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  1. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    I truly hope with this new expansion that when we dive into the depths of these zones unlike previous newer expansions that characters who invis can walk and explore the WHOLE zone or dungeon without those see invis mobs checking you. Like in the basic and first expansion there were always mobs that would check you and you could not just have free reign exploring a whole zone invised with no possible consequences. My last expansion played was COTF. I enjoyed it but being able to explore it with invis with no risk just made it seem non threatening unlike trying to explore in earlier expansions.

    So please if you deem it ok to consider making those choking points so a level one with invis can't explore a zone unchecked with no risk except invis wearing off. Just remember the days in Upper and lower guk trying to get to group but it was no easy task if mobs were not cleared by a previous group.

    So in closing it was just one of those things that made the world of Everquest real. When I was able to run around unchecked in HoT, VoA, RoF & CotF made me lose interest. It may be a small thing for some but the small things can often make the BIGGEST impact ...seriously ask any gnome! If anyone else noticed small things like this that make a BIG difference to them please feel free to post that BELOW! Gnomercy! "A small change that will make a big difference" So let's do it!
  2. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    *Reserving for future comments*
  3. Pwetti Durn'Stwung Elder

    Checklist: See invis checkpoints that have been around since the Original but seem to have diminished with the newer expansion!
  4. Nniki Augur

    There's a 30-minute time limit for edits.
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  5. Shanarias Augur

    Self-styled speakers for the Everquest Community amuse me.
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  6. Lisard Augur

  7. Lisard Augur

    I think we need an expansion where no invis works and its all under water. CoTH / Ports disabled, also turn mobs into PC's so 90% of all class abilities do not work and all spells are resisted 89% of the time.

    bring back Encumbrance, take away maps we also need super dark zones so light sources matter.

    disable the compasss as well so we gotta spam sense heading again or drop some fine steel on the ground to find north.

    all this going unchecked.
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  8. Benito EQ Player since 2001.

    We are getting a lot of critique in the forums lately.

    WoW's delay of Shadowlands and no release date on Pantheon and Ashes of Creation will bring the masses back to EQ.
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  9. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    It's also #2020.

    Life sucks. Due to life suckage, evaluating and rating suckage is magnified to much higher levels than the norm would cause.

    Torment of Velious is my least favorite expansion in the history of EQ - and I've been an active player for the vast majority of the 22 years EQ has existed. I have to wonder what my rating of ToV would have been if Covid wasn't a thing that caused too numerous an amount of issues to name to cascade for EQ in particular.
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  10. Celephane Augur

    So they should make design decisions for your sake why? You don't even know if they already do this.
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  11. Zamiam Augur

    Ive been in every zone in ToV and I can tell you this prolly 80% of them have a invis check in some form .. takes a person with dbl invis on to just casually walk thru a zone and even then there are some mobs (a few ) and some named that SI ..
    I think the only zone I was able to walk thru the entire zone with nobody able to see me was ToFS and that was with dbl invis on .. without dbl invis its not possible you got live and undead mobs on multiple floors ..
    Velks with dbl invis on has a few mobs and named that SI thru both invis and IvU ...
    so most of Tov has some kind of " check point" as said above .. granted in some zones its easy to bypass or give a wide berth ..

    Crystal Caverns 2 words beware the fish .. ok 3 words .. dbl invis your ok ..

    Plus its nice when your running through a zone with dbl invis and you DONT think anyone can see you then BAM you come up to an unsuspecting SI mob that you could of swore wasnt here last time .. and splat.. or you running around a zone and you accidentally hit a hotkey which drops your dbl invis and splat (done that a few times).
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  12. Nadisia Augur

    What Zamiam said ^^

    And I will add : collections, and collectibles, are now a big part of the game (a part, or a hurdle, if like me, you don't really like it.)
    Back in days, the need to collect ground spawns for quests was pretty rare.

