@Dev - Temple of Veeshan Instance is missing "Lord Vyemm" dragon

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Coirnav, May 26, 2018.

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  1. Evenstar Lorekeeper

    I'm just so thrilled that this thread exists so yet another Mabbu/Vicious backfire will be immortalized for all to see. It probably won't deter certain players from joining RI, but I sure hope it makes the majority think twice.
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The real fix tov needs is to remove the pet tanking pre debuff cheese tactics. Nothing like walking into the end game raid bosses slowed, debuffed, and 5 minutes of aggro...
  3. Dooby dooby doo Journeyman

    I don't think the pre aggro thing matters that much. You can do it on lots of rooted mobs. Usually you use an sk or paly but they specifically made these mobs summon at 100%.

    You can kite non rooted bosses like aow and debuff and build aggro. It's the same thing. They would have to change how every rooted boss works. All those luclin rooted mobs would have to get changed too.
  4. Mafiaman984 Journeyman

    RI in a nutshell. Mabbu decides who can main change and what the penalty for that person will be. No rhyme or reason. One person free of charge main swap, next person loses all their DKP because hes not a coolaid drinker. Weakest core of officers I've ever seen in a guild. They literally bow and agree with anything that comes outta his mouth. Raiding- 4-5 hours of him thinking hes superior, yelling endlessly at everyone but never holding himself and the awful officers accountable. Batphone for "races" if a single person from another guild is in the zone then doesn't give the "race" dkp.

    I have absolutely zero doubt the first time a guild challenges RI (like MiM did in sky one time and won with WAY less gear) that their "foundation" will crumble in a heartbeat. Some of their "officers" don't even sport 25% RA and come and go as they please.

    When this guild hits Velious and actually has to tank a mob in NToV he will have no clue how to do it lol.
  5. Prathun Developer

    This has been fixed internally. Thank you for letting us know!
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  6. Coirnav Augur

    You betcha!
  7. Evenstar Lorekeeper

    Hey Prathun, thanks for fixing this. Mabbu is going to need all the help he can get with keeping his guild afloat and we'd hate for the top guild (I use the term extremely loosely) on Coirnav to crumble. :)
  8. Risiko Augur

    Wasn't Mabbu banned from all DBG products for RMT practices, or was that just a bad rumor?
  9. Evenstar Lorekeeper

    Mabbu/Vicious has been banned on numerous occasions, I find it funny that Prathun and the devs are helping a guy who has been banned repeatedly for RMT. Heard he's supposed to be IP banned but uses VPNs to get around it.
  10. Raina Lorekeeper

    You guys have some serious issues. It's all well and good to hate on Mabbu but it's not like the devs are doing him a favor here. They are fixing an instance that wasn't working as intended, you know, things they should be doing. You guys need to chill on the conspiracy theories.
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  11. Febb Augur

    Ya, a NPC that is missing in a zone when it is supposed to be there has nothing to do with any player or guild. This whole hate towards this person rather borders on obsession.
  12. Evenstar Lorekeeper

    You might have a point if Mabbu didn't explicitly admit to doing this so as to help his guild out. He benefited from this bug (and others such as the pet walling) on past servers and didn't seem all bothered by it then. If he was half the manipulator he thought he was, the intelligent response would have been, "I'm doing this because it's a bug and I'd like to see it fixed since it wasn't on Agnarr" and kept his mouth shut. But his own ego won't let him so you end up with a situation of him basically admitting he is doing this to make it easier to poach players in Velious.

    It's great bugs are getting fixed, really. But there are so many more exploits in the game that are being conveniently ignored. One classic exploit that comes to mind is how his guild always death balls the golems in Fear until CT pops to make it harder on other guilds to come and kill open world. A member of his guild will grab all the golems, run em together and die. The golems don't go back to their respawn and instead sit in the field on top of each other until someone comes in and kills all three at once. You don't see him discussing THAT exploit because it's one they're happy to continue abusing.

    Mabbu only does things to benefit himself. Period.
  13. Febb Augur

    Has anyone tried splitting them apart? Ya, you'll get a few DT's in the process but it can be done. Why not kill the golems in a AoC fear instance?
  14. Dranix Augur

    Disagree, dude has turned EQ in a pyramid scheme. I applaud the community for calling it out.
  15. Mafiaman984 Journeyman

    They are openly using the taunt geometry exploit to do content currently. All a GM needs to do is sit and wait and they’ll use it.
  16. Mafiaman984 Journeyman

    They plan to use it in seb during kunark to steal mobs from crypt. So don’t be surprised when it happens to you.
  17. Febb Augur

    But this thread is about Lord Vyemm missing in ntov, which it should be in ntov and it always has been up until recently. Some how it turned into this person/guild monopolizing open world content.

    This guild/person isn't doing anything I haven't seen before from a guild trying to monopolize open world end game content. Every TLP server that I have played on has had guilds do this. If you want this open world content, beat them to it or fight fire with fire or they will just keep rolling over you. Whining about it on the forums isn't going to accomplish anything. If you don't want to fight them, stay in the AoC instances.
  18. Dranix Augur

    Eh? have you read this entire thread? No one mentioned anything about monopolizing open world content. I for one don't care at all what bat phone guilds do. Wanna zerg down targets 100 times a week? have fun I have to work. We'll compete when things are in our raid window and we have nothing better to do.

    Attempting to turn this into some casual vs. hardcore argument fallacious. The point was, Mabbu is a hypocrite and is damaging to the EQ community - that is on topic for this discussion if you follow this thread.
  19. Evenstar Lorekeeper

    Thanks for the heads up, Mafiaman. It's really quite a shame that Prathun will acknowledge a bug for a raid boss 2 expansions away and then proceed to quietly ignore all the evidence of current exploiting by Mabbu and his guild.

    Dranix hit the nail on the head, Mabbu effectively is running this game and his guild like a bad pyramid scheme to fund his RMTing. He blatantly exploits the game and has been banned repeatedly for his actions. It really is quite baffling how the current iteration of DBG turns a blind eye to this behavior and in some cases appears to reward it. I'm not sure if it's because they simply don't have the staffing to monitor guilds for exploiting like they used to or they just don't care.
  20. Prathun Developer

    My degree is in Computer Science, not Criminology.
    My role on the team is a Developer, not Law Enforcement.

    If you believe that you're witnessing someone exploiting, please petition.
    If you are aware of an in-game exploit, please PM a developer privately with detailed reproduction steps.
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