Devs: Please Enable "Relaxed True Box" on All TLPs in Omens+ Content

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Apr 8, 2022.

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  1. Magician9001 Augur

    Not trolling. A lot more 3. Most people aren't gonna bother posting on the anti side, cause no real reason too.

    You still have less likes then the amount of people who logged onto Zek at the same time for PvP. "relaxing" true box is really really unpopular, just the people that it's unpopular with are those who have busy real lives and only play 10 hours a week. They just don't have the time to shitpost on the forums like you guys do.
  2. Magician9001 Augur

    I've played up to SOF.
    I'm also more concerned with "relaxed truebox" in the 70s particular DoDh which is my fave expansion.
  3. Tweakfour17 Augur

    What made you quit in SoF just when things start to get really good?
    What is your concern about DoDH that you think relaxed truebox is going to negatively effect the entire expansion?
  4. Gormgeous Elder

    Ok.. in one corner we have 143 people signed into the forums and specifically calling for relaxed truebox to expand beyond Yelinak and Vaniki. In the other corner we have Magician9001 who played to SoF once and really liked DoDH.
  5. itiswhatitis Elder

    The issues you seen on ragefire has happened on every live server when they were in that era. It was worst back then also because they didn't shorten down the respawn timers. While I did notice mage armies at the beginning of that server they went away pretty fast in luclin. The biggest problem on ragefire was no AoC so the smaller guilds never got put into rotations until the next expansion went live. Rizlona did it right this time around and was no where near as toxic as some of these truebox servers.
  6. Magician9001 Augur

    In one corner we have the 10k plus TLPers that signed up for truebox, in the other corner we got 90 crybabies half of which already play on Rizlona and 50 puppet account that want the rules changed because if they cry loud enough maybe a dev with think they're actually the majority.
  7. Cideral Lorekeeper

    Speaking for the masses without polling the masses
  8. SteamFox Augur

    I play on Coirnav, when I rolled there I played 1 character and had no idea that Truebox even was. It was 100% not a factor in my choice to play there. Mid DoN I started 2 boxing as a friend gave me an old laptop. Now in TDS I would roll a 3rd but I'm not buying another laptop. There are multiple people like this who just want to carry on through the progression while trying to deal with the natural attrition RL or the new servers every year brings. At no point in any of the 4 years I've played on this server has it been because of Truebox, if anything its DESPITE truebox. Even if I didn't want to box more than 2 just the fact that spamming the same key on 2 computers at the same time (while 100% following the truebox rules) will get me instantly disconnected is reason enough to relax it. Everyone jokes Coirnav has 10 players left on it, put out a poll, I bet all 10 of us will vote to relax it. You don't represent 10k+ players.
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  9. Magician9001 Augur

    Do you think a hundred people is a lot on these servers or something?
  10. Magician9001 Augur

    So basically you've never played on a non-truebox server and you have zero clue what you're talking about
  11. Gormgeous Elder

    It's just you. I'm going to stop replying after this. You are free to make a thread entitled "Please do NOT extend relaxed true box to the other TLP servers." and see if you can come any where close to the support this one has. It is more popular than the pick zone changes and that was annoying everyone.
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  12. Magician9001 Augur

    Guy. You can go back to the time RF and LJ were the new TLPs. You'll find literally 1000s of people in 100s of different threads asking for rules against boxing that's why we have truebox. Your group is just so beyond small and yet your convinced it's not. Bit sad TBH.

    Get 1000 people to make this complete twice a day for 2 months straight then we can talk.
  13. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Bruh. No one is asking for Truebox to be removed entirely. At least not in this thread. We're asking for them to relax it as the servers gets older and the population dwindles. You've come up with snarky comments to most of the people replying to you but managed to magically avoid any real discussion attempts I had with you to try and understand why you quit in SoF and why you are concerned about DoDH. Obviously you had some kind of bad experience with boxers and it has severely tainted your perception of the game and the people playing it. Go find your 10k+ players and ask them to come comment in support since right now its basically just you that is so against it. Either that or go troll somewhere else please.

    Edit: You also realize RF/LJ had no AoC right? Or MOTM? so Mage armies could and did dominate ALL raid spawns. Thats not even close to how things are anymore even if they were to relax truebox even earlier than they've suggested for Vaniki/Yelinak and we're asking for on old servers.
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  14. Endacer Augur

    Have said it twice already, and i'll say it a third. Click on the guys profile, and hit ignore, it will block all posts by him so he can go rant to the wind. He is trying his hardest to get this thread locked, and replying to him is only helping his cause.
  15. Labzeh Lorekeeper

    Would love to see the relaxed box rules rolled out onto all TLP's past a certain point, ie. GoD or even perhaps LDoN when group missions etc. start becoming instanced or even OoW would be great. There's no denying that certain expansions, and introduction of new TLP's drastically reduces server population. The introduction of adding it to Yelinak come OoW is a good time period due to the game dynamic shift itself that we see in these eras.

