Dev's PLEASE let us give you our money!

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Hadesborne, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Hadesborne Augur

    Whoever is running the marketplace and deciding which items are good enough to be put in the marketplace and which one's aren't, PLEASE listen. We have been Begging for some of the illusiions/pet illusions that have been removed from the marketplace to be put back in. I am quite sure that adding these things back into the marketplace, maybe swapping out items in a bi-weekly or monthly rotation would not take too much effort and create income that you really haven't been realizing. You are leaving money on the table. We, the paying customers, want to buy these items from you.

    Now that you have the ability to separate an illusion from it's buff and push back the buff trigger to when a certain expansion pack is released on TLP's, this should be a no brainer. Please allow us to buy more things from the in-game marketplace. You are NOT taking advantage of the marketplace revenue and creating loss of potential profit.
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  2. Wordor New Member

    I will /sign this petition
  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Some illusions have been vaulted. In most cases they do not sell well, and we believe that it's a bad Marketplace experience to sift through clutter. There's always the potential to unvault them though, and this is relatively painless on our end.

    Per Prathun Aug 2019

    And its not just illusions, there are many items others would like to purchase - like that fluffy cloud levitate thing or the jackalope mount that was only on TLP servers

    BTW thanks for posting in the TLP forums cause while this is a server wide request it will get more attention in this forum
  4. Gnothappening Augur

    Let us buy unlimited 40 slot bags :)
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  5. Camniala New Member

    Wait... a jackalope mount for tlp only? I missed this one sheesh... anyone have a pic? Very interested in these other illusions etc as well, consider petition signed!
  6. Vlahkmaak Journeyman

    I'd love to buy +FACTION pots for my box team. Killing the requisite 500 orcs in High Pass hold so my trolls can freely pass as I run between the Karanas and CL is a PITA each TLP. And that is just one faction. These would be no different that XP pots just faction XP. Alternatively they could add +1 faction/kill to XP pots!
  7. Duckforceone Elder

    yep... i don't understand why certain illusions only unlocks with later expansions, when on tlp's you have the most players on the server for the first few expansions and then most of them leave..

    Get our money while we are here, not hope we are still here in 2-3 years...
  8. Gnomie Denser than most


    There are so many awesome illusions at later expansions that I would love to have, but just never become available until so far later in the game. I know they are released with the expansion that the model type became available, but the early options are just so limited. Really wish they would unlock illusions for purchase at the start of a TLP.
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    I'd pay to be able to speed up the faction process in OoW.