Devs, Roar of Lion > Sabretooth please

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Bigfan, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Bigfan Augur

    please make roar of the lion overwrite Sabretooth!!
  2. Jetslam Augur

    Agreed, however why are you even casting sabertooth to begin with?
  3. Moldar Augur

    To cover the lack of ~20 seconds from Roar of the Lion.

    There is also the issues that Roar of the Lion has some stacking/landing conflicts with certain DoT/buffs/various reg buff slot consuming abilities that can cause Roar of the Lion to not land, usually this is not much of a problem ONCE the shaman is aware of it.

    a good example would be the Queen raid Fire AE she casts, if a shaman is unable to land a roar of the lion before she casts the AoE then it will not land on any players with that debuff on them (in other words if the shaman casts Roar of the Lion with the DoT on the raid then it is a wasted cast)

    Sabretooth offers an upgraded damage proc from Leopard to cover that minute cast time, however, as the OP has stated Roar of the Lion can not overwrite Sabretooth, so players will be forced into the older Leopard talisman again (or another spell).

    Personally I would love to see both of them able to stack similar to how a bards Arcane and Suffering lines are able to stack on melee.

    The DPS gained from Roar of the Lion/Leopard are not much if looking at a ~60 second encounter and the DPS gains from them are minimal (I recall some forums posts here stating approximate DPS). I assume since Sabretooth is the upgrade from Leopard and from what I can tell it falls woefully short of Roar's Damage proc it will have a small DPS gain over Leopard.

    It is not the end of the world if they do not, but it could provide some shamans with the option to basically provide a miniature Roar of the Lion proc when Roar of the Lion is on cooldown and would at least allow that option to be possible
  4. Jetslam Augur

    If the goal is to maximize dps, then I'd argue that a single dot would do more damage than casting sabretooth on the group to cover the 20s or so that lion isn't up even if they made lion stack over sabretooth. That'd probably be a better choice for the spell slot than having lion and saber up. Bonus is that the dot works even when lion is on maximizing the dps from that spell slot.

    Edit: One of the old combination dots may even be better than one of the new dots.
  5. Leigo Augur

    Also add a large number of debuffs/dots on Ros will block roar.

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