    I've spent more time playing on TLP's post GoD in the last 7 years and run just 3 accounts with a pal/shm/monk now so I can jump on and work on content I want to enjoy or do my own quests outside of raid times however I only raid with my paladin. I'm certainly finding it hard in 2022 to justify needing multiple laptops set up to play a game outside of raids at my own pace and don't think the answer is "Just pack up and leave to the new server and restart".

    I will note Truebox is excellent up to a point and it works well on new TLP's for a number of era's and helps them thrive on launch etc. but anyone that stays on servers past a certain point of say TSS it just becomes tiring and feels more like a punishment to log into a server like Cornaiv where a lot of old friends kept playing that's now in The Darkened Sea and still have to run multiple computers when most people are raid logging by that stage. It's not even a case of "Make friends and group" because EQ is such a vast game with so much to do, the chances of finding people wanting to go out of their way and experience the content in the same way that you do is just not always going to happen especially if they're not getting the same enjoyment/reward as you from the activities or not interested in the quests or storylines. People only have a finite number of hours in a week for play time and the amount of available content often outweighs this for a large majority of people, everyone has a different idea on how they want to spend their time and what they wish to achieve personally.

    I'm not so concerned about full boxing availability, but the relaxed boxing is extremely reasonable and has very little detrimental effects past a certain era. The discussion in my eyes isn't about whether people are boxing or not as people, it's "Is changing multiboxing from using multiple pc's to being able to box on one pc detrimental and server experience altering after a certain stage of the game from the active community perspective on those servers" and the pro's and con's from later era's. Raid's get so involved as time goes on that box armies aren't willing to push hard just for the sake of it, most boxing krono farmers are just going to server leap anyway as they always do - Yelinak will probably see the same box armies that have hopped tlp's for a while now because it's looking like the same krono profitable ruleset we have experienced before but I imagine by OoW a number of these players will just jump ship again to the next TLP's. With a 3 per pc limit, how many 54 box players are going to be trying to push raid progression in prophecy of ro etc.?

    Introducing relaxed boxing retrospectively into existing tlp's will likely save the longevity of particular servers.
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  16. topple good idea generator

    I simply don’t understand the hardcore support of truebox and the insistence that it stay forever.

    I agree that I personally enjoy truebox when a new server launches and there is a sea of like minded players to group up with and relive the old days in eq. I love grouping and the personal interaction that is supported by the truebox system.

    However, as the expansions roll on and players jump ship, I find many situations that would be hugely improved by the ability to add another character which plugged the holes in my mains abilities. This obviously could be achieved with another physical computer. I have to imagine that I’m not alone I’m not wanting to run multiple PCs just to play some eq and accomplish my goals. Rather than add another physical machine, I just end up canceling my sub.

    Overall, I do think truebox is a positive for a new server and supports the game I want to play. But after a that 65-70 era it is a hindrance. I would love love love to see it relaxed in some form and hope the devs are open to the idea.
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  17. Liren_Lockheart Melusine the Siren

    Respectfully sir, I played on Vulak for nearly two years. We did not have Krono at launch nor at any point up through Omens of War. Vulak launched in early 2011. The arrival of Krono to EQ didn't happen until late 2012... If Krono ever did make it to Vulak it was long after it was a dead server.

    Melusine the Siren
    Mischief, Aradune, Selos, Lockjaw

    Liren Lockheart
  18. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    Ditto just needs to be removed or relaxed much much sooner.
  19. Stormblossom Elder


    I am legitimately not sure if you are A: Someone who personally profits so much from the TLP treadmill being restarted that you are against this type of rule change, or B you don't grasp that small-scale boxers that actually benefit the long term longevity of a server will benefit from this and it would most likely have zero or near-zero impact on the truly problematic box teams who are using 3pp to cheat the existing system anyway.

    Can you potentially 2 box a double-trio and get a full group on 2 pcs? Sure. In Omens. When most of the content is instanced anyway. Anything that isn't will be covered by picks.

    I don't even box until SoD when I run a jukebox bard because I am that bad at boxing, and I am in favor of this change because I like the later eras and hate seeing servers die just before we get to the part I find fun every time.
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  20. Ecko Elder

    Not relaxing/removing it from older TLP's is literally leaving money on the table for DPG too, more people will stay playing/spin up a box or two if they could on the same PC than people would leave due to the mythical 40+ boxers coming to mess up your instances, heh.

    Even more revenue from krono sales and market place potion/bag/ornament sales too. Taking out all emotion from if you like boxing or not, from a pure financial point of view, they have to do it.
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