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  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I've never been clear on the spawn mechanics/rules for the 5 mini aug events in Demiplane. It seems to me like they spawn individually based on random mob kills. However there seems to be some hidden rules as to which mobs spawn and when. These events are:

    • Maggotmiser
    • Ur-Gorloch
    • Swirling Bloodspirit
    • Madrillah the Ancient
    • Legionnaire Silkbinder

    Are aug minis died to T1 or T2 event lockouts? I know for a fact Maggotmiser isn't, as I've seen him spawn without any T1 events down.

    Do they spawn from any mob in the zone's death or are there specific mobs that can trigger it like Zi-Thuuli spawns on 73+ trash mobs on?

    Is there some limitation that prevents multiple spawns? I can't say I've ever seen a situation where 2 are up simultaneously. It always seems one must be killed before another can spawn.

    Is there some pseudo order to spawning? Generally I've seen them spawn in the order listed above. Though I have seen Swirling Bloodspirit spawn before Ur-Gorloch. I don't know if I have ever seen the Drachnid or Shiliskin mini spawn though.
  2. Communist Puppy Augur

    They spawn when a certain number of mobs in a certain area are killed. Maggotmiser is the most common one to spawn, because you generally need to kill all of the mobs to pop ZT+clear up into the keep. Ur-gorloch is probally the second most common because you need to kill down to hatchet and deal with a lot of the mainkeep trash.
  3. Baldur Augur

    So you can spawn every aug mob every clear? I was under the impression it worked like the anguish aug mobs where it was a random amount after X number of mobs were killed.

    We've only been getting 2 per clear. But from what you're saying we could spawn all 5 of them and we're just doing something wrong?
  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    It's not like Anguish. Anguish will trigger after a certain # of mobs have died at which point all 5 spots spawn and it's a RNG roll for each spot whether the mini spawns or the commander PH.

    Demiplane triggers will spawn individual minis. I think we have seen 3 minis per Clear so far every clear on Phinigel. I don't believe I've ever seen the Drachnid or Shiliskin across any server though. I don't know if that's because I have never killed mobs in a particular area of the zone or I didn't kill the other minis quick enough as there appears to be a "One mini up at a time" sort of rule in place with the spawn mechanics.

    I'd love to hear a Dev explain how they work as there seems to be more going on here than meets the eye.
  5. Prathun Developer

    It's complicated(tm), but the short version is that after certain bosses have been slain, killing population in Demiplane has a chance to spawn an associated miniboss. The chance increases the more population is killed.
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  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    So the rabbit hole goes deeper :p. Based on that, it sounds like the 'area' of the zone or mob type killed is irrelevant and its simply any mobs in the zone. It just gives off the appearance that the area matters due to spawn chance being unlocked after certain bosses are killed because you generally clear in a certain path after each mob.

    I know I've seen Maggotmiser spawn with 0 mobs dead. He is also typically the first mini to spawn. Based on this I am going to assume Maggotmiser isn't linked to anything.

    I have seen Ur-Gorloch spawn after Zi-Thuuli and Sisters. I have also seen Swirling Bloodspirit spawn after Zi-Thuuli and Sisters. So I would guess they are tied to one or the other.

    I have no idea what bosses the Legionnaire and Madrillah are linked to though... I would guess those must be some of the T2 events at which point you are generally done trash clearing the zone as the path between Devlin-Tris-Roley-Performer is probably only 5~ mobs at Tris, 5-6~ mobs in the ballroom and about 10 in the Performer hallways.

    Sounds like I will need to fire up a Demi instance on my Live server and test around blowing up trains of trash mobs to see which mobs spawn after which bosses! Thanks as always Prathun!
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  7. Jaera Augur

    Some information based on past experience.

    On the Vulak server, in SoF-ish timeframe I took my box crew back to Demiplane after being able to box Vule and get an eye. I killed Zi-Thuuli and either during trying to pop Thuuli or shortly after, Maggotmiser would spawn. Until I learned how to kill Redfang, it didn't matter how many NPCs I killed, it would not spawn another aug mini. When I killed Thuuli and Redfang, usually I'd start killing orcs after Maggotmiser and get Ur-Gorlach.

    Recently I was trying to farm blockers (Prathun please make more Shrieker bats spawn when Redfang is on lockout OR make Shrieker bats drop Congealed Blood of Redfang more often!) while on lockout for just Maggotmiser and it became dependent on what mobs I was killing. If I killed undead, woofs, gargoyles, or vampires, the Swirling Bloodspirit would spawn. If I killed brutes, Ur-Gorlach would spawn.

    So seems like:
    A. You get Maggotmiser for free, but after that you have to kill at least two bosses to get more.
    B. Killing orcs tends to spawn Ur-Gorlach
    C. Killing not-orcs tends to spawn Swirling Bloodspirit

    I'm not sure how this pans out further for the other two aug minis. I don't think I've ever even seen Madrillah.

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