Devs, truebox is gone from Agnarr - please say this is intentional

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fixit, Jul 25, 2022.

  1. Fixit Journeyman

  2. Strife Lorekeeper

    oh dear god please, truebox is the dumbest thing daybreak darkpaw or w/e tf they're calling themselves has ever done. Please let this be real
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  3. DamdorsGhost New Member

    If this is intentional, they're about to get an extra 3 subs a month from me.

    It should have been removed long ago, the server has been content locked for years.
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  4. Strife Lorekeeper

    Bruh they'll get an extra 5 subs a month from me. Please make this true
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  5. Torrok Journeyman

    Omg! I've been wanting to get back on there. This would be an amazing accidental update
  6. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Tell me you didn't play on Ragefire without telling me you didn't play on Ragefire.

    That said, removing Truebox for matured TLP servers (Agnarr included) would definitely make sense.
  7. Bewts Augur

    I would seriously consider playing on pop locked with the boxing restrictions removed.

    It’s the primary reason I don’t play on TLP now, as I being a parent of young kids and a new homeowner - It is frustrating when I get that hour or two to play and it’s mostly spent LFG or playing the need an XYZ replacement to continue grouping.

    Being able to fire up a 6-box, achieve something - even if it’s just a few levels, AA or sniping a named or three for the limited time I have is really all I want to do.
  8. Cideral Lorekeeper

    Ragefire was pre-AOC pre-pick though, those were actual solutions
  9. Thewiz Always waiting to play a Berserker

    Any response from the devs on this?
  10. SteamFox Elder

    Doesn't seem to be (currently) disabled. Maybe they just removed the wording in the server list? Regardless this is 100% something they need to seriously consider for older TLP. Waiting until Vaniki AND Yelinak fully remove their truebox to evaluate is waiting too long by many months.
  11. LeetKronolord Journeyman

    Finally, good job daybreak you won another 3 subs.

    And please allow two boxing from start on TLP. It's been 7 years review your metrics and adapt to what people want it's getting stale.
  12. PipotheAFILADOR Journeyman

    This would really help mature TLPS.

    Removal of truebox after X amount of years.
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  13. Chyron Journeyman

    Removing truebox, or allowing the relaxed truebox that is planned for other servers would be a fantastic boost to Agnarr. I would certainly add an account as would friends.
  14. Bewts Augur

    Can anyone confirm you can actually access multiple accounts at the same time?

    I don’t have any active subs, but I’m not paying just to check.
  15. SteamFox Elder

    You can NOT. =(
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Vaniki goes to relaxed truebox on 3rd August, that would help Agnarr if they don't want to go full true box.
  17. Xeris Augur

    Ya it seems like it was broken briefly and then... SOMEONE had to make a forum post about it to call attention to it. ;p

    It does not work now, you can only play 1 acc on 1 computer on Agnarr currently. I kinda like that, but also I kinda don't like having 5 computers.
  18. RandomStrategy Augur

    The same lesson I learned asking devs to reinstate Gnoll Slayer because it was absolutely useless outside of Classic:

    If you have a good thing, don't tell the devs about it, they will take it away.
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  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    First rule of Fight Club...don't talk about Fight Club.
  20. Indigo_Quarmite Elder

    Big if true. Sounds like it is no longer true. Big mistake by the devs as usual.