Devs: Please Enable "Relaxed True Box" on All TLPs in Omens+ Content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Apr 8, 2022.

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  1. Elite_raider Augur

    They should just remove it from the get go (Classic included), "truebox" did not work the way they hoped it would, it only caused drama and rl pollution... It takes a big person(s) to admit when you are wrong and change things for the better.
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  2. Protocol Dragon Defender

    160 likes and counting!
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  3. Tornat Augur

    I would enjoy this on Thornblade !
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  4. randomnerdonline New Member

    Agreed. I would love to see this on Mischief.

    Come on Devs! Give us some of your thoughts~
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  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Sometimes compromises mean it sucks for everyone.

    This one really doesn't.

    In this case every Truebox TLP so far that has gone beyond PoP has had a very significant number of players ask for Truebox to be switched off. This large thread is just another big chunk of evidence that points at a compromise solution that works for all but a very tiny few and I am not convinced that tiny few have even played beyond PoP for it to affect them - if they had they would have had their guildies telling them to stop being a jerk about it.

    I've fought for this kind of change a long time & tried to provide every reasonable argument I can for it, and wherever possible show the precedent & evidence to support it - or at least explain where I think the evidence is to be seen.

    TLP have to evolve to remain successful -
  6. ClericMember New Member

    Has there been any news on this yet?
  7. sieger Augur

    Yep, and if you recall we were both part of threads about this change for Selo and Phinigel when they were in their final year as TLPs. Not to sound bitter or anything, but I will note at the time Selo and Phinigel asked for Truebox to be removed Selo had one raiding guild (mine), and maybe 15 people outside of our guild doing casual content on their own. Phinigel had two raiding guilds and maybe a little more casual players. Essentially the entirety of the three raiding guilds across both servers, and many others besides, chimed in saying they fully supported truebox being removed. Note these were servers that were literally doing like level 110+ content. There was essentially no dissension in those threads, and due to how small the server communities were, I think it's safe to say probably 90% or more of those servers supported the change.

    It wasn't done, and we were told basically it's because they didn't want to change the rules. I think that thinking needs to be changed, TLPs actually frequently change their rules in a number of ways--and every TLP eventually ends up as part of a live server with no Truebox, it is beyond ridiculous to maintain Truebox which is a system that was never viewed as necessary until the community strenuously asked for something to be done about big boxing on RF/LJ, and the company listened. It is great they listened back in 2015 and gave us AoC and Truebox for Phinny, now listen to the overwhelming consensus of the community and standardize the phasing out of Truebox in later era TLPs. This is a serious quality of life and community issue for the admittedly smaller population of TLPers that enjoy running TLPs into the later eras.
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  8. Gormgeous Elder

  9. Trevalon Augur

    Throwing in that I agree, Relaxed True Box for OOW+ would be healthy for all servers!

    And this coming from a notorious box hating raid leader :p
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  10. Gormgeous Elder

    I hate to hear myself say it, but... go ahead and make sure you smash that like and subscribe button!

    I mean could you please hit like on the OP. It seems that number is used with at least some weight in other EQ forums so hopefully here as well.
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  11. Zalamyr Augur

    It was the same deal for Miragul as well. Literally everyone on the server was in one guild. No matter how much we were like "There's literally 40 of us playing here and we're all cool with truebox going away" they still wouldn't do it, lol.
  12. Machen New Member

    Miragul never should have had it in the first place. They ruined an otherwise promising server, between Truebox and releasing it right around the same time Phinigel had hit that era.
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  13. looffy Journeyman

    And not giving it AoCs.
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  14. Labzeh Lorekeeper

    I'm not going to ever play on Agnarr again, but I did play through to Quarm on it. Id imagine the experience they try to portray in the early expansions by limiting boxing is quite over. So if it changes the QoL for the players there to keep active and enjoy what they're doing. There's no reason they shouldn't get it.
    I would highly believe it's more a case of they can unlock it when they wish rather than being hard tied to an expansion.
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  15. HekkHekkHekk Augur

    How is this even a discussion at this point? Darkpaw should really use polling to determine changes in game. They don't for one reason and that's accountability. If they poll and have public results then they have accountability for their decisions. Continuing as they are, they can make ant changes they want and claim that the players asked for it.
  16. Strife Lorekeeper

    Honestly...there's a reason servers that allow boxing and free trade are the most populated. They're great for returning players and existing players don't have to suffer for not having 15 computers laying around.

    I mean we all know DPG devs are hilariously out of touch with their own game, but this one should be obvious.
  17. Phati Elder

    Why not make a guild based around non-boxing members? Since you seem super vocal on this topic, you seem like a prime candidate for the Guild Leader. I look forward to your results in this endeavor.
  18. Finchy Augur

    I'd be curious to see the financial numbers against people that only play 1 account vs. those that box. I bet it's safe to say without box crews there would only be a couple servers at this point, and the game wouldn't be in the state it is. Be interesting to see how these Anti-Boxers would enjoy having only a couple low/medium pop servers.

    Those that are hardcore against boxers have this mindset that any form of boxing is bad for the game, when in reality it's those that box multiple groups/raids, which has been pointed out doesn't really effect folks these days because those box crews/raids stay in their instanced raid areas. Who cares if they are selling loot? selling loot has been apart of the game since the beginning. Who cares if people buy stuff and gear themselves up? This game doesn't have PvP, so what's it matter who has what? The only thing that even could be considered an argument is classic and kunark group camps, but that's not really that big of a deal...focus effects are turned off now, so that stuff isn't OP anymore.

    Who cares what each individual person in this game does with their time, solo play, box, run certain software, have 12 keyboards...who cares, it doesn't directly effect you 99% of the time. Go enjoy the game your way and let them enjoy it their way.

    If Truebox continues to remain on TLPs, then opening the relaxed Truebox rule at OoW+ is a fantastic middle ground. If you are the person that starts over on every TLP and does not play out a TLP server, you have no dog in this fight and stay out of it.
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  19. Zalamyr Augur

    I think this is the important part here. Whatever arguments can be had for truebox pretty much fall apart once TLPs get into the "instanced" eras. I feel like there's two common arguments against boxing...lowering incentives for players to be social and group, and disruptions caused by box armies. Neither really applies to later expansion TLPs.

    From the social aspect, by the time you get into later expansions, the community is already pretty small. You'll group if you can, box if you can't. You likely have established friends and guildies you play with who you'll gladly drop boxes for. There's very little pickup grouping with randoms going on by this point, regardless of truebox or not.

    From the disruption aspect, again there's little issue here in later expansion TLPs. Raid content is all instanced, relevant gear is all no-drop. There's little a box army could "monopolize". Selling loot rights or power levels isn't going to be lucrative on (what will likely be) a small community TLP by that point.

    I just don't see the harm in relaxing truebox as TLPs age.
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  20. Tornat Augur

    no updates this week on this boo. Wanted to fire up my 3rd account this weekend.
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