Deck of Many Things (Mangler) East Coast 7:30 pm T/Th Raids

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  1. Attila Augur

    ''Deck of Many Things'' is selectively recruiting people capable of attending raids @ 7:30pm est. on both Tuesdays &Thursdays during Classic EQ. We also raid on the weekends, but those raids are not required. We still have the majority of our raiders show up anyway though.

    More detailed plans here:

    Just pretty much doing what we are doing meow.

    Well, following the June 5th Kunark launch, we are promising (think campaign promises) six days of uninterrupted leveling, questing and keying. After which, on Tuesday June 11th, we will be going about business as usual and thus raiding once again. There will be two changes to our current routines, one on the policy side and one to our required raid schedule.

    The first of which is the addition of required Sundays, starting June 16th, to have the necessary amount of time to account for Kunark's additional raid targets, such as VP, Dragons, etc.

    Secondly, we will be calling raids for Epic fights at any and all odd hour's of the day. Racing to 60 or not, bear with the intermissions a bit after launch.

    As far as raids go, we make it a point to keep in line with our policy of 3hr max raids. We also understand RL happens and have an unspoken zero grief policy on late invites. Also, I'd like to add that our, previously mentioned, weekend raids do not currently fall under our normal raid schedule, but shortly after they kill off the Game of Thrones cast members, Sunday's will also be required.

    One rule to rule us all

    Rule 1) All members must have Discord voice chat capability, no exceptions. We view people that hang out and socialize as the proverbial "Glue that binds."

    Possible solutions to the no mic problem: 1) Get a port and buy the $1 Walmart Earbuds w/mic. 2) Do a /w all amazon and have them port to you, 3) Download the Discord App and skip both port, the $$ AND be able to BS from anywhere!

    Perks and Standards
    + Experienced raid leadership (Always looking for more).
    + Expected to be prepared for raids with potions etc. (They will be announced)
    + No extensions or fillers. (If we are done, we are done)
    + Can join lower than 46.
    + Trash loot is randomed.
    + Certain items will be loot council. Either class specific or limited to a certain amount of time in guild. We are not using the loot council to directly distribute an item to one person, just to narrow the focus.

    D'n'D Themed Guild Ranks and Discord channels.
    (Seriously, this is all you need to be content)

    (The /get) Dragons Tuesdays, Sky Thursdays, Fear Saturdays(optional) and Hate Sundays(also, as of now, optional) Until a bit after Kunark anyway.

    Also, as of 5/10/19, we are currently low on Wizards, Druids, and Mages and will never stop seeking Clerics and Bards. (Again, this isn't WoW, we can alter strats.)

    The App. process, or that's what we are calling it anyway...
    To join, just send a tell to someone in our guild. We will ask you to join discord and bs with us a bit. Then, if you're not a tool, cha-ching.

    "Boxing Classic Raids in a few weeks"
  2. Attila Augur

    Also, a bit about myself. I started on god knows what server after Kunark launched, eventually migrating to Kane Bayle upon it's release. On KB, I hung out with some seriously good players from a number of seriously pro guilds such as as TCR, Nite Crew, DHS, SoD, Evolutia(?), and Darkwind. But, as my friends migrated to WoW, Planet Side and other games, the world started looking pretty empty. So, seeking something new, I hopped on to Storm Hammer at some point and learned a bit more from TR, Afterlife and other guilds whose names I cannot quite remember. After a very frustrating GoD experience (GD Clicking BS), among other things, I decided to put EQ down for good. So, after funding a royal rumble in the Bazaar arena with both plat and pre-nerfed rewards, I put up my Epic's and logged out for the last time...or so I thought.

