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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by AgentofChange, May 24, 2017.

  1. AgentofChange Augur

    Been getting denied entry to Nektolus, Felwithe, West Freeport, Commonlands etc. Please figure out a way to ensure this cannot happen, ever.
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  2. Pherix New Member

    Agreed. I just don't get how such an old (but great) game cannot have a decent server launch.
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  3. Aurastrider Augur

    Its funny I got that same error message last night from my wife and I am still trying to figure out after all these years how to keep it from happening :D
  4. Stigmas Elder

    18 years of code compounded on top of code perhaps? Do you try to start up a car that has been used for 18 years and become shocked when it wont turn on the first time?
  5. Pherix New Member

    I cannot deny your comparing apples to tanks logic. I sincerely hope you do not work in the mechanic or computer programming fields.
  6. Ghalea New Member

    I just kept trying until it let me into a zone. Maybe 5 tries.
  7. Stigmas Elder

    I do work in programing and it is an apt analogy. Old programing like this is generally not meant for modern OS and internet connection.
  8. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is related to the load tonight. We are working on it.
  9. Philss Journeyman

    cannot change zone in nek
  10. Ebon Elder

  11. NeonTribez Journeyman

    West Freeport to commonlands. I thought they had pick zones. how come this is not working?
  12. Arluin New Member

    Same problem all over, can we not pickzone?
  13. Healbro Elder

    Friend of mine never played EQ before. Convinced him to try Agnarr with me. He rolled an ogre sham and tried to help him get it to freeport to grp with my char. Four times in a row we were denied entry into nro after successfully crossing sro dodging hill giants and sh** and it kicked us back to innothule zoneline each time. He eventually gave up out of frustration and probably won't give it another chance.

    Could this launch have gone much worse?
  14. Mad_Mikey Elder

    I'm not sure a lot of newer folks know about /pick yet. For a good chunk of the evening base Comms had 150+ while picks 1 and 2 were between 30 and 50 each.
  15. Derd Augur

    You didn't know that the servers would be hammer and zoning and all that would be hard? I hope when you try to teach him to drive you don't go to the racetrack.
  16. Leftharted Elder

    I know, right?

    And trust me, rebooting/restarting DOESN'T help 8P
  17. Groans Augur

    For some reason this post title reminds me of my ex wife, i just can't remember why......

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