Devs: Please Enable "Relaxed True Box" on All TLPs in Omens+ Content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Apr 8, 2022.

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  1. Gormgeous Elder

    Long shot and I'm prepared to be crushed but I am hoping it is just part of 4/20 release
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  2. Tornat Augur

    I'm ok if it misses the omens release just want to know it will happen at some point , sooner than later is better . I would just start working on the toon now knowing in the future I could box all 3 of them
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  3. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Would be far better to change change the truebox to:
    • Classic - 1 box
    • kunark - 2 box
    • velious - 3 box
    • luclin - 4 box
    • pop - 5 box
    • turn it off
    Or just turn it off after Velious you can already abuse truebox by hardware, software and who knows how many other methods. Let's just make it easier for the other 85% of the server that isn't technically savvy.
  4. Dominate Augur

    Everyone with a brain knows that truebox only hurts the casual player. Human nature is to figure out how to get around whatever rules there are.

    RMTers love Truebox :)
  5. Flark New Member

    On-and-off TLP player here. I really enjoy playing EQ but I'm fairly busy with work and family obligations. When life takes me away from the game for a while, I often find that I really can't get anything done when I return because I'm too far behind and I can't find groups. I'd be great to be able to play three or even two characters by myself, so that I can level up on my own when needed.

    Enter truebox. In principle, I can afford to run multiple computers to play EQ. However, I'm not really all that keen on sequestering myself in my office during the evenings --- away from my family --- to play video games by myself at an elaborate jerry-rigged gaming station with a bunch of redundant computer equipment that I don't need or want to use for any other purpose. Kudos to those of you who manage to get that past the wife (or husband), but yeah... I'd rather not go there myself. So what happens when I fall behind on the one character I'm allowed to play at a time? I just don't play at all.

    I'd happily run three paid accounts year round if I could play three characters on one computer, in my living room where I like to do my gaming. However, I can't do this with truebox. Instead, I subscribe for a few months a year if it happens that a fresh TLP launches when I have time to play. Inevitably, I get busy and fall so far behind that I just cancel and don't play anymore.

    Truebox punishes casual players with busy lives. Especially those of us that can't or won't set up a Sam Deathwalker gaming dungeon in our homes. Let people play three characters at a time on a laptop.
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  6. Endacer Augur

    I lived through the mage armies, we need truebox....but relaxed truebox is definately a middle ground most can support, we need it.
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  7. Protocol Dragon Defender

    With nearly 180 likes and approaching 9,000 views it’s clear that the overwhelming desire is for relaxed truebox. Speaking to guilds and guild leaders that actually progressed to live on TLP servers further reinforces this view. DPG now is the time to let us know!
  8. Triconix Augur

    I've boxed for 18 years give or take a year? I never once botted. How do you conflate boxing with botting. And how does truebox prevent it? News flash: It doesn't.
    Good thing just about everything in raids is now instanced. I'm still trying to figure out why boxing is leading to contested camps. Aren't PUGs going to equal contested camps as well?
    Well this made me spit out my breakfast in laughter. The fundamental EQ gameplay? Bahahaha you referring to the comically terrible balance and design job they did in early EQ, formerly known as CasterQuest, which allowed essentially every single caster (and bard) to solo at will with fantastic efficiency, leaving all the melee up a creek without a paddle? While melee were hapless without a group and casters were skipping around murdering everything by themselves, yeah grouping was clearly on the minds of the original design team. If it was, they did the all-time worst job at implementing it.

    Boxing didn't cause people to play by themselves. They were already doing it long before boxing really became a thing because class design and balance was pitiful and borderline broken. Boxing just allowed for those shackled to needing groups the ability to now do the stuff that casters enjoyed uninhibited for so long. The people who hate boxers were the ones reaping the benefits of god awful game design.

    Finally, something I found we agree on.
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  9. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Underfoot is the best expac.
  10. Galleyan Augur

    False. LoY is best expansion. Froglok supremacy.
  11. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    reported for trolling.
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  12. Gormgeous Elder

    What's the chance get get an update on this with 4/20?

    Still haven't heard anything except for a "We are aware of it."
  13. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    Any weed boys in chat?
  14. Gormgeous Elder

    I am sure many, but keep on topic or Accendo will lock us. :(

    I play 2 boxes in the morning? I play 2 boxes at night?
  15. FranktheBank Augur

    LoY is literally one of the greatest expansions in EQ history. LoY was so good that almost every feature it had was added to the base game. If LoY isnt in your top 2-3 expacs of all time, your list is wrong.
  16. error Augur

    Honestly, it's the best yet on Mangler. They got the difficulty for group and raid content spot on and there's only minimal jankiness.
  17. Magician9001 Augur

    News flash not saying anyone that boxes ends up botting.
    You're argument of does "but it prevent 100%" is dumb. Just because a solution isn't 100% effective doesn't mean we should just say it.

    People act different when they need to rely on other players, boxing changes how people act towards others whether you wanna believe it or not.

    There is plenty of things like 2.0s in OoW and later that large number of boxes are pure cancer for.

    The entire game was designed around this concept whether you wanna believe it or not.
  18. Torga Journeyman

    You expect the DEVs to implement relaxed Truebox on Mischief? If they do so No one will go to Yelinak and that will kill this years TLP/bag sales
  19. Galleyan Augur

    I'd argue bag sales probably won't suffer. People happy on Mischief might buy them just the same. I would.
  20. error Augur

    I did multiple 2.0s on Mangler in-era and competition with boxes was never an issue. Really the only competition I had at all was for a couple of longish respawn ground spawns. Your mileage may vary depending on your class of course, but the bottleneck is definitely the raid targets.

    I can't really think of any time that I've been actively blocked from content by box groups since like, Velious. Once you're out of the original trilogy the number of worthwhile camps that can be occupied by a single no-lifer for 14+ hours a day every day are few.
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