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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lasii-Rathe, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. Lasii-Rathe New Member

    Will this item remain as is? Because if I'll gladly swap out my raid charm for it, just want a confirm.
  2. Orienn Augur

    It's not even worth swapping it out im literally 4 achievs from maxing out my slayer and its not even an upgrade to Desire from TBM, I checked it on all my toons I got it on none of them are upgrades. It's getting banked for now until they fix it if not ill tribute it, not even an upgrade on a toon with out a raid charm sadly. :mad:
  3. Imak Augur

    After today's "fix", its become a sidegrade from EoK T2 group charms.

    Actually, after today's fix the charm doesn't scale properly. Even with Slayer Achs 100% complete, the charm no longer even reaches the "Unmodified" stats. Falls short by a few AC and about a hundred HPs. Whatever stealth fix they threw at it today is broken.
  4. Orienn Augur

    What was worse was doing the quest 3x because the mission drops don't even count up right and found out after I turned them in that I should of just kept them to continue the next mission for the completion gg deybreak games gg
  5. Maedhros Augur

    Pre-fix (last nite when it first went live) I was seeing 350ac 9500ish hp mana end, that is far too high.
    That being said, what it was reduced to is an incredibly weak piece of junk that makes it pretty much unusable to any raiders and questionable if many groupers will even be able to make use of it. If the charms from EOK didnt have some of the craziest weird modifier requirements, like being in the zone for a long time or completing hunter ach for the entire EOK expansion, I would be surprised if many alts would even use the Blackburrow Trinket.

    All in all, 95% or better of the group and raid charms, and now anniversary charms that have come out since TBM have been ridiculous.
    I dont think anyone really wants a silly requirement on their charms to attain max stats.
    Something difficult or time consuming that yields a great reward is fine, thats what makes EQ great... some of those charms though.... ugh.
  6. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    The next charm is going to require real life interaction. Gotta stand one one foot, rub your head, rub your belly and try not to fart in order to max stats on it!
  7. Kahlev Al-Calen Augur

    Hijacking the thread for a second... Do you need to be level 105 to get the charm? Or is EoK unlock required for it on progression servers?

    Was running it on Fippy and even though i was able to finish the quest, the commander didn't take the turn in at the end. It would be silly to allow players to run the quest but not give them access to the reward at the end.
  8. MrMajestykx Augur

    ya ll couldnt have thought it was gonna stay at 350 ac and 9k hp, thats just unrealistic and it screamed nerf me please!!!
  9. Smokezz Augur

    You must not have seen the ninja nerf after the server shutdown to fix the Heroic characters.

    Totally expected change to it, though it's now underpowered considering the work needed to make it good.
  10. smash Augur

    Now it is of no use, even for alts, easier to get the tsaph one which also got the port thing.
  11. svann Augur

    In every thread someone has to come in and try this strawman.

    No one thought it was going to stay as it was and you would know that if you read the thread you replied to.
    We thought it would be reduced to something that was still an upgrade to the group charms that most everyone already has.
  12. Biltene Elder

    Exactly. I think charms would work better if they were opposite from how they are now. Instead of penalizing you for not having the conditions met, have the base stats be equal to the same tier of gear, and then a bonus for meeting the requirements. This way it would actually be fun to have different silly things give you a boost.

    Imagine having a zone like Kithicor, where the undead come out at night, and you have a charm that gives a boost only at night, I'm sure every Paladin would love something like that. And you could do that for any number of conditions and tailor the game to it, to an extent. Less punishing, more boosting!
  13. Coronay Augur

    I love that idea. They could do so much with that!
  14. Orienn Augur

    ya because having an item to show off your wonderful cheezment hunt that slayer is, wouldn't of been so bad to go along with that, I feel the kid on christmas who was told he was gonna get a robocop toy and instead got mr roboto!
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    It is a group based charm, from an EASY group based event, So yes, not an upgrade for raiders.

    It looks like global scripts had not made it to live until the extra update, I fixed the bug where it could get to a large chunk over 100% last week before the patch as a Test player informed me of the bug. So the fix was not really "stealth."

    The charm is required 105. Additionally, progressions servers will not get the task until EoK unlocks and the Anniversary events are running.

    And as I have said in another thread. There are ALWAYS enough drops... so... the NPC's are doing a very good job of avoiding you. I'll consider adding more drops so there are spares, but it won't prevent the mobs from being good at hiding.
  16. Cyvster New Member

    Could you please double check this. Maybe it is an issue of the required number of items for the turn-in and not the number of drops. The quest required 10/20 from me, but I only got 6/11 from killing everything in the zone. There was nothing showing on my Druid with track maxed at 175.

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  17. Xanathol Augur

    No, there are not. Have completely cleared the zone of all mobs and came out 15/20, 8/10.
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  18. Shirrkarn New Member

    Have also had insufficient drops to complete mission. Gone through it 5 times now and only once did I get all drops needed. Only mob left in zone was Fippy on all occasions.
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  19. Vdidar Augur

    So I'm not familiar with this but what I've gathered is this charm relies on slayer to be max potential? It's not an upgraded to even current charms but the time sink to max it's potential is massive? If this is correct it would appear to be another huge swing and a miss imo. I guess at least they tried to make slayer worth something.
  20. Gialana Augur

    Is it possible there's a bug with not all items appearing in the advanced loot window? Or have people tried manually looting the corpses?

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