Devs, a lil help or input plz *Rangers*

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Avory, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Thraine Augur

    I use one for my headshotting bow, a have one thats a no dmg set (shield and fire beetle eye) so when im tanking those horrible DS mobs. then i got slow set, tash set, ranged dps, dual wield set, and tanking set, ohh and a ,melee burn set.

    even tho i dont use a 2hder ever i would still like a bandolier set for when i get the OT raid hammer
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  2. Schadenfreude Augur

    Normal/Emergency use.

    Emergency tanking (Wurmslayer + shield + AC focused range or bow)
    Emergency debuff (Darkened Journeyman's Walking Stick + tash stick)
    Emergency slow (Slow weapon + Earthcaller)
    Emergency heal (2 x Lifetap or 2 x HoTT proc heal weapons or whatever mixture you have to hand)
    Max DPS with IF (your 2 best proc weapons)
    Normal melee setup (your 2 best overall weapons)
    Normal bow setup (Sympathetic proc main + proc book)
    Max hDex/turtle setup (Darkened Cone of the Mystics + shield or proc book)


    Healing bow setup (HoTT proc weapons x 2)
    Other proc weapons or procs with "issues"
    Tradeskill trophies (choose the 3 you use most often)
    Fire (and/or) Ice proc weapons [if you're doing the content that needs those]
    OT hammer [when it's fixed]
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  3. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Going to have to look into that one.
  4. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    It’s the new ALEX, available during the anniversary Seb. For when you are trying to limit a mob taking too much riposte damage and such. Worth having.
  5. Turoq Journeyman

    Apologies for just now jumping into this thread... But are you serious bro? Sounds like Triton rangers need to step their game up.

    Some current RoS for you
    T2 Event 1 - Combined: in 223s, 93874k @420960sdps --- Turoq 93874k@420960sdps (420960dps in 223s) [100%]
    T2 Event 2 - Combined: in 657s, 242347k @368869sdps --- Turoq 242347k@368869sdps (368869dps in 657s) [100%]
    T2 Event 3 - Combined: in 706s, 196518k @278354sdps --- Turoq 196518k@278354sdps (278354dps in 706s) [100%]
    Overthere - Combined: in 269s, 123104k @457637sdps --- Turoq 123104k@457637sdps (457637dps in 269s) [100%]
    Skyfire - Combined: in 344s, 108259k @314706sdps --- Turoq 108259k@314706sdps (314706dps in 344s) [100%]
    Gorowyn - Combined: in 662s, 153912k @232495sdps --- Turoq 153912k@232495sdps (232495dps in 662s) [100%]

    Granted... Our events are over in a fraction of the time most guilds are able to complete them, however if you're not hitting those benchmarks in the same timeframe, you're doing something wrong.

    There is a constant ebb and flow to this game and the same can be said about all classes. Rangers have changed/evolved, gotten buffed/nerfed, however it's all about learning to adapt and play to the best of your ability. To learn when a certain form of game-play becomes outdated and having to adopt a different play style, and to not remain obstinate. Otherwise you will not improve or remain in the upper echelon for long. The way I play changes from expansion to expansion; and not only that, but sometimes from patch to patch.

    It's easy to figure out how to play a toon, build a UI, put together some burn socials, figure out what to spam, and be capable of performing at 60-70% effectiveness. But, if you lack situational awareness and the ability to know what's called for from moment to moment, and breaking down the timing of an event to the second in order to know what's available and when(not only that, but what the abilities actually do as well); do not complain that the class is lacking in any way shape or form. There will always be calls for buffs and nerfs, because the struggle for class balance will never ultimately be achieved. Some things when introduced will function as extremely overpowered which will eventually get nerfed, while somethings introduced can be completely under-powered and not even merit use. The fun of this game, to me at least, has always been to ride that wave regardless of what it entails. Sure I have my opinions on what should be changed, but whether or not things change in my favor will not make me enjoy my character any less than I do.

    Also, you guys need to stop comparing yourselves to 'other' classes, and simply compare yourself to other rangers... There will always be something or some class that is obscenely broken and overpowered, however you need to entrust that the Dev's will take notice to the community and respond to such, however their time frame allows.

    Do we have mana issues? Yes
    However... It is only noticeable to me while under the effects of SCF(but still manageable), if you are having mana issues otherwise it's probably due to you being vastly under-geared.

    An easy fix in my opinion would be to do one of two things...
    A) Remove the double mana cost while under the effects
    B) At least allow GoM procs to function correctly while under the effects of SCF, because currently they do not.
    C) Secret third thing, both of the above $$$

    Either way, as stated above. Even if absolutely nothing changes, I will still thoroughly enjoy the class. If you are truly unhappy with the way the Ranger functions for you, feel free to re-roll.

