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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by ntellect, May 24, 2019.

  1. ntellect Lorekeeper

    I'm not a veteran as I only started in 2012 but I do enjoy the game. But I feel the leveling experience needs to be overhauled. Leveling from 1 to 110 is brutal not so much because of the group nature (but that is a factor) but more so that there is barely anybody to group with. This makes leveling past level 85ish a very big chore. I'm not sure how you expect people to get to max level under those conditions. Its virtually unobtainable.

    I like the current options implemented namely heroic characters and the TSS heroes journey. But in that context what would be the harm of extending the "easy" leveling from 1 to 60 to say 1 to 95 or 100. Or make mercs stronger until level 95 or so.That would allow people to molo successfully to a reasonable level to group with max level characters. It would also allow easy to obtain armor progression to deal with the harder mobs.

    I mean I have several level 85s some heroic some normal but they are no fun to play because I cant kill.anything. I have no idea exactly what armor I should be wearing, how to get it, or where its found. Websites are old and have outdated information

    Again I get the group based nature of the game and enjoy it, but it becomes a problem for many when there is no one at your level to group and I feel you should look at options to help new people get closer to max so they can experience the full game with the rest of the players.

    What you have now presents a painful experience after having a relaxed one from 1 to 70.

    If I'm missing approaches that help people molo to the higher levels to group please share. Because as of now it's just not reasonable given the lack of grouping players at the low and mid tier levels
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  2. CatsPaws Augur

    Man this subject is like heartburn at taco bell when you use the "fire" sauce- keeps coming up
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  3. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    Could be an indication there's something to it.

    I don't know of many people who sign up to play an online game hoping there's a bottleneck in the middle where you will be alone and your progress is significantly inhibited before you can ever hope to play with other people.
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  4. CatsPaws Augur

    Yeah, your right - they all sign up expecting to be given free ride to top level like other games. :oops:
  5. ntellect Lorekeeper

    Man I just looking for a reasonable way to get to max level. I dont mind working for it or grinding, but the current group focus content when you cant get groups makes it's near impossible. And yes I know asking people in chat, forming my own groups and guilds but even with all of that its still overly time consuming.

    My best time in EQ has been 1 to 60 because the XP is reasonable and content is doable with a merc. It's not easy but a great challenge. You get used to that and then you hit a brick wall with nearly no in game way to understand options of what to do. I can chalk that up to me not researching internet sites but it doesnt take away the fact it's not fun.

    Again boost the mercs to be reasonable until 90 or 95. Give me a level 95 or 100 heroic toon (I dont like heroic but would look at this option due to the convenience).

    I WANT to group and do social things but I cant because the leveling process isnt conducive to do so at low to mid levels.
  6. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    There is no value in an empty mid-level game that makes people feel like they'll never get to a point where they can join in the "actual" game.

    Honestly, there's no value in playing levels 1-100 and grinding through tens of thousands of AAs just to be able to play with other people.

    A long level grind makes sense when you have a robust community utilizing a large amount of content over an extended period of time. It doesn't make sense in a 20 year old dying game unless you just don't care about anyone playing other than those hanging on at the top.
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  7. ntellect Lorekeeper

    This is where the arguments fall apart so let's be clear. I am not asking for a free ride. That's boring actually. I play EQ for the challenge. I want a path of progression that can help get me to a level where I can reasonably group. If you need a group to get gear to level but there is no one to group with it presents a barrier to reaching max level.

    People ask about molo option because it's a real scenario. I play on FV and yes there are people and yes there are guilds (I'm in one) but they are not always available. I shouldnt have to give up making reasonable progression because everyone is already making level. It's just a bad design.

    Hell give me challenging solo instances. Allow me to make merc gear. Something. I'm looking for options not a hand out.
  8. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Option 1) Shop around for a good family guild.
    Option 2) Meet more people to group with. Maybe, if you’re lucky and like you they’ll add you to their fellowship pool.
    Option 3) Introduce your friends or family to the game.
    Option 4) If all else fails, box?

