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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Sindaiann, May 10, 2018.

  1. frankie78227 Augur

    DB also said they were owned by a certain company for like 3 years as well.
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  2. EnchFWO Augur

  3. clan darkpaw New Member

  4. clan darkpaw New Member

    The news I linked is from Tuesday, with the latest update from this morning.
  5. svann Augur

    Believe what you want but they did say that they were still planning expac and 20th anniv and that was in response to direct inquiry by massivelyOP, which was in reference to the CN/layoffs thing. They could be lying sure. But that is their official stance at this time, so its not wrong to ask the question of when they expect the expac.

    It also makes sense if you know about how the legal thing works. Assuming they have or had ties to the oligarch in question, the law says they have till June 5th to divest. That's not something terribly difficult to accomplish. Likely already done, which is why they are able to say they arent owned by CN. So whether or not they were ever owned by CN, going forward they wont be.
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  6. Bigstomp Augur

    Personally, I would like to see an expansion where the race is not about riding lockout timers but if you beat the prior raid, you can do the next one.

    Yes, some guilds may beat the expansion really fast (day one?) but I'd really like to see difficulty be the differentiation.
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  7. frankie78227 Augur

    I hope you are correct. The little trust I had left won't be restored until after the first week of June, if I'm able to resub my one remaining Gold account which expires June 2nd or 3rd.
  8. Frogbert New Member

    How about the new expansion just gets released when it is ready. Requesting a release date catered to raiders is a bit elitist.
  9. Sancus Augur

    I find it amusing when people use the word "elitist" unironically.
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  10. Frogbert New Member

    I find it amusing when someone thinks just because they belong to a certain group (raiders), that they believe the game expansion's release date should revolve around said group.
  11. Tiggold Augur

    The OP I'm assuming made this as a "food for thought" piece based on their personal experience. I see where they are coming from. This is my main form of entertainment but you add in the biggest holiday of the year with obligations to family, friends, work, etc. - it gets really taxing and not just for the raider. Just the excitement of new content make people play in fashions they aren't normally using on a regular basis. I agree with the OP in that I would appreciate a no-Christmas release this year so I can enjoy their latest work uninterrupted.
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  12. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    A release date gets set and expansion work gets planned around that not the other way around. Also having new content at the same time as holiday vacations and travel impacts everyone not just raiders.
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  13. Sancus Augur

    No one said the expansion release date should revolve around raiders. But the release date has a greater impact on raiders than most other players because of lockouts and such. It's pretty fair to bring that concern up, even if it doesn't apply to the entirety of the playerbase.

    I don't think anyone is advocating for them to rush the expansion or to disadvantage any other group of players. But just because it doesn't affect you doesn't make it an illegitimate concern either. The reality is it probably has no influence on when they decide to release the expansion, but there's nothing "elitist" about bringing it up.

    Now if the OP was degrading players that weren't raiders or something, then calling it "elitist" might be warranted. Instead, people use the word "elitist" to diminish and explain away the concerns or opinions or w/e of raiders or whatever group they dislike.
  14. kizant Augur

    I wish they could count failed attempts or had some more time based achievements for raids. Going just by lockout timers is kinda silly.
  15. Yinla Augur

    This isn't about who it is best for, it is when it is best to release an expansion.
    December was bad for more than just raiders, there were things which needed fixing but were delayed because the devs were on vacations, things which affected both the group and the raid game. November has a similar problem with holiday time.

    For some they love the expansion release just before holidays as it means they can play while they haven't got to go to work, for others its a really bad time due to having family time, etc.

    As I said for me October works best, Summer finishes in August, which gives all of September and part of October for beta and time for at least 1 patch after release before many players/devs want vacations with families.
  16. Sheex Augur

    I think what rubbed folks the wrong way was the whole “I speak for everyone when I say......” bit, personally.
  17. CrazyLarth Augur

    another when what where who and why post.
  18. Snowman Augur

    Trying to get a week off the 2nd week of december was almost a nightmare - my boss was furious with me ---- I would love a Jan release myself --- but I get that will probally never happen --- December releases are the worst trying to flag with your 54 keys during xmas is just terrible and causes a ton of drama ......
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  19. IblisTheMage Augur

    I would guess mid November. December last year was likely the best possible, with the work of level increase. Planning to release in october or earlier would leave an extra monthly cycle to do 20th Anniversary, which would make sense.

    Has anyone reverse engineered a yearly cycle infographic somewhere? Two sprints a month, 1 prod 1 test release a month, consolidation of AA and spells over summer, code simplifiction (UI?) by removing 1 obsolete feature every 2 months (potion belt, petition) this year, retuning in the sprints after content release...

    We know how many quests they can make pr year. Spells, Quests, AA, gear stats, mob stats are EQ specific. I would assume building zones and mob gfx would be shared resources with other games...

    Also, I think they are getting a lot of stuff done, last change log was very long. I am guessing it is the continuous refactoring and code clean up that is paying off.
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  20. Sindaiann Augur

    That was meant more in the terms of December being awful than speaking for everyone about when would be best. Poor choice of words I admit.

    People nit picking over every facet of a post is the exact reason the majority of the time nothing constructive comes from anything on these forums.

    Absolute nonsense.

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