    Years passed as I searched for the EQ experience in other games. I repeatedly returned to EQ seeking what I had lost, only to find myself out of the loop, stuck with a merc, and boxing (a.k.a playing with myself) in what had become a very unsocial game. I had some fun in OoW, Underfoot, and a few other expansions, but most were bland and didn't hold my interest. After going on a Counter-Strike binge for a few years, I saw the Fippy Darkpaw announcement and decided to give EQ another shot. I played a character named Tails with a premade and had a blast on this server. Some pals and I made a guild called Assault and Battery, and generally speaking, we had a pretty damn good time. Unfortunately, I made a few poor choice's IRL, like marrying a game hater, and had to bow out to avoid a Whirlpool box condo under a bridge. As it turns out, I probably should have chosen the box and located it under a bridge with a wifi signal, because I clearly enjoyed EQ better than RL as the rest of this yawn-fest will reveal.

    Jump forward to Agnarr. I played on Phinigel, but only for a brief while. I missed the launch and attempted to hang out with, what I thought was, a friend from Phinigel. Anyway, that didn't work out so well, so fast forward to Agnarr. On Agnarr, I once again found a pre-made, and unexpectedly, some of the best EQ friends you could wish for. Being the last to join, I was cornered into the Tank role, so I made a Dorf Warrior named Yosemite Sam. Just like Fippy, we planned ahead, made good time and were right up there with the top %1 to 50. We joined a guild called Zurdula and I became the raid leader/tank leader for a short while. I eventually switched to an Enchanter named Sweet, who you may know as the Kunark spellcrafter that discovered research was in fact "NOT" nerfed. Anyway, I guess people charging 5KR for my friends spells pissed me off a bit, so I decided to saturate the spell market to lower prices. MY little ..I.. to the Krono-Boxers at the time. I enjoyed this server a great deal, but low and behold....another.

    Enter Coirnav. I had no doubt what I was going to do on this server. We kept the same premade from Agnarr. My buds Brunlin and Sethas were all in and we had a solid month to research our path to 50. After once again finishing in the top percentile, I decided to revise my Guild Leader role and we made Path of the Damned. We wanted a guild somewhere in between the Batphone "sheep" supplying labor to their Krono leaders and the casual players who actually played for fun. So, we built the guild up with an even split of raiders and casuals. This worked out to an extent. We downed what we needed to, cleared all of the planes undermanned (like 1/2 the force of other guilds), and did fairly well. But, mistakes were made, authority wasn't delegated enough, DKP was taxing and the lack of a focused direction always left the raiders and casuals at odds. These things, combined with the mind numbingly long raids burned people, including myself, TF out. So, while PotD eventually merged and became a top tier raiding guild (Thanks to Mobs), myself and very few of the original members were there to see it. So, I decided that if we did this again, the direction would be clear, the grind would be palatable and we would have a good time. We are almost caught up. Que to the present, Mangler.

    As you can probably see, we had a late start, but with solid recruiting we have already made good progress. Absolutely all of our members BS on discord and we are making / renewing the bonds needed to enjoy the game. If you are interested in what we are building, find a member and ask for a discord link to chat with us a sec. The only real risk will be the culture shock of being in a guild that uses it's plat and gems for pre-raid /random entertainment.

    -Atilla a.k.a Larceni a.k.a Yosemite a.k.a Tails ........................etc.

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  3. Sterling-Silverfox Elder

    All new recruits should get bonus dkp just for reading the above message.
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  4. Prophesy New Member

    Great group of people and fun to group/raid with. Sadly no bonus DKP since we don't use a DKP system :p
  5. Sterling-Silverfox Elder

    Hard to believe the original poster claims to be in the top 1% on each launch. Never remember seeing this guy around.
  6. Attila Augur

    Well, not sure who you are, but our Fippy Darkpaw premade (I think Tails in Armageddon (at launch) was my character) hit Upper Guk at level 2 and stayed in upper to 27ish, went to lower and never left. There were only two groups in Lower Guk until we were in our mid 40's, so if you were not one of them, you didn't see us. The only other group was a full group with double mages from Twisted Legion iirc. We had a drop, so Dima was added along the way. He joined up with another group in the 40's, not sure whos. When I talked to him last, he didn't seem to remember me, so I guess I don't leave lasting impressions.

