Deck of Many Things (Mangler) East Coast 7:30 pm T/Th Raids

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Attila, Apr 16, 2019.

  1. MeninoMaroto New Member

    50 wizard interested in joining you guys? Is there any place where I can apply?
  2. Attila Augur

    We don't use applications. A Discord chat is our normal process. Hit us up in game when you are ready to talk.
  3. Dadgum New Member

    Joined the guild this week and I am impressed by the teamwork and organization.
  4. Koralises New Member

    Never mind I must have rolled a nat 1 on reading.
  5. Koralises New Member

    So I am on the server but I don't know how to search for the guild. But I would like to talk to someone about joining.
  6. Whirrun New Member

    Still having tons of fun Tues/Thurs nights. Lots of guild groups going on in between raids. Shoot a tell to Attila in game for more info!
  7. Shandi New Member

    I believe to search for a guild, you have to put the name in quotes, like /who all "deck" will show all members of Deck of Many Things.
  8. Attila Augur

    Looks like we may be hitting the Queen Bee tonight. Dragons went down with 1/2 a raid, and with a little luck, why not the Queen Bee as well.
  9. Nutshotz New Member

    If you are looking for a good group of people to air/group with? Look no further! Send a tell to a member in game!

  10. Attila Augur

    We have 18 raids spots left, if for some reason we have more than 72 we will split the raid. Full zerg isn't our style and benching people will never happen here.
  11. Fugly New Member

    Attila=Larceni from POTD?
    Perfect strikes are pretty common now.
  12. Attila Augur

    Yar, the raid force is rolling now.
  13. Cameran New Member

    cool guild, very personable nice people who have alot of knowledge and experience come join and raid with us
  14. Brunlin Augur

  15. Attila Augur

    We will be calling raids during our grind to 60 for epic fights.
  16. LittleBrumski Augur

    What kind of loot system do you use for scheduled raids?
  17. Flounder-Coirnav New Member

    Right now everything is random to the classes that can use (or primary class)

    Great bunch of players
  18. Phaez New Member

    44 Wiz and hope to get 50 in a few days would love to join. Have plenty of raid experience and discord. Will try to find someone in game.
  19. Flounder-Coirnav New Member

    We are starting our prep for Kunark and getting members epics. Come join the fun!
  20. Attila Augur

    Need two more groups of raiders.

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