying. I don't remember what my DEX was but it was lower.

    My solution was to play Chant of Battle and Katta's Song of Sword Dancing on my Bard to speed things up. It didn't actually help that much. A little, but it wasn't night and day.

    With that said, at lower levels it seems to matter more. My Ranger on Thornblade has 100 DEX and he has no issues keeping up multiple weapon skills per level. I'm definitely killing less mobs per level at 9 than I was in the 30's and 40's, and swinging less per mob also.
  16. Green_Mage Augur

    Dex has a small impact on crits and proc rates I believe. But my understanding is its very low. It's like 1% more proc per 100 or something.

    Probabably never worth worrying about. Meanwhile agility matters more on tlp than classic or p99 -- so I tend to put points there on my melee rather than dex.

    In general, stats are overrated in early eq. Most good stats like focus effects, +attack, + mana regen etc. These aren't even in classic. Meanwhile, your not gonna be so far behind in str or sta or something that it makes a lick of difference in classic. With shaman buffs and the fact that everything is easy to begin with, its just an exercise in nerding out over min/maxing.

    I'd focus on haste and weapons as melee, and I just try to get cheap stopgap gear for casters until Velious or so.

    Don't worry about hp regen either -- it doesn't seem to make the same difference on tlp as it does on p99 or did in classic. You won't even notice regen on an iksar necro for example -- until you get the luclin ancient lich spell. And its not exactly night and day either.

    Make sure you have enough str to carry your armor and a few cash items. High elf clerics are better off going str starter stat imo. Especially without those cash shop 100% reduction bags.
  17. Accipiter Old Timer

    What about Charisma? ;)
  18. Green_Mage Augur

    Cha steins are super cheap. But i think it makes a difference in lull if you are a cleric or paladin. Enchanters get it anyway, but clerics and paladins sometimes ignore it -- which is probably not wise.
  19. Questioneer New Member

    I've had 4 rogues. 2 Barbarians and 2 Halflings.

    Yes the barbarians backstab hard af. But they seem like they miss everything else. Miss, miss, miss, miss...

    The Halfling, decent backstab but it seems like they never miss. They always hit, almost never miss.

    Halflings have more Dex. Either that or it's encoded that halflings have a higher chance to hit.

    Or i'm crazy.
  20. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    If your agility drops below 75 it impacts your run speed. The further down it goes, the slower you will run/walk.