    On agnarr, we did North Ro, rapid spawning Aviaks in oot, then Lavastorm for magical Bone weapons and hit Sol A at 17. We then proceeded back to Lower Guk, mainly sticking to live side to avoid mob competition. We ended with live frogs in Lower Guk and then Efreeti with 0 competition. I believe that when he hit 50, we decided to two group Phinigel (server first I think) with an average level of 33 and Yosemite Sam, my 50 Warrior, tanked it. So, you should be able to check announcements, or ask someone in Zurdula to verify that. I boxed Sweet, an Enchanter at the same time.

    On Coirnav, we specifically avoided other groups and I cannot reveal our isolationist path, but at the end, we waited for an efreeti group to go to sleep, which they did before they hit 50 (pretty popular stream group), and kept that camp until we ALL had a ring, multiple sets of Jboots and of course level 50. Myself and Throsk played one character. Sethas, and Brunlin were 2 boxing and I think my SK's name was Larceni, which I later changed to Redrum when I changed my main to Wizard in Path of the Damned. Larceni started as a female Dark Elf, later switching to an ogre named Redrum.

    Well, hope that clears things up for you. Feel free to send me a tell in game with your name so we can shoot the breeze.

  7. Rcbauer Augur

    I remember sam.
  8. Whirrun New Member

    Just joined up, having a ton of fun. Great group of players, very organized, well lead guild. Come hang out and have some fun raiding!!
  9. Yosemite New Member

    Yar, slots are filling up at a decent pace. Thought I'd post what classes we are low on or have none of at all.

    Shadow Knights(0) ??? How is this even possible?
    Wizard(0) we have alts and boxes for ports up, but a main would be nice.
    Rogue(1) well two, but one just joined the server and is playing catch up.
    Shaman(2) one is going on a 3 week business trip soon.
    Magician(1).......not as confusing as SK's, but still pretty odd.

    Additionally, we are always recruiting more Bards and Clerics and I am a huge fan of charmed pets so I consider Enchanters solid DPS. No matter what you bring to the table, we have a place for you. Raid strats can be altered, this isn't WoW, so what we are really looking for is people. Come BS with us in Discord for more information. Just do a /w all "deck" and ask someone for an invite link.

    See you in game,
    -Attila (Two T's not two L's)
  10. Ornonic New Member

    I Would be interested in your guild.
  11. Attila Augur

    Hit Attila up in game.

  12. Cannabiis New Member

    Hey All,

    I just joined the guild last night... What an amazing group of people!
    If you are looking for a good group of people to chat and grind with, this would be the place!.

  13. Intense New Member

    The raid is 1/2 full now. We will not be doing the massive x3 72 man raid thing, so we have a limited number of spots left. Easter was very good to us. Epic and armor drops galore. Come BS with us in discord if you are interested.
  14. Cameran New Member

    This is great group of people and welll organised during raids.
  15. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    Nice guild name and D&D reference :)
  16. Fugly New Member

    We enjoy dropping mobs that we shouldn't be able to drop with our numbers and we always seem to have a good time doing so. If you are interested in precision raiding, hanging out in discord and making friends that actually WANT to see you succeed, let us know in game.

  17. Brunlin Augur

  18. Attila Augur

    We are currently seeking a few more people. Our classes with the lowest numbers are:

    Wizard - 0 (Just alts for porting)
    Shadow Knight - 1 (Yay, finally have one...wait, he is fully geared...Oh no! It rots again!)
    Druid - 1 (Would love to see more main Druids)
    Magician - 1 (All he is missing is the Water Staff, so come get our epic rots)
    Rogue - 2 (I disagree about Rogues being gimped, we can rebuild you, we have the technology(smdm))

    This is just to entice people, but the fact of the matter is, what we are looking for is people.

  19. Fugly New Member

    Nerd Power!

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  20. Fugly New Member

    Must be able to chat in Discord.

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