Devs - can we do something about the leveling process

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ntellect, May 24, 2019.

  1. Flatchy Augur

    What server you on?
  2. Cleaver Augur

    They need to take the resources and develop a path to 105. It sounds simple, but it really isnt and it would take a lot of resources, but in the end i believe it would pay off in the end if you boost heroics to 100 or 105 and design missions and quest and maybe even 1 zone where the person levels gets better gear and learns the class. If there is a long term plan for EQ to be sustainable or become more popular at all this is the 1st step they need to take. On top of that include a heroic character with any expansion purchase on a NEW account this would give new players an incentive to start playing to begin with no one wants to start from level 1 anymore on live servers no one is there to group with and the entire game has been designed for group content for 20 years.
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Something that should be somewhat simple and would be helpful is to significantly increase the xp from the daily tasks. These were meant to be fast xp quests and I found them helpful years ago. Not a solution to the overall problem but still something I hope that is not labor intensive that would be a step in the right direction.
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  4. Endaar Augur

    At level 85 you can group with 110s. In an active guild, there's almost always a high-level player who's happy to drag a friendly, lower-level player along for some XP and company. Key being active guild. A dozen characters online at peak times is not active, and yeah you're going to be unhappy.

    I do think one of the things that gets lost is that while yes, there are nowhere near as many low-level players as there used to be, EQ was always a game where some nights you'd log on and have no luck grouping. There are far more opportunities to keep busy and progress when that happens in the modern game than there were in-era.
  5. Yinla Augur

    Take a look at

    Should give you an idea of where to start.

    If I was you at level 85 the first thing I would look it is doing the quest for the level 5 Journeyman mercs, if you haven't already done so this is a good place to start . Level 85 is also House of Thule level (one of my fav expansions) I'd start there given the choice. :)

    If your friends are the same level as you, look at Almars guides and see what is suggested for your level.

    If you need help with expansion quests gear etc, I'd look at has lots of useful information from House of Thule (level 85) through to current content.

    You say you have people to group with in your guild but you don't say what level they are. If you have any friends who are 110 and are willing to take you to GMM go and be amazed by the exp. Currently GMM is the best place for exp and you will level super fast there.

    Good luck
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  6. Geko Journeyman

    People have a perverse idea of "what the top" is ... lvl 110 is not the top .... 100kAA is not the top. The top is wearing full raid gear... The bottom is Lvl 110 with 100K AA.

    When a game is 20 years old ... if you want it to continue ... you have to redefine where people start.

    Can you imagine if we told everybody they had to start there lives back during the biblical days? Then they must progress to the lifestyle of modern era?

    No No No Johnny ... You cannot learn to drive a car ... until you have the original idea of the car .... and re-imagine the combustion engine .... only then have you "made it to the top level" and have the privilege to be with the rest of society.... driving a Ford.
  7. Nennius Augur

    Everquest has to compete with those games and their "easy mode" rubs off on folks. Also, EQ isn't perfect and all games can use some improvement. That having been said:

    "I walked uphill to school both ways. Suck it up buttercup. Stop yer whining. And, TAANSTAAFL"

    That last one is for other Heinlein fans.

    Any other cliches I could add in?
  8. Voxynn Elder

    Have people completely fallen off of the rocker ?

    They need to develop a good path to 110 ?

    They have a path. That path is easily accomplished by grping with people or fellowship vitality or boxing easily. Or in the best cases all 3 of those combined.

    Absolutely no new resources need be procured for some one who just absolutely refuses to help themselves. That's ridiculous really now.
  9. ntellect Elder

  10. ntellect Elder

    I dont know why its hard to comprehend there are no people to group with. its a problem regardless what you say. If Daybreak will fix it is another issue. Im just bringing it up. There is a reason why there are heroic characters and the TSS expansion and Hero's Journey. That needs an update. 85 is no longer high enough. Especially if you are trying to maintain new players.
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  11. Whulfgar Augur

    Not enough player's low level to mid level's is not a dev issue. Its a this game's 20 year's old, and I guess you are thee only one on all server's that has zero resources to include friends , guildies , fellowship'ers to actually help you progress "FASTER" because THATS .. the real issue here. Its not fast enough for you.

    Those all are fine as is. Especially Hero's Journey. After 20 year's I'd like to think that anyone who wants to complete that achievement SHOULD have to have a massive massive climb especially coming in as a hero'ed up toon.
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  12. Allayna Augur

    I find these threads humorous. My initial thought is always, “maybe it’s you”, perhaps you are toxic to be around. Maybe you always ask for help but never offer any in return...or plainly stated, if everyone around you is an a$$hole, perhaps you’re the a$$hole.

    Are there an abundance of people on live playing from 1-100? No. They left for TLP to live out the “glory days”.
    Are there extremely fast ways to get from 85-110. Absolutely. GMM starts at 95. The difficulty vs. reward makes it THE place to level from 95-110. So, buckle down for 10 short levels, do the PROGRESSION for the level appropriate expansion and you will level quickly and learn how to play and interact within a community that rewards effort, skill, and knowledge.
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  13. enclee Augur

    It’s true the leveling between 70-90 is pretty crap. Merc power is minimal, some major class AAs are still restricted, gear becomes more of a priority to farm but the content for the gear is designed around a full group. So, it’s a struggle to level and maintain gear up to date. Some changes they could make:

    1) Add more daily tasks and increase rewards
    2) Increase ZEM for zones 65-90
    3) Remove level restrictions on buffs
    4) Remove level restrictions from gear and create a vendor/trade skill items with no restrictions.

