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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lasii-Rathe, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Biltene Elder

    Agreed. It almost seems like the original stats were intended. Looking at the Artisan's Prize as a template, if they want to make a significant time sink reward much better than current gear due to the investment required, I think that would be fine. I know it would get me to finally finish the final tier of Slayer....probably.
  2. Imak Augur

    The only plausible explanation, then, is that these mobs good at hiding are good because they are flagged as untrackable. Please confirm.
  3. Imak Augur

    The charm sitting at 9k HPs was an obvious bug and everyone with any sense at all fully expected the stats to be corrected eventually.

    Still, currently, the charm doesn't reach the Unmodified Max stats even with the charm requirements fulfilled. Something isn't quite right with Charm Effect: CHRMKillPlayerRaces.

  4. Jaylin Augur

    My only thought then is they arent trackable and are Enhanced SoS. Must be a few rogues in the zone. We tracked nothing left in the zone but fippy. We checked every building as well and were 1 scalp short. Didnt load up that short duration see invis thing, because i didnt want to spend 3 hours there waiting on refreshes of it. That or there is a scripting error that makes them not actually spawn.... Half my guild had enough, while the rest had to carry the items over into a new instance to turn them in.
  5. Imak Augur

    I tried using Eyes of Winter Hawk -- to see SoS -- and still nothing.
  6. Nniki Augur

    We did it in probably 20-25 minutes and received all the drops first try.

    Here are the NPCs I have in my logs. I may have missed one or two NPCs as I split up from my group at one point (I don't remember if they killed anything away from me).
    • Guard Beren
    • Guard Corshin
    • Bruno Barstomper
    • Guard Kwint
    • Guard Wenbie
    • Lieutenant Arathur
    • Guard Calik
    • Guard Relam
    • Dun
    • Guard Naret
    • Guard Phaeton
    • Guard Forbly
    • Klieb Torne (low hp, in pub)
    • Micc Koter (low hp, in pub)
    • Fish Ranamer
    • Soulbinder Novalu
    • Yestras Pet (respawns if killed - don't remember if dropped anything)
    • Eracon Krengon
    • Yestura Rhamrey
    • Gahlith Wrannstad
    • Esdia Moeba
    • Kendall Copperhold
    • Sorn Copperhold
    • Guard Dunix (I think this guy showed up inside bank?)
    • Tabure Ahendle
    • Guard Recruit (arena?)
    • Guard Recruit (arena?)
    • Sollari Bekines
    • Joffrey Clay
    • Lysric Loresinger
    Our path was the pub next to the docks, I ran to bank area while my group stopped by the market area in front of the inn, we realized we left the guy in the pub (had 2 others in there), then went back to the bank area... grabbed caster guilds and pulled to soulbinder, went inside the bank, realized we missed the arena lady, and finished with the bard guild.

    Note: Did it yesterday, so details are already a bit fuzzy. =P
  7. svann Augur

    Are you saying mobs can hide from Track? Because we had ranger track the entire zone.
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  8. Metanis Augur

    We had bard track and killed every mob in zone except for Fippy himself and got exactly 1/2 the drops we needed. Got a ton of drops the next attempt.
  9. Rolaque Augur

    I tried evacing, and would find a couple of mobs that had not been trackable before evac. This is not a distance thing, it's being 'well-hidden' and yet not showing up on tracking.
  10. Raccoo Augur

    I added two more that I killed, and I only found 8 scalps and 17 teeth.
  11. Nightops Augur

    Can anyone confirm the 2 guard recruits spawn based off of hps % (or time) from the yellow-con guy in the arena area?

    1st run -- 1 tooth short
    2nd run -- 1 scalp & 1 tooth short (I dont remember killing the guard recruits)
    3rd run -- short but not sure on the official count.
    I have only ran this 3 times, but I don't recall them spawning on our 2nd run.

    Please boost the stats on the charm reward. Why would anyone want to put in their gametime on a limited anniversary event reward for less then current content group gear is beyond me.
  12. Frogbert New Member

    Just out of curiosity, did you go back and review the sub-tabs? There were some optional slayer achievements added later (CotF, I believe it was . . . maybe more later, not in game at present). Based on your completion date I wonder if maybe you have some optional ones left to do?
  13. Koryu Augur

    • Lieutenant Arathur is a Paladin, he will use Lay on Hands during the fight. He also blocks, parries, and ripostes all normal melee attacks. You'll need DoTs, nukes, and special attacks to hurt him.
    • The guards have enormous assist ranges.
    • Tabure Ahendle summons a pair of Guard Recruits, and casts Ahendle Guard (1: Absorb Melee Damage: 100000%, Max Per Hit: 10000). Since she is fought in the arena area, be careful not to use AE abilities, they will hit your group as well.
    • Esdia Moeba is an Enchanter that casts Chaotic Bewildering and Slavemaster's Control (a mez and a charm, what fun :rolleyes:).
    • Yestura Rhamrey is a Magician that casts Flamestrike, Shock of Darksteel, and Spear of Molten Shieldstone. She summons an elemental pet that continuously respawns until Yestura is dead.
    • Gahlith Wrannstad is a Wizard that casts Ice Comet (lol), Plasmalure, and Wildether Barrage.
    • All of the guildmasters that the task calls out by name to kill are perma-rooted.

    I counted killing 30 mobs to clear the zone (2 of which were Guard Recruits, 2 were Yestura's Pets). Nothing but Fippy showed on Track, yet I came up short for loot. This was yesterday, I have not had reason to re-perform the task since the Charm reward got nerfed such that it doesn't even reach 100% stats.
  14. Imak Augur

    There has been no player-race achievements added beyond the initial release of Slayers. And yes, its all complete, including all the optional stuff and models added with CoTF.

    At this point I assume the script is either a.) bent, or b.) based on player-race kill counts that are unrelated to slayer achs.
  15. Cyvster New Member

    I just ran it again and had the same outcome. I got approximately half the required turn-in items, so now after running it twice I have 13 scalps and 30 teeth.

    As I was clearing the zone of remaining NPCs I did notice that many of the guards disappeared from track. Once I got close to them they reappeared, so there is an issue with tracking NPCs in the zone.

    Clearing the 6 or so remaining guards ended up being pointless. None of them dropped any quest items for me :(
  16. Bigstomp Augur

    Or just broken making it, like most charms in EOK less than TBM charms.
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  17. Orbital101 Augur

    Unless there a trick outside killing for drops this is not working properly. They seem to think it is but its not!
  18. Frogmancer Augur

    The problem might be that some of the mobs appear to despawn if you get too far outside of the town area. When I was looking for the mobs I needed to kill, I ran out over the ocean, and the two remaining guards suddenly dropped off track. I ran around the entire zone, and they did not reappear.
  19. svann Augur

    I asked a couple times if he meant that they are able to hide from track and got no answer. I guess we have to assume they do. Next time I do that mission ill try using my bard ae shout that goes thru walls. That always makes the mobs come running. ;)
  20. Orbital101 Augur

    I went in every buildings remapping the zone inside the instance because there is a lot of lines where there is no walls. I would have guess to see anything else up while doing it.

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