@Dev's Any update on a TLP with boxing and AOCS? #BoxingLivesMatter

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Barathrum, Mar 5, 2019.

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  1. Barathrum Augur

    So?????? When will the people who enjoy boxing get a server to play and have fun on? Gotta end all the hate! Lets us have a home!!! Look Just give us a place to play and will be happy! I am not sure how LOCKJAW is doing but allowing those players to transfer too ragefire and just restart that server with AOCS and a few bells and whistles like old freeport, FV rules, half lock timers double rare spawns triple faction because double isnt ever gonna be enough (you dont sell faction pots)



    Feel like this is a better request then an event server where you can only raid with your race! With claimable rewards on other servers / tlps... Yes if you beat Plane of sky with ogres or trolls your claimable reward would be way better then if you did it with races that had clerics! I Guess lock it in classic until ever race has cleared sky GL!
  2. jeskola Augur

    Make it happen!
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  3. Typucm Elder

    Dont want to open a separate topic I'll ask here, is there any update at all on the new rules of TLP?

    Start at Luclin and Phinny 3.0 is nice, but not on 20 (TWENTY) celebrate!

    As topic starter says:


    (boxing or not me not care, but as me posting in this thread lets it be BOXING :)
  4. The Hated One Augur

    I think some of the boxers are gone...gave up on EQ or TLPs at least. Some are just finding ways to do it on the new servers...im not but im just saying. Yes...please a TLP with AoC's would be nice. I still can't see how having something that appeals to a large population of your customers could be a bad thing.
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  5. Nuttmeg Augur


    The only reasons boxing isn't banned is because exploiters tend to be good at "alternative truths." Oh no, that's my son, my roommate, my spouse... Since they can't legitimately stop the boxers while ensuring they aren't affecting multiple account households, they leave you be.

    Take a clue. Modern content is designed to be difficult for boxers and every new TLP is Truebox. Single player games are that way. -> and EQ was never designed to be one of them.
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  6. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    The answer is no.
    Quit crying.
  7. The Hated One Augur

    Totally logging in toons to take up spots on March 16th now. Ill protest in silence. Thank you for making up my mind. That will be 12 accounts, so when your whining about not getting in think of me.
  8. Risiko Augur

    You do realize there is nothing stopping you from running 12 accounts on 12 computers on one of the new TLP servers right?
    Just buy 11 extended numpads to sit by your main keyboard.

    Arrange them in logical groups, so it's easy to do what you need to do. For example, put all the numpads for your wizards/mages in one area next to each other. That way, when it's time to send in pet or nuke, you just reach over to that area and push the key on each numpad for that ability. 4 mages = 4 button mashes. Have the in-game hotbar macro do an assist main, send pet, pause a few seconds, nuke, sit down. Easy peasy.
  9. Serona Elder

    Quit crying? That's how "True-Box" came into existence, all the crying about boxers etc.
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  10. Klang Lorekeeper

    Agreed. I don't know how many have "quit", but I've certainly cancelled and just looking at the boards occasionally.

    DBG has had opportunities to comment on this formally but have chosen not to do so. TLP true-box (with AOCs) is the only option for now. And that's what we have had for the last several years.

    There is a significant vocal presence of the boards that "hate" boxing. DBG caters to that client base and although there is a presence that is requesting a TLP boxing friendly server - there hasn't been any comment or action (other than they are aware of players who disagree).

    For myself, I choose to accept that NO is the answer - so I cancelled a bunch of accounts and will spend my time and money doing something else. You can make your own conclusions :)
  11. The Hated One Augur

    I have done it Risiko and it makes absolutely zero sense to do so. Why should I revert to old mundane techniques to box when we already have the ability and capability to play on 1 computer. Why should I have 12 computers worth of utility bills, heat, and expenses to do something I could do with 2-4? That is just stupid. I dont play 12 but the wife and I would play 6 each. I have been given a warning about speaking my mind too much so I have to tone down my posts now. Its ok to bash the boxers but comments about DBG/Devs golden truebox put you in the time out box...so I can't say what I really think.
  12. Accipiter Augur

    I'm sure that's it. DBG is completely clueless about where their revenue comes from.
  13. yerm Augur

    Always an absurd statement. Box armies will net 1 krono or sub value per account per month. They can spot the falloff rate for accounts and know that the typical tlp numbers trend certain ways. They may NOT be aware of how solo/antisocial players compare to more communal players but my strong suspicion is this one is not in boxing favor - solo boxers, like solo players with single accounts, are probably also more short lived. The stable boxing subs are likely folks who raid with a guild at times.

    In contrast, they see a server like phinigel rake in tons of subs, and decide aoc and truebox clearly works. From there they have to determime whether its the aocs, the truebox, or both. Since the retention seems far better than prior tlps even after instances are normal they are going to draw the conclusion some of you do not want to hear: truebox code pushing a more social community is good for the long term health of the server. Aocs, while a huge success, are not the only success.

    Most people simply do not play single player games every month for years. If boxing causes largely solo gameplay without a social aspect, any player not supplementing it by raiding with a guild is unlikely to play their single player eq for the life (or even bulk/majority) of a tlp without unsubbed breaks.

    Then there is the second reason: boxes don't stock up on tons of pots, don't buy bags, don't buy the kronos being used so they can barter them, etc. The biggest whales are probably almost all if not entirely trueboxers.
  14. DingoJack New Member

    FWIW eq2 bans for [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] these days. I'm not certain that's not the official stance in EQ1 as well. It would seem at odds for them to be banning broadcasting in one of their mmos, and then set up a server designed for large boxing broadcasting in another one of their mmos. Unless you were going to alt tab between 12+ accounts.

    edit: I S Boxxer. The censorship would imply I'm on to something here.
  15. Serona Elder

    Either way - they've already shown with Ragefire & Lockjaw they don't care enough to police their servers.

    If that's the attitude, why bother fighting it? Give a significant portion of your player base what they want, after all, EQ would've dwindled a lot faster than it has without boxing.
  16. jeskola Augur

    I agree. Time to fight tears with tears. Mine have artisan sea salt in them.
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  17. Accipiter Augur

    That filter has been there for years.
  18. Ceffener Augur

    There is currently no server that bans boxing.
  19. DingoJack New Member

    Welcome to my point?

    To clarify, broadcasting software is tolerated on the downlow here and there perhaps. But the official policy seems to be "don't use third party software to broadcast". Some of these guys in here arguing for their Non-Truebox TLP aren't considering this fact. Sony may have sanctioned Boxxer but it's a new day with Daybreak TLPs.
  20. Risiko Augur

    That and a boat load of people on the Live servers use that program, and would quit playing EQ if they couldn't use it.
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