    This would increase the level rate and let mid range players overpower the content.
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  14. Sagarmatha Augur


    Everquest is PAINFULLY easy to level to 110 if you apply the fundamental aspect of the game's original design: building relationships and working together. Every, "whaa, this game is too difficult" post ALWAYS has more to it. It's easy to level solo/molo/single box to 110; it's shamefully easy with even a couple guildies or friends.

    I regularly play on three different servers, and can always find people to play with at most times of the day, and they're often strangers or players that want to work out a favorite alt. People with the, "I can't because" victim mentality will never succeed at Everquest.

    Sad to say, maybe Everquest is not the game for you? It's been going on for two decades because it's NOT like all of the other MMOs. Think about that.
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  15. ntellect Elder

    If I didnt like the game I wouldnt play it. You are adding nothing to this conversation that isnt already known. If you are fine with the existing levelling you are probably already max level arent you? Thus you wont understand my point that is shared by more than just me. But thank you for your comment
  16. ntellect Elder

    THIS is the type of response I am looking for. Constructive reasonably ideas the devs could consider. No where does he say not group. Make it easier. Make it faster. Just features to ease this old game levelling process which is something you logically do over time (or you should). And they have with Heroic and TSS. Another update like this is needed is my argument and it would benefit the game more than detract from it.
  17. Aurastrider Augur

    There are a lot of good suggestions in this thread and then the whole elitist crowd shows up as always and tries to disprove other peoples experience and frustrations based on their own. The fact that this topic comes up frequently and has done so for as long as I can remember does say something about the overall design of the game as a whole. Don't get me wrong I love how challenging the game can be at times and I think that is what keeps most of us engaged and coming back for more. There is a huge difference between being challenged and feeling like the task at hand is not achievable and requesting a change be made to accomplish said task.

    Even some of the most elite players in this game have made such requests regarding the final raid in TBL. At first there were requests to leave it as is to preserve the original challenge and overall feeling of accomplishment that would follow beating it without any divine intervention (developers). Once it was clear for many that it just would not be possible requests for a change came. These were requests from some of the best of the best this game has to offer. The git good crowd that likes to explain how easy it is to do xyz and yet even many of them found their impossible task in EQ after only a couple of months of trying to overcome it not the years that some posts have commented on previously.

    Now take that same frustration from one event and imagine this is how these struggling mid level players feel except they don't have discord chat to share their frustrations with others as things unfold. They might have a couple of guildies that they blow off steam to or vent in general chat but that's not the same thing as blowing off steam to others who are experiencing the same frustration as you while its happening.

    I personally don't have issues leveling or gearing but I do remember a time when I shared these frustrations that the posters of these threads share. It sucks and I have all the empathy in the world for them and so should even the most elite players who enjoy this game. These could be your potential future recruits that you so desperately need to fill your ranks. These are the players that are helping to keep the game alive and the lights on. Their pain might ultimately be your pain if enough of them say screw it and leave making this game no longer profitable. So while it might be their problem today it very well could be your problem tomorrow.
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  18. Muji Augur

    There's an easy fix that can be done to help with leveling. They could go back farther and give exp rewards to achievements for completing the zones and expansion. I think it was in RoF, or something, that all you had to do was do all the content and it got you max level. Could even do things like make people do the missions 5 times before you get another achievement. Kill tasks that you only have to kill 5 mobs need changed to kill 20 or 50 or even 100. They can give a bigger chuck of exp on completion if needed. We only get yearly content updates and the content lasts a few weeks at best to everyone who is already max. Cant even find anyone doing current content after 6 months.
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  19. Laronk Augur

    You're so obtuse, it's a dev issue because really people get stuck in the 70's when it slows down and there's no one to play with. Everquest (and other mmo's) are social games where people really do need to be playing with other people.

    I have a dumb amount of level 105-110 characters, I am going to tell you that the current leveling system is terrible if you don't box because you mostly play alone OR you go sit in FM at level 85 and leach exp while "helping" the same way your 5 yearold helps you change a tire. People who are high level already mostly powerlevel their alt/box to go skip the 1-100 set.

    Something does need to be done to improve the 1-100 game, until it happens I guess the answer is to go leach exp from the 110's that sit and do aa in FM ( but that creates the other problem that causes those 110's to be in FM in the first place because they shouldn't be in FM)

    On Emar
    Warrior 110
    Beastlord 110
    Bard 110
    Shaman 110
    zerker 110
    zerker 110
    and on FV
    shaman 105
    Cleric 110
    Paladin 110
    mage 110
    Mage 110
    Mage 105
    Enchanter 110
    druid 110
    warrior 83
    cleric 105
    mage 105
    bard 105
  20. Whulfgar Augur

    Curious.. which server your on that nobody's still farming type 18 and 19 augs for their rares or even leveling up said rares farming said rates right now please ?
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