    But now?
    8 to 10 collectibles for a collection (and it's random btw).
    Around 6 or 8 full collections for a zone achievement.
    And so on.

    Important parts of the expansions are now locked behind these scavenger achievements (just 2 examples : TBL evolving shoulders, and one stage of ToV evolving earring)

    So now, imagine collecting all that crap, but with SI mobs everywhere lol.
    Just .... a nightmare. :D
    (and I say that while playing a SK, having a bard for easy double invis, and even a rogue)

    So imho, the game design (and zone design & population) has been adapted to these collections.
    There are still some SI mobs here and there, sometimes in high level zones (If I remember correctly, there is a good bunch of SI mobs in ROS Veeshan's Peak), but you won't get tons of SI everywhere anymore.

    But who knows, maybe I'm wrong.
  13. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    I dont mind some SI chokepoints as long as whole zones are not filled with SI mobs.
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  14. Sissruukk Rogue One

    Walk around any zone without being seen? I don't know what you are talking about...
  15. Febb Augur

    You are way too late to be asking for things for Claws of Veeshan, they are just putting the finishing touches during beta which is about to begin. You need to give feedback for expansions in like March and April for the next expansion for next year.
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  16. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Quite so. That having been said, the suggestions offered might be able to affect next years expansion.
  17. Fenthen Augur

    We also need a way to go through to certain areas without bringing a raid force with us to clear half a zone of trash. No one wants to spend 45 minutes getting *TO* the camp you want, like the old Sebilis days.
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  18. Froglok Augur

    For us long time players who are max AA, max level, max tradeskills, etc. -- the fun (after doing new content) is completing old content, going after achievements, collecting "trophies" (i.e. click items, mounts, etc.).

    With that said, I was a bit disappointed that the new "feature" for CoV was what sounds like a third banking system you will probably have to pay for (1 = personal bank, 2 = guild bank, 3 = dragon hoard), in some way.

    I would have 1,000% rather seen another key ring, and I am not very excited by the "dragon hoard" at all... such as one for Portal clicks, or nimbus Clicks, or Buff Clicks, or Novelty clicks... or (/gasp)... actual Key items. They also allow you to hide the visible aspect (i.e. actually seeing the familiar but keeping the buff) and to mix-and-match (use Mount A for the look you like, but have Mount B buff, which is better). Nimbus items also have buffs and effects you could mix-and-match or hide.

    In short, Key rings are accessible and useable on the fly, anywhere, anytime. You don't have to go to a banker or summon a banker that you can only summon once a day to utilize / access them. They are also tied to the Marketplace (cash flow) by having to buy extra slots when you run out of slots.

    They could also add an ornaments key ring (since weapon / shield ornaments do not go on the Hero's Forge Key Ring).

    Another thing I would have rather seen would be the ability to buy a 4th property (Sell a "Real Estate License" in the Marketplace for this) and the ability to modify houses and properties to expand the number of items they can hold (sell Home Renovations & Land Management items in the Marketplace for this).

    Will the Dragon Hoard be as accessible and functional?

    And speaking of Achievements, there is so much in-game stuff that is missing and possible to add to achievements. Example, spell book & discipline completion (by expansion, by Ranks...)... LoN card set items (paintings, titles, mounts, familiars, illusions...)... and much more.

    As for keeping the cash flow going, such things can only add to buying more room on key rings... and some cases, in adding to the maximum a key ring can hold (up it from 250 to 500)... not to mention buying the LoN card items going after such achievements.
  19. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Some people just want to watch the world burn.
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  20. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    This. The game is different now. Zones are less populated and people don't have an extra hour in their schedules to clear to a spot before actually beginning their real camp. Not too mention groups tend to be smaller now, with more leaning towards a couple of players and a couple of mercs, which makes clearing to a location even more tedious (and in some cases impossible due to DPS and respawn timers).

    Having played since 2000, never once have I thought "I wish I was forced to clear half a zone to get to my camp like I used to be."