Fixed Internally Desktop Windowed mode position issue

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Korwiin, May 15, 2024.

  1. Keldin New Member

    Those are my exact measurements.
    I second his request. You're about to wreck my UI, so I'm not logging on main until my trader remembers its window positions.

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  2. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    I get that we need update the UI, but why roll out a patch when we it is tested and reported as broken beforehand? Every patch is an exercise in frustration with this UI and graphics. No windows borderless after using it for years is very obnoxious.
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  3. bobokatt Augur

    Just to be clear as well, even if you have the setting of "SNAP TO" as an option in WINDOWS 10 (7 as well but called something else) it still wont be completely borderless. For some folks, if that option in Windows 10 is ON as it's checked, it will automatically pull your window back down even after you dragged it up.
    Again, before the patch it was beatiful, no borders at all just the task bar below. How it's been glorious for years. Anyhow just wanted to make sure folks have at least that windows option turned off to be able to set your game window without it auto getting snapped back.
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  4. Zeelot Elder

    I wrote a script for AutoHotkey v1.1 that can be used to temporarily circumvent this issue. If you use this, you may need to adjust some of the values depending on your setup.

    Pressing "Alt W" will resize the currently active window.

    SendMode Input
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    ; Hotkey to set the window position and size (Alt + W)
        ; Get the active window handle
        WinGetActiveTitle, activeTitle
        WinGet, hwnd, ID, A
        ; Set the new position and size
        newX := -8                                ; Change this value if you need to adjust X position of window  (i.e. change -8 to another vlaue)
        newY := -36                              ; Change this value if you need to adjust Y position of window (i.e. change -36 to another value)
        newWidth := A_ScreenWidth + 17            ;  Change this value if you need to adjust width of window (i.e. change + 17 to another vlaue)
        newHeight := A_ScreenHeight
        ; Move and resize the window
        WinMove, ahk_id %hwnd%, , %newX%, %newY%, %newWidth%, %newHeight%
            Sleep, 200
        newHeight := A_ScreenHeight + 43        ;  Change this value if you need to adjust height of window (i.e. change + 45 to another vlaue)
      WinMove, ahk_id %hwnd%, , %newX%, %newY%, %newWidth%, %newHeight%
  5. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    Unfamiliar with the program, can you explain how to use this?
  6. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    Got the program and made a script. Alt + W doesnt do anything. ANy tips? I might just miss my raid tonight if I cant find a work around. No way I can look at a windows taskbar and windows border all the time.
  7. Zeelot Elder

    (1) First download Autohotkey v1.1 here:
    (2) Then install it.

    (3) Then you need to create a new script (right click on desktop etc. create new autohotkey script) then name it. Mine is called WindowPosition.ahk. (I uploaded a copy here if you want to download it:
    If you aren't comfortable downloading it, then simply paste the text from my post above into the script you just created using Notepad++ or notepad etc.

    (4) Once you run WindowPosition.ahk, it should appear in your windows system tray.

    (5) If it's in your tray, then pressing Alt + W should resize the active window as long as EQ is currently your active window.

    ****Note: If it isn't working for you after the steps above, you should ensure that you are running the script as administrator.

    I am using this on 3 different PCs all with different resolutions, so it should work for everyone.
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  8. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    Ok, my problem was that I wasn't running as admin. It works! You are my hero. 1 extra program to keep this game running in an tolerable manner smh. Seriously, thanks for sharing thou.
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  9. Shalom Quillmane Bane

    I've been playing with this for 6 hours now on and off and nothing I have tried is working "flawlessly". I've tried 3rd party programs, scripts, .ini editing, turning Windows snapping off etc

    The worst part about this issue is they are seeing this as a fullscreen mode "fix". The second worst thing is even if they DO acknowledge this as a bug we won't see it fixed until the next patch which is way after the new TLP release.

    I remember dealing with this MANY years ago and then one day it was just fixed. I was SO happy, I never thought it would be fixed I figured it would be something I just had to fiddle with every session. But here we are again, broken - I literally want to scream.
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  10. Zeelot Elder

    The fix I posted using autohotkey is probably the closest to a flawless fix I could come up with.

