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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Finchy, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Finchy Augur

    Man...the dev activity in the beta forums is pretty crazy. pretty sure in the last 24 hours they have made more posts than the last year in the TLP forums.

    I wonder if a new expansion drop generates more revenue than TLP servers do if looking at 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year....interesting.
  2. Aziuno Augur

    It's their project and has a deadline.
    I think their activity is more based on a successful launch and less based off cash flow.
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  3. Finchy Augur

    they produce content for cash flow, because they are a business and a business is to make money. I'm aware it's to make a successful launch, that wasn't to focus point here.
  4. Machentoo Augur

    It takes lots of dev work to launch a new expansion. It only takes a little dev work to make lots of money on the TLP's. No correlation necessarily...
  5. Finchy Augur

    Not saying that isn't correct, or may be it is....If there was more dev support fixing issues and making adjustments to the era the TLPs are playing in, it would generate more revenue.

    1 of the age old questions has been done live or TLPs bring in more revenue. I'd say judging by the support a new expac launch gets from devs, it's pretty clear to the answer. But again, who knows.
  6. Aziuno Augur

    All of the people who have quit from my guild quit for Family or Real life issues.
    I don't think fixing issues or making adjustments to era would modify income at all, just make the customer base happier or cry for additional changes/improvements.

    Edit: Just because someone is happier doesn't mean they will spend more cash.
  7. Finchy Augur

    Possibly! This was just more a food for thought kind of post. I know quite a few that have left from game related and those for non-game related.
  8. Kolani Augur

    Especially when you consider that the expansion that the TLP servers launched during was one of the least successful, buggiest and worst received recent expansions, The Broken Mirror. Priorities were almost certainly misdirected toward the TLP servers during that expansion cycle, and the limited content suffered for it. You can't blame them for not wanting to repeat that mistake.
  9. Rhodz Augur

    Actually sad people do absolutely spend more money, they just don't spend it on things that made them feel sad.
    Happy people spend less money overall but spend more on what makes them happy.
    Angry people will actually spend money to hurt what made them angry.

    Now which group do you want YOUR customers to fall under?
    You do not want to be the one that made your own customers sad or angry.
    Frankly anyone with half a brain wants to make them happy, who cares if they spend less on somebody else's crap?
    Google it, interesting subject.
  10. Aegir Augur

    Aziuno is right.

    IMO I think dev participation on TLP forums has gone up lately. Back in the start of these new generation TLP, dev activity was mostly moderating threads and closing them.

    A lot of questions been asked currently are already answered. They could make a more in depth FAQ about each expansion on TLP (Are epic quests 1.0 npc's spawntimers going to be changed in near future? No. ) Etc.
  11. Siddar Augur

    New content needs more dev work then old content. Believe it or not the current area content that a TLP server in on received just as much attention when that expansion was in beta before going live.
  12. Machentoo Augur

    Actually, considerably more since the dev team was much larger back then and they didn't have TLP's to distract them!
  13. Rhodz Augur

    The tech and marketing people in development are focused on the launch, the people they work for and BTW almost certainly set the devs general priorities and projects do indeed concern themselves with cash flow.

    Also like to ask a question concerning all those people that quit for IRL reasons and as such game changes could not have saved, perhaps if those folks had not had to deal with hours and days of needless crap on top of needless time sinks an issue with their family or other IRL obligations would not have occurred?
  14. MaxTheLion Augur

    Correlation does not imply causality. If playing the game was causing issues in their real life, it's called an addiction and they have bigger issues to deal with.
  15. AgentofChange Augur

    Please, we're all a bunch of losers who would play on these servers regardless of how they're maintained.
  16. Machentoo Augur

    Fixed it for you.
  17. p2aa Augur

    Of course live servers are generating more revenues than TLP.
    First, the total of live server paying customer population combined is higher than the TLP one. I repeat you need to take into account the whole live server combined population who is divided into much more servers than the TLP crowd. This is why people logging into only one live server player, and draw conclusion that your TLP server has more players is stupid.
    It's magnified by the fact that the TLP population is made of mostly of TLP players that play only on there, but also some live players that are done on the former live expansion and wait for the next one to launch.
    The contrary is not true. TLP players stay on TLP and don't go play on Live from time to time.
    Secondly, stop reading the few TLP players that say live servers are made of free to play players mostly, or that don't buy stuff in the marketplace. Live players buy stuff in the marketplace too and it's not that because you need a gold account to play on TLP that live server players don't have gold accounts too.
    Lastly, why it's only TLP people that worry about who generate the biggest cash and feel they deserve more attention than others. Live players don't give a rat on it, this kind of stuff only happens on TLP board. What matters is DBG get money, and can go on running EQ, and players choose to play on the server they prefer. Don't forget that you can enjoy all these TLP servers because there has been a constant cash from loyal live server players that play for years. Some TLP cash has been used to make new live expansion too, but it's a fair return. It's not a competition "TLP versus Live".
  18. snailish Augur

    I mostly play on TLP, but occasionally login to a few different live servers. You can find posts from live-only players upset about attention given to progression. EQ is EQ, all of it getting attention is good.

    F2P consists of those dabbling far enough back that they don't (or seldom) need to pay for anything, and those that arguably end up spending more overall than if they had just stayed gold subbed all along. The hope from the business side of it is that the dabbler gets hooked and amps up their purchasing.

    Most live servers have very healthy prime-time populations that is hidden in instances, mostly within long-established guilds. It will be interesting to see what happens once the Fippy/Vulak merger code is worked out (presently has bugs) and if more servers get merged.

    TLP has to be a big $ maker vs. the time spent on it, despite the changes and fixes along the way. It's existing content (moreso with each TLP down the line that is launched as the work has already been done).

    New expacs make $ or there wouldn't have been any for several years.
  19. Rhodz Augur

    Correlation is the most logical indicator of causality one can pursue. Discounting causality because of correlation are we? Oh now that does sound like DBG...

    Meh perhaps, find myself less and less happy about those charges every month given what I seem to be getting for it not to mention the yearly xpak fleecing coming up.
    There is a breaking point for any reasonable person.
  20. Rhodz Augur

    Yes the xpacs make money heck I know people that buy more than six copies every year though I think I have added one on one account in 4 years. Just seems all too contrived and corporate at this point.

    I have exactly one TLP I am interested in that may flag as I look at it ask why go though it again? Isnt three times enough to know? I think so and AG is the last, no matter being a "dead end" what is past it is just a comedy of errors with one bad decision plied on the next in attempt to fix the last. Heh no thanks if I need a dose of that FV is right there.