Design a solo mission for each class

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Evye, Jan 14, 2021.

  1. Evye Augur

    How else are rangers supposed to get exp?
  2. Mazame Augur

    No thank you.

    Rather then putting time into 16 different missions that each toon can only do 1 of the 16. I would much rather have 16 missions that any class can do and adds more content to the game.
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  3. minimind The Village Idiot

    Pseudo follow-up on my own post. I mentioned how well the Epic quests (and Epic Request/Retelling) for berserkers are great at instructing a berserker how to a be a good berserker. What I didn't mention is that the root lore of the berserker is fully carried through it all as well. An Epic Request actually ties it up in a neat little bow and has some really cool mechanics in the process.

    With that in mind, I decided to do the Epic Request/Retelling for my shaman and I have to say that I'm even more grateful for the treatment that berserkers got in that quest. I plan to do the other Epic Retellings as well and I'll be surprised if any are better than the zerk one.
  4. KrakenReality Augur

    Enchanters and Bards could just be a version of the Mearatas raid. It really makes use of wide range of abilities.
  5. Veteran_BetaTester Augur

  6. CrazyLarth Augur

    various aura of different color each class steps in to an Aura that Aura allows that class one ability to work. Various stages would happen to use different Class ability's over time some a few Ability/Auras might work later only a Single ability/Aura would win. kind of like group
    The Arena Master's Challenge

  7. Vumad Augur

    The issue with 1 mission for everyone is the tuning. Zerkers have huge DPS but limited ways to pull, ENC have tons of ways to pull but much less DPS.

    My idea (posted earlier) was 1 mission with 16 different tunings. Tank missions hit harder. ENC missions mobs have lower HP. Mobs in the wizard version are snarable but not in the SK version. Classes that can pull well use less of the zone with tighter mob spacing and classes that don't pull well use a larger area with looser spacing. DPS class mobs have lots of HP but don't hit as hard as the tank version mobs.

    HOWEVER, i have also suggested zone wide buffs before to simply make "easy" and "hard" version of raids. So instead of changing the mobs, they could change the zone wide buff. So ENC, DRU and SHM get a DPS buff, Zerkers and rangers get a HP buff.

    2 ways to accomplish the same thing, the second might be less work, but the first would make for a better experience.
  8. Issk Journeyman

    The quest would need text about the mage having an upset stomach and a need to relive themselves by disgorging rods in a predetermined pattern...
  9. Mazame Augur

    I understand what you are asking for. It been done in other games. WoW has an testing mission that test your skills as a tank / healer / DPS. the reason for it is the better you do the higher your rank and when joining random groups with their LFG you know the person skill level because they had to be X rank to join X group.

    Diablo 3 had class mission that put you in your own instance that required you to use your class to it max to be able to win.

    So yes I know what your asking for and I would prefer to not see it. EQ did try it to a point with the "epic retelling quests" But they became more of a checklist thing and were not very enjoyable.

    EQ had been a game about taking different classes and grouping up. what makes EQ great is not the graphics or the quest but more so the people and the interaction you have with others. Raids bring a number of people together and events like mearatas brought the servers together in a number of ways. Group missions do the same on a smaller scale. To me this is what great about a MMO.

    If i wanted to solo I would play other games. The last thing I want is them to spend time on content that you can only see with one toon and causes people to go play by them self. I would much rather that same time be spent on add more group missions or Raid events.
  10. Vizier Augur

    I know this is about creating a new mission but, Fight Fire is alreaddy a great solo enc mission. You got huge piles of mobs to split / mez / whatever but there are certain ways to breaks it solo each time if you know all your skills.
  11. Vumad Augur

    I was thinking of it as a replacement for the franklin teak dailies. A once a day thing a person could do for XP while looking for a group. Not a substitute for grouping. Especially valuable as content ages and new/returning players have a hard time LFG due to level gaps and AEs being in most areas now that kill them.
  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Wizzy epic retelling is best, we get to burn the new Freeport.

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