Devs - Please put rank 3 spell runes on the RoS raid currency vendor

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Clawzzx, Oct 9, 2023.

  1. Clawzzx New Member

    I am requesting the addition of rank 3 runes to the raid currency merchant in RoS. These runes are available from raid currency merchants in most other xpacs and are a major pain to outfit a raid with on the tlp schedule when not available on the merchant, especially since Ring of Scale is a level cap increase expansion.

    NPC: a merchant (Raid Merchant) in The Overthere [RoS]

    Minor Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ID:151906
    Lesser Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ID:151907
    Median Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ID:151908
    Greater Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ID:151909
    Glowing Marked Symbol of the Ring of Scale ID:151910

    Comparing to the CoV vendor which has similar visible currency prices these runes should cost 84 Ancient Draconic Coin ID:106994

    The Big Casterquest association of Mangler
  2. Byun Elder


    Even coming from a pleb monk, rk 3's on vendors would be nice.
  3. Kodachi Augur

    As a random person who isn't even raiding, I also support this because it seems like a weird lack of consistency thing that should have been fixed long ago.
  4. Moggman Elder

    I like consistency of having all my rank 3 spells and don't mind spending a little currency, I feel like this is a random oversight and an easy fix for the benefit of all mangler raiders and servers that hit RoS after us
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  5. Pamplemousse New Member

    It would be consistent with other xpacs to have the rank 3 runes on the raid vendor. It just makes sense.
  6. Brickhaus Augur

    Do you think the Live (or any of the TLPs that have gone through RoS) playerbases haven't asked for this?

    Do you really think this is a random oversight that everyone just happen to miss?

    By all means, ask for it to be changed. I hope it does!

    But don't think for one second that the lack of spell runes in RoS is anything but a conscious decision by at least one developer, who has had many, many opportunities to correct.
  7. Sness New Member

    You make it sound like requesting changes is like a new thing and just state the obvious. We know this is a 24 year old game and we're talking about a 6 year old expansion, but that doesn't mean we can't request a better quality of life. Not to mention that most TLPs by the time they reach this era have basically dried up on players... but Mangler still going strong.

    So yes, make the game more consistent and always give us the alternate to spend currency on spell runes, because we need them rk3s.
  8. Xhartor Augur

    That decision was based around content players were going to spend an enitre year engaging. TLP's have 12 weeks.
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  9. Xyroff-cazic. Director of Sarcasm

    Agreed 100% - easy to implement and would be consistent with almost all other expansions.
  10. Lineater Augur

    SoF and SoD have sucked bigly on Mischief. It's ridiculous how many runes priests and casters need to acquire their best spells. During SoF I got my rk 3 group cleric buff the day before SoD unlocked. So far in SoD I've gotten three runes.
  11. FranktheBank Augur

    Seems like bad guild. Our entire 54 man raid has full runes, and we rotted like 20-30 runes this week.