Devs, a lil help or input plz *Rangers*

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Avory, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Savager Augur

    Seems to me like you're doing something wrong
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  2. Avory Augur

    Feel free to post a parse and help us understand whats not right?

    Remember a parse taken by someone else lowers almost everyones overall DPS a good 20-50k or so.
  3. Orienn TreeHugger

    why don't you explain?

    Id love to hear your reasoning on what I'm doing wrong.
  4. Fintank Augur

    If the ranger guide you posted in this forum a few months back is still what you're doing I can tell you some things I noticed pretty quickly that are hampering your DPS.
  5. Schadenfreude Augur

    It had less "mistakes" than the infamous one you posted on Freelance. See how easy this is?
  6. xeveq New Member

  7. Orienn TreeHugger

    well go ahead and make points to them, just saying stuff with out giving an explanation looks like trolls to me. None of you have given me things to work on other than just saying something is wrong. All the rangers in my guild didn't have one bad thing to say about it, that was an expansion ago so its to be expected I was hoping people would give positive feedback. But that's to much to ask for.

    I do link hotkeys together I have a few keys that will pop x amount of abilities or AA's. What I want to be changed has nothing to do with game commands. I just posted parses cause people were complaining about not seeing raw data so I posted some now you're complaining just to be a troll.
  8. Avory Augur

    It does get old people not criticizing others without giving almost any information. I saw your burn, it's fine but you make it sound like if others were only as up to speed as you are then they would make up near 100k dps.

    Odds are you might do more DPS but it would add 5-10k more at best. Also, and I'm just asking but do you still raid your Ranger or are you maining a tank now?
  9. gotwar Gotcharms

    Couldn't really tell you what you're doing wrong, but I can tell you your numbers are on the low side of what Rangers are capable of.

    That being said, not sure if posting parses is a good way to gain traction for your arguments. I think most folks are sympathetic about the mana issue and don't really need data to get on board with that. If your argument goes beyond that, it's best to reach out to the top members of your class in other guilds for more data so you can compile information and present a unified front. It probably won't do much, but it's the "right" way to go about things.

    Just trying to be helpful with my 2cp. Good luck!
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  10. Orienn TreeHugger

    Thanks, I'm unusually on par with the other rangers so if I'm doing something wrong we all are think we would of figured it out by now. First real positive reply! I don't get bards alot so thats lame too.
  11. Avory Augur

    I started the thread as a way to open a discussion in hopes the Devs would see it and also see the feedback from many different sources as a way to counter bias.

    I am getting a bit annoyed when I see feedback like what I quoted of you. There was a push by trolls to get parses posted and a few of us clearly pointed out that a Parse is only relative to itself. You might post a guild raid parse that someone took and your whole guild looks like it does better DPS than another guilds parse, but that's irrelevant as every parse reads differently no matter how hard we try.

    What we are trying to gauge is how Rangers perform next to others. Now you might be the rockstar of the EQ universe, but honestly you have provided a net prof of 0%, same with Fintank. The "best" Rangers thus far have not posted a single parse but are basing their claims off one liners and in Fintanks case minor insults. "I see problems with your burn" is vague and arrogant not to mention incredibly unhelpful. I'd like to see Fintanks sustained burn on some of these raids before I just toss my hands up and concede Rangers are actually top tier DPS but we just had no idea how to do it.

    Again I don't doubt there are things to learn about how to play a class, but all I see is an arrogant one liner, not prof that "you get it" and we're all just lost in the woods.

    At this point every single parse posted shows a different story about where Rangers sit. And everyone claiming "rangers are fine" have not posted a single parse or any information about the subject outside of a sideways claim that they are simple better.

    Step up your game and offer some actual information, not just coded claims of your greatness.
  12. Cicelee Augur

    I have to ask about the parses, why did you cherry pick a couple of classes (druid, enchanter, bard) and posted their class by the numbers but not the rest of them? Seems like a back handed indirect way to get some other classes lessened in DPS...
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  13. Cicelee Augur

    Another question, maybe already answered and I missed it...

    What kind of ADPS did you have in your raid group for your rangers? Not having a bard or beastlord, whereas other guilds might have them, could go a long ways to explaining why Triton rangers are averaging less DPS than other guilds rangers.

    I can say we have some rangers who are high parsers, and some who are not but are doing other things instead of DPS.
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  14. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    You would figure that someone from ROI would have something more constructive to say. Guess not.

    Go ahead and spit it out what you think he is doing wrong. If you cannot then I must assume you are a troll who is an idiot. Please prove me wrong.

    While personally appreciate the help you have given me in the past on some alts, that parse is nowhere near a auto attack parse. That looks like a parse that doesn't have much syenergy going on, though even that may not he the case.

    Over that length it looks unsupported. I would personally love to see an top tier ranger''s parse over that length on a raid hit to compare with. The data is needed because it provides context for the argument.