    Hopefully 1-3 work for you, I’ve found the best part of EQ is the interaction with people.
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  9. Monkman Augur

    When I came back four years ago I had nothing. I leveled to max lvl 105 without any PLing or boxing in under 7 months. It’s not that bad... just when you log on focus 110% on accomplishing something. Even if it’s just doing a daily.. any progress is better than no progress.

    Also don’t be afraid to ask for help from higher level players... we’re often very bored and if asked will help out a lower level player. Just don’t expect me to stop what I’m doing to PL you. I want to see some effort put in. I’m not expecting much but don’t be a wet noodle soaking up xp.

    Read. Knowledge is Power. Eqresource / Allalhazam / Almars guides are all terrific resources that should not be overlooked.
  10. ntellect Lorekeeper

    I employ these options - which don't always correspond ti my play times, But still feel all those options are band aids to the underlying structural problem of low leveling. There needs to be a better catch up mechanic since there really is no point in playing the low levels other than to get to max.
  11. ntellect Lorekeeper

    Willing to do this and thought I was. But my 86 Ranger in the yard of House of Thule is getting stomped on by dark blues and it wasnt making sense. Then figured it was my gear but didnt know what I should be wearing. I'll probably just go to a different zone to get XP like you mentioned. But that's when the whole leveling needs a fix popped into my head. If leveling 85 to 95 was as fun as 1 to 60 I dont think anyone would be complaining.
  12. Tucoh Augur

  13. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I think people are missing the point where the OP is fully willing to group with people and work for rewards, but is unable to because there is no one around to group with a lot of the time.

    "I played the game solo for seven months so I could get up to the level where there are people to group with, so just do that," is an absolutely absurd statement.
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  14. Monkman Augur

    Yep you’re right. You know what, enjoy suffering to get to max level.
  15. MysticOne Elder

    I think the problem is lack of a general audio chat to meet and make your groups. Just typing LFG in a text channel doesn't work.
  16. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Augur

    This post is common for someone frustrated that the game won't conform to their playstyle or availability.

    In my guild we've had a resurgence of returning players. Which is awesome. Getting to see some familiar names in chat and hang out with old friends. I am going to cite two examples of two very different players.

    Paraphrasing above, obviously, but the sheer level of enthusiasm and interactivity from Player1 enticed people to assist and speak up on their behalf. Player2...every time they speak in chat it feels like they want/expect something just for typing in guild chat. Now, I have known both players for a while. Player 1 is much more socially skilled. Player 2 is not. But Player 2 is also not a go-getter, someone who can barely be dragged to go do progression.

    Like it or not, this is a SOCIAL game. Progressing requires the assistance from others or requires boxing. There is no way around it. Socializing is a skill. As much as playing. So get out there and socialize. I think you'll be surprised.
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  17. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    You may be in a guild but are you in a guild that gives helpful advice? And are you in a guild that actively recruits returning players? Guild support even if it is just advice helps people molo their way to the 90's then they start getting groups with the 110's on the mid to easy content. Closer to 110 the more it opens up.

    Now I am not saying you join the right type of guild and presto everything is golden. But finding the right guild makes a bit difference.

    I have seen 2 newer guild members who started from scratch with one getting to level 110 and one I think is level 107. Neither had higher level toons to help PL themselves. Each was playing a single toon. Each did it in about 2 months.

    The first researched most of his decisions on where to exp himself. The second asked for advice in guild. Once they got into the 90's they would get guild groups usually with guildies at 110 doing GMM or lower level folks still doing Gribbles.

    The fact that grouping is harder at the lower levels on the Live servers has nothing to do with bad game design. It's a 20 year old game and most of the players have been playing a long time and they are all higher level.

    If you are all access you are just doing levels from 85 up not the aa so it as is should make things not so bad.
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  18. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I am a reasonably sociable person who has no problem being the one to put together groups.

    I can't always put together groups when at times there just aren't people around.
  19. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    One of the reasons I would love to see server mergers if they ever get the technical side ironed out.
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  20. BlueberryWerewolf Augur

    I know there's a lot of hate for mergers, and some of it I do see the arguments against (other than the technical aspects which of course are valid reasons). It does seem like something could be done to help group people closer together, even if only at the sub-100 levels or something along those lines.

    But, then again, what's technically feasible?

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