@Devs Please reduce quest mob spawn timers across the board

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  1. Evade Augur

    I plan to roll an Enchanter on Mangler, but one of my main concerns is the enchanter epic quest. It's not the quest itself, its the spawn timer of various quest mobs and items that are required to obtain the epic.

    4 mobs in the enchanter quest line have a 2 to 7 day spawn timer... Why? The mobs are hard enough on there own and given the 3 months per expansion timeline, it means it's possible only 12 enchanters will complete their epic before Velious is out.

    Then there are at least 4 items that spawn in the world that are on 24 hour timers. Meaning you may need to sit and wait for an entire day before you can get the item

    The challenge should be the kill, not the spawn timer. If you must, make the quest mobs more difficult, but lets reduce the spawn timer of all quest mobs and quest items across the board to 30 minutes.

    The game has been out for 20 years. I highly doubt Daybreak would suddenly decide to change these timers, but one can try right?
  2. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    While I agree with you the spawn times should be (further) reduced, this 2-7 days is inaccurate. Nothing has a maximum respawn time longer than 3.5 days anymore, and while I don't know Verina's exact window I believe it to be around 48-56 hours or so. Vessel is shorter. They're still too long and maybe will eventually be addressed.
  3. Iyvy Augur

    Hey evade. You likely won't have luck with your epic until late velious.

    I was able to get Verina Tomb in classic, but Vessel was near impossible to get, I eventually got mine early Luclin. It's an extremely rough epic with a lot of very hard camps.

    It's also not great. It's one of the worst epics. Most people don't want the buff, they want your other buff so its only use is to lazy buff your charm pet. Which is like... whatever.

    There are tons of other cool enchanter pieces though. You can get the two red fists, they're cool. You can get that dragon heart pretty cheap, which is neat cause it gives you solid regen (- charisma but who cares).

    All in all it's not even worth the time without the impossible parts. I wouldn't stress. I will be going enchanter and can give you some tips on getting verina and Vessel, but really it will be powerful camped and is considered the one main downside to enchanters.

    Honestly fixing it would be unfair, every class/race has soooome downsides usually, enchanters only one is the epic.

    Also the window is much smaller than you're stating, it's known by some people and, like many things, is a closely guarded secret that you *can* figure out on your own, but even if you do and know the window you're gonna have mage armies pop up for a while.

    Also the fear lady is obnoxious, lol

    And the skyshrine part.

    The gorilla is fun, the coin is pretty free. Prince is fun.

    A lot of it is fun but looong and haaaard. Don't do it
  4. snailish Augur

    Nothing beats being an oldschool froglok holding a snake.

    Many quest timers could be reduced yes.

    Some zones could use a faster repop too, one of the easiest ways to "shrink" a zone to allow more players to use it (or improve one powerlevelers dominance I suppose).
  5. Gana Augur

    Pretty sure Enc epic haste is best haste for lowbies.
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  6. malaki Augur

    Yeah it hits level 1 characters. Also warriors should be getting it over VoG. And later it's useful to cast on cleric/wizard temporary pets.