    Because one thing Rangers don't do is cry...

    Grit your teeth...
    Climb out of the mud...
    Draw your bow...
    And blow somethings face out the back of it's !@#$ing skull!
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  6. Tarvas Redwall of Coirnav, now Drinal

    Thank you for the parses. Would you be willing to share your group make up and spell parse for those? I imagine given the guild that your in the groups know how to work with each other to maximize each other's potential and how to stay in sync for the most part to hit those benchmark. Do you use Gina triggers to make that happen?
  7. Metalghost New Member

    So I just came back to the game after 2 years and only played then for 4 to 5 months I think. Got my ranger up to lvl 76 then. Decided to go ranger over druid because I like bow and arrow type of classes. I think I made a big mistake wish i would have leveled that druid instead. Even before I read this I was going to level up a druid once I came back, and now with all the problems rangers are having now even though they have always had problems I've decided I will no longer wast my time with the class. If a druid which is a healer by their standards can out dps a ranger and can heal/CC better why even play a ranger it makes no sense. On top of that rangers damage numbers are not to much better than tanks, and by reading this whole discussion if a ranger does end up with good dps in a raid its because all the other damage classes are being used by people who really don't know how to use them effectively it looks. Druids also provide more useful buffs to the groups and raids and on top of that they can port. Though at the point in this game that's less important now. I mean somewhere on the drawing board when they first thought of what they wanted a ranger to do they really screwed up (poor project management skills) and ever since then they keep on screwing around with the class. They can't make up their mind if their main dps is supposed to come from their bow, their melee weapons or their spells. Its like the developers who are in charge of the class are schizophrenic.
    Yall might think differently but after reading this the only people in this discussion who think rangers are fine are those who even though might have one because they probably have like 9 characters, they have openly admitted they don't even main one, and dont play it every day or often like they do with their main class.
    I'm pretty sure I wont regret my decision but I do regret wasting my time leveling this class.
  8. Fintank Augur

    1. Rangers aren't having problems.
    2. Druids cannot out-dps rangers without meeting a very rare criteria.
    3. Ranger numbers are much higher than tanks.
    4. Rangers ending with good DPS simply know how to play their class, obviously you don't.
    5. Every raid wants Ranger buffs and Auspice.
    6. The pendulum swings for Rangers, it makes it a little more fun than cookie-cutter every expansion. Currently Ranged is best, spells are generally never your highest DPS attribute at least since I started playing one. They heavily influence your parse but they're never your highest DPS contribution.
    7. The opinions shared matter the same whether it's an alt or a main. Technically my Ranger is an alt if you go off the guild manager. Why does that matter when I can out do most rangers in the game?

    The decision you should regret is posting this silly reply on an old thread that was put to rest a while ago.
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  9. Metalghost New Member

    I've guess you missed the fact that I said my ranger is only lvl 75 (common sense would say I've never raided with him) and my decision was totally based on everyone's input on this form. Thanks for insulting me saying I obviously don't know how to play my class that was very mature. Not going to level my class to 105 just to see if I will like it over a druid, as well as just to bring it to buff raid people. I can do that with a druid and much more and still out dps a ranger as many have proven they do right now. Druid does what I want out of a class much better than ranger. That is only my opinion. It's alright you have selective reading while I have selective hearing but I'm half deaf from my military days. Also rangers been having this big identity problem since the game came out so this is still relavent. I'm sure sure 4 months have not been able to fix what 20 years could not for this class. Btw I never said Assorted silliness where did that come from?
  10. Metalghost New Member

    My guild did just tell me they are not near as bad as this form is making them out to be so I might go ahead and play him somemore.
  11. Sancus Augur

    I feel like you're selectively reading posts. Only a few people in this thread were making them out to be bad. Certainly at this point outside of very rare situations they aren't losing to druids DPS wise, and they have many advantages over Druids (and Druids many advantages over Rangers).

    Play what you want, but don't avoid Rangers because of some of the posts in this thread.
  12. Derka Power Ranger

    It should be noted that druid DPS was nerfed 2 weeks after this thread ended so the parses you read don't hold true anymore
  13. Thraine Augur

    lol dont hurt your bow hand by patting yourself on the back too hard buddy :D
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  14. Sheex Goodnight, Springton. There will be no encores.

    Are you by chance in the market for a bridge, friend? If so, I have just the thing.
  15. Nifty Slacker Augur

    If you really want to tank with a ranger, you could go to a TLP server and tank PoP mobs.