    I've rewritten it a bit over the past hour or so to resize all EQ windows after pressing Alt + W so it doesn't need to be pressed over and over for each individual window. This will be more useful for boxers who run multiple instances of EQ:

    SendMode Input
    SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%
    ; Initialize list of resized windows
    resizedWindows := []
    GoSub ResizeEverquestWindows
        ; Get a list of all windows
        WinGet, id, list,,, Program Manager
        newWindowsFound := false
        Loop, %id%
            hwnd := id%A_Index%
            WinGetTitle, title, ahk_id %hwnd%
            ; Check if the window title contains 'EverQuest'
            if InStr(title, "EverQuest")
                ; Ensure we only process each window once
                if (!resizedWindows.HasKey(hwnd))
                    newWindowsFound := true
                    ; Set new position and size
                    newX := -8
                    newY := -36
                    newWidth := A_ScreenWidth + 17
                    newHeight := A_ScreenHeight
                    ; Move and resize the window
                    WinMove, ahk_id %hwnd%, , %newX%, %newY%, %newWidth%, %newHeight%
                    Sleep, 200 ; Brief pause
                    newHeight := A_ScreenHeight + 43
                    WinMove, ahk_id %hwnd%, , %newX%, %newY%, %newWidth%, %newHeight%
                    ; Add to resized windows list
                    resizedWindows[hwnd] := true
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  11. Snoogadooch Lorekeeper

    I hear you friend. Almost walked away. Ill prob get flagged for some EULA violation with all the programs I need to make the game function decently.
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  12. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    Probably because there's only a handful of us that still use vanilla client and not [programs that will not be mentioned].
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  13. aiha Saryrn [Bertox]

    This works great, much appreciated!

    Took about 30 minutes of trial and error to figure out what I was doing, and then to get the values just right. My normal setup is 2560x1420 with just a smidge of titlebar visible at the top and room for taskbar at the bottom.

    After figuring out that the resized value was persistent in eqclient.ini, I could adjust the A_ScreenWidth and A_ScreenHeight values so that it was pixel perfect back to 2560x1420. This might help someone else who prefers a custom resolution with a pseudo borderless presentation:

    newX := -8
    newY := -26
    newWidth := A_ScreenWidth + 16
    newHeight := A_ScreenHeight + 19
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  14. xcitng Augur

    please fix this ;(
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  15. Plane New Member

    I used to be able to sink the title bar above the visible area. After patch I'm unable to. Not sure what changed but it's goofy now.
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  16. Scila Augur

    One comp worked fine to get fs to work ... then I windowed out on the trader and back ... what a mess. Somehow it doesn't "remember" what it was before when you go back to fs.

    As to the other comp ... that was a whole nuther nightmare. It didn't go into fs initially and after trying to edit the .ini and nothing working ended up getting a new client completely and copying settings. I haven't windowed out to see if it messes up the settings half afraid to after what the other one did. What I did notice is (and this is an old "bug") the initial screen b4 you get to the server select is tiny and in the corner. Once that clears, everything is normal and works as intended. Somewhere over the various patches, that disappeared.
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  17. Gindainy New Member

    Having this issue as well.
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  18. Zeelot Elder

    This issue should really be hotfixed and not left to rot for an entire month. It's a serious issue and we shouldn't need to use 3rd party programs to make the game playable in windowed mode.
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  19. Brohan07 Journeyman

    Absolutely amazing. Thank you for this — works on windows 7 and 10, low res and up to my 4K perfectly and on multiple toons if boxing.
    Took a bit to lock down my numbers.
    We should not need to use workarounds like this if it gets fixed, but for now, thank you so much !!!
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  20. Zeelot Elder

    Glad it helps!

    There is definitely something weird going on with the windowed mode because I had to write this script in a way to adjust window size twice in order for the changes to stay and not reset on alt tab. Normally it should be fine to just set the window position, but doing it that way the EQ window resets to the terrible original position every time I alt tab back to that window. If window size is adjusted twice the way I did it, then the position of the window will stay. Not sure what the cause is for this.
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