@Devs- Any chance for old Freeport?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Dulu, May 18, 2017.

  1. Dulu Augur

    New one is pretty bad. And since we revamped the mobs to be 'classic', can we get classic Freeport too?
  2. Samueru Journeyman

    No, this is addressed in the Progression Server FAQ:

    "Q: Which Versions of Zones Will Be On Agnarr?

    Zones that were graphically revamped (Freeport, Commonlands, Nektulos, Lavastorm, Ro) will be in their revamped form. Our progression servers have to co-exist with live servers, so we need to have the same geometry running on all of them. In cases where the geometry was the same but population changed, we will use the original populations where possible"
  3. Dulu Augur

    Yeah but new Freeport is horrible.
  4. taliefer Augur

    after seeing the return of some of the old models with the recent patch, i have second thoughts about reverting some of the old revamps.

    the new (old i guess) wolf models in particuar are just god awful bad.
  5. Sdoofbuc Augur

    I love the new Freeport. Feels like a nice big city. The old was always felt small to me.
  6. Green_Mage Augur

    I never complained about Luclin character models. I also think a lot of the zone revamp changes are overblown by classic purists. The zones are basically the same, just modernized looking. Freeport is probably the worst I have to admit. But for the most part, its not like you wont know where things are in the new zones, they are very similar to the old ones.
  7. Machentoo Augur

    You are the first person I ever remember saying that, in 10+ years of people complaining about the changes.

    Kudos for being unique!
  8. AgentofChange Augur

  9. -wycca Augur

    Get a Jade Tiger!
  10. Gigantasaur New Member

    I like the current freeport layout, Its really nice for crafters imo

    Plus the revamp was like 10 years ago, its time to adapt people
  11. Xanathol Augur

    The current Freeport is an abomination on mankind. The artist responsible should have his hands cemented to prevent ever creating something so atrocious again.
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  12. Manfred Wilmont New Member

    New freeport is amazing if you do tradeskills and take the time to learn it.
  13. Koronu187 Elder

    almost everyone on the entire planet hates the new Freeport, old Freeport was awesome one of my favorite cities and one I spent the most time in!!!!!!!!!!
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  14. Koronu187 Elder

    this 1000 times lol
  15. Catashe Augur

    I will agree on the tradeskill part but not on the layout.. I never understood the devs thought process on the actually LAYOUT on that city that makes it more or less a giant rat maze..
  16. Rhodz Augur

    Meh just a place to get things done not looking to take tours of anything.
    Either works fine.
  17. Deadshade Augur

    There where old Freeport felt like a living, bustling Harbour city where one goes to have a drink and a chat, the revamped one is a vision of hell coming out of a psychotic serial killer brain .
    No colors, everything is in s...y brown tones . Buildings are absurdly big and everything is enclosed in much too high and thick walls to emphasise the prison feeling . Streets lead to stupidly vast and empty dead ends as if the purpose was to trap every visitor forever .

    Clearly everybody I ever met hated this ultimate sin against taste and sane spirit which is the revamped FP .
    Even 10 years later it is impossible to adapt to this ugly, depressing, undead piece of hell .
    Alas, for technical considerations, we'll never get the good old FP back ...
  18. Stigmas Elder

    I think everyone agrees, all the other zone revamps are tolerable. But freeport is just terrible, and if it can be restored to its classic layout, it would really help people enjoy the new TLP.
  19. Rhodz Augur

    Well if you look at the condition of FP it does reflect what is going on in the lore.
    BTW that giant pile of crap near the bank... ever wonder what put that there?
    No horses or animals around so... ogre?
  20. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    I remember the original FP being quite flat. I mean there were elevation differences but the surfaces were mostly even. The new FP feels like it was built on sand dunes that, for whatever reason, couldn't be leveled, so they just built walls and called it a day.

    It doesn't matter a ton to me in the end, I'm a Qeynos guy myself, but it just seemed like they did a lot of goofy things in the revamp. Would have been better received if they tried to maintain the feel of the original FP despite a new look. Like the newbie area, which used to be pretty flat, now looks like a flash flood zone. When it rains you'd think the entrance to FP would flood. Actually that might make it feel more realistic...