    Something I would be interested seeing is what spells you are casting. You can tell a lot from that as well in conjunction with a parse.

    Don't worry about the trolls. Thanks for the info.
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  15. Orienn TreeHugger

    I dunno thats just how I was asked to post it when I was doing it.

    the first parse i had a shaman bard, then the last 2 parses I had sham rogues and zerkers. But I don't get a bard often they like cycle them around since we don't have enough for all the dps groups.
  16. Puzzling Journeyman

    Maybe instead of crying about your class being "crap" when it's not, you should just cry to your guild leader(s) and get a bard.

    "Highlights" I got from this cluster%$#% of a thread:
    you have mana issues, welcome to the club.
    your dps isn't what it used to be, welcome to the club
    you feel aDPS should be = to DPS, good luck with that
    you feel druid DPS is out of control, and should have already been corrected... welcome to the club.

    Odds are, you're probably just not that good. Maybe your "competitive" guild, should find better rangers.
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  17. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Fixed your post for you.
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  18. Fintank Augur

    Sorry I was at work on my phone, I also wanted to see if anyone actually cared about what I was saying or if I'd get a bunch of hastily posted "boo you're wongs" before spending my time on it.

    So the above notes are just based off of the post here ( ) which may or may not be what you're still doing.

    1. Clickies - Any clickie you use in the middle of combat needs to be something that will out-do your lost melee/procs/spells in the cast time. Aka Anguish BP click = lost DPS. Necromatic Dragon Bone = lost DPS. Lightning Bottle of Vex = lost DPS. Ranger Epic to some extent based on what you have going = lost DPS. Get where I'm going with this? Necromatic is fast but you're losing what, 2-3 shots from your bow during the cast time? Which is an average of 90-100k if not burning for a potential crit of 50k-ish. Out of those that's the only one I would even use unless the event wasn't active yet.

    2. Spam Spells Key - Should be Anticipated > Focused > Dicho > Summer's and that's it. Only other DPS spells to cast on "regular" events would be the Blisterbeetle line and Alliance. Wildfire Boon seems great, but is less damage altogether than Summer's. I put Focused before Dicho to allow potential extra casts of it, as a bonus you might pop gift of mana without trying and get a free Dicho (YAY).

    3. Twincast Clickie - I'm honestly unsure if you can twincast the arrow portion of Dichotomic with this, I assume not since we can't with Scarlet but I've been wrong before! BUT unless you're burning you'd get more bang for your buck twincasting the Blisterbeetle DoT with a GOM proc on. 1 twincast during raids will generally net you roughly 6 million damage if you have some crit chance mods on like Auspice etc.

    4. Forceful Rejuvenation - In a perfect world where you're the first to alliance the chain should look somewhat like this: Anticipated > Focused > Dicho > Alliance > Summer's > Summer's > Focused > Forceful Rejuvenation. I like it this way because while Scarlet/Pure are on by the time you get the spells you want off you're only waiting 2-3 seconds more for that Focused to pop back up, no reason to rush the rejuv! This will also potentially get you another Alliance cast in the event you previously would not have had.

    5. Big Burn - I see you put a note next to Outrider's Accuracy saying it stacks, I assume you hit it with Pureshot but just incase, mentioning it. Third Spire ALWAYS, don't take the lazy way out. Third Spire is very valuable during the main burn and for whatever reason a lot of people downplay it and shrug their shoulders at the spires and randomly hit one. Here's the reason it's valuable:
    Increase Critical Nuke Damage by 40% of Base Damage. You guys keep on saying how we're so heavily spell damage, and yet the 1 thing we have that is awesome for spell damage, you choose not to use.

    6. Mini Burn - If you can't full burn right away in the event I would strongly advise doing Empowered Blades and Imbued Ferocity together ASAP. Getting 2 of those in an event is always wonderful, it's generally how I start out my medium length events.

    I currently have not had the opportunity to raid my ranger in EOK yet. However does that really matter? I've been sustaining 200k+ since the latter half of TBM, so any parse under 200k to me without severe event penalties or adps inadequacies requires some tweaks. I'm also not saying Rangers are the best of the best right now, I know they are not at this point. Rangers however were top tier in the past 2 expansions.
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  19. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    How exactly is he anonymous?

    Go back to the tiddlywinks thread.
  20. Orienn TreeHugger

    1. Pretty much all those clickies listed I don't use anymore.
    2. I'll have to try that and see how it works
    3. Pretty pretty sure the twincast clicky works on Dicho but I've never actually looked but I'll do that later on after I take a nap.
    4. I have a real bad habit of forgetting to use FR that I'll have to start making a point to use.
    5. Stopped using 2nd spire a while ago just done 3rd and blocked the zerker aura so I could.
    6. I was doing that for a while but then I stopped but I guess I'll do it and see how it works out.

    I don't get bards or beastlords as much as others so that's probably a big hit I'm taking.