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  1. Angre Augur

    How do you Zerkers feel about Decap?

    Ring of Scale expansion raised the max to rank 12, dealing up to 200k dmg when it procs on mobs 109 and below, with 1.5% chance to proc.

    I still value it and would hate to loose it. Its part of our Berserker's Legacy, and something we have had for a long time and I really do appreciate the ability!
    I've got my opinions about it, but I want to hear yours?

    It feels like a taboo subject to discuss anymore. Not sure why I feel that way??

    What you think?

  2. Brohg Augur

    The hits are nice but they're getting somewhat lost in the melee noise as regular hits catch up to Decaps in magnitude. Thing is, I for sure don't want to invest more "juice" in dps that only hits blues. I much prefer growth for, like, Uncontained Frenzies and Crippling Blows
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  3. Daedly Augur

    Definitely dont see it as part of any zerker lagacy. It didnt come about until believe house of thule, maybe VoA, i cant remember exactly.

    If it stays, fine, if it were to phased out, fine with that too.
  4. Tanols Augur

    I was more than a little disappointed that when Head Shot and Assassinate got massive boosts and Decapitate was totally passed over for a damage increase. Berserker's haven't been nerfed and stagnated into oblivion but we are by no means the melee dps powerhouses we have been in the past. It now takes considerable work and co ordination with ADPS to parse well.
    Decapitate has not scaled up with mob hit points and is all but useless ability as it is today against current or recent content.
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  5. Angre Augur

    Decapitation is like a mosquito bite to current mobs.

    But its better than nothing. :)

    Every little bit counts.
  6. Behelit Augur

    ^this and also it hasnt scaled with our dps either. so ironically the added 15-20k DD dps it adds to blue cons its completely unnecessary as most blue cons are dying fast enough that the added dps doesnt change the kill speed at all.

    at 110 to be useful against TBM/EoK blue cons it'd need to be doing ~1mil base dmg given we lack the activiated abilities to mod decap in the way headshot/assassinate can be.
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  7. Angre Augur

    I agree sir. I was thinking 500k dmg upgrade for Decap would make it more useful, but not over powered. I mean, if you are nearly taking a mobs head off, that's a very damaging strike, and the damage should be raised in order to be in line with the proc's deliverance of pain.

    That make sense?
  8. segap Augur

    Decapitate also works on all npc types whereas headshot and assassinate is limited to humanoids. There has to be some tradeoff for not having the same restrictions.
  9. Tanols Augur

    That argument for stagnation of a class ability can get picked up with a shovel and tossed on a trash heap with the rest of the bull crap. It does not change the fact that Decapitate has not scaled up with other dps gains and mob hit points. Can not be modified by any disc or AA that we have though I do believe some worn items might increase its damage (eyes of life and decay, familiar of emperor ganak?) I could be mistaken.
    200K hit from decapitate vs a mob with 10,20,30 million plus hit points is just a little more than a trade off it is more like a rip off. Especially given the numbers being reported by rogues and rangers. In beta I am seeing melee hits for as much or more than what decapitate is hitting for, if it wasn't for the audio trigger I made years ago to let me know when it fired I wouldn't even notice it.
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  10. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    Are you kidding me? Berserkers and Monks are the number 1 and 2 raid mele DPS class in game by a multitude. Closely followed by Rangers for range fights. …. only after these 3 classes will you find a rogue. Please tell me what rogues are beating out these classes, I obviously need lessons.
  11. Daedly Augur

    Like with most human controlled things, the people operating them can make or break how well they preform a task. Maybe you need lessons, or maybe other people need lessons. Maybe a lot of things.
    Of the classes that generally parse higher than me, at least according to my parse, its most commonly either another Zerker, a mage, or a rogue.

    I am not arguing for or against the comparison between HS, Assasinate, and decap, but what do any of those abilities have to do with raiding anyways? Unless you're raiding old content, it shouldnt have any real impact.
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  12. Tiggold Augur

    Depends who you're playing with. I haven't seen a ROG or MNK in top parse in forever, definitely not consistently. The problems you see are not server-wide. I think people tend to forget that.
  13. Brohg Augur

    "who Daedlyy is playing with" happened to do a couple burn battles just yesterday. You'll have to excuse the overall fight duration, we were just under 40 players.

    /GU Hoshkar in 212s, 2,079.4m @9808313sdps
    Berserker + pets 117.2m@(613.7k dps in 191s)
    Ranger + pets 115.5m@(595.2k dps in 194s)
    Rogue 94793k@(488.6k dps in 194s)
    Ranger + pets 93490k@(494.7k dps in 189s)
    Monk 86554k@(465.3k dps in 186s)
    Magician + pets 78513k@(415.4k dps in 189s)
    Berserker + pets 78114k@(400.6k dps in 195s)
    Monk 77940k@(403.8k dps in 193s)
    Wizard 74464k@(352.9k dps in 211s)
    Magician + pets 73492k@(353.3k dps in 208s)

    /GU Silverwing (1), Xygoz (1) in 391s, 3,147.6m @8050008sdps
    Berserker + pets 169.2m@(441.7k dps in 383s)
    Ranger + pets 160.3m@(415.4k dps in 386s)
    Berserker + pets 159.2m@(421.2k dps in 378s)
    Rogue 153.2m@(394.7k dps in 388s)
    Magician + pets 151.6m@(389.7k dps in 389s)
    Magician + pets 138.0m@(362.1k dps in 381s)
    Magician + pets 125.1m@(331.0k dps in 378s)
    Monk 123.6m@(335.8k dps in 368s)
    Bard + pets 121.1m@(313.0k dps in 387s)
    Wizard 115.6m@(315.0k dps in 367s)
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  14. Tiggold Augur

    Looks like a talented Rogue and Monk among you. What's the all night look like? I've seen the Mages blowing it up over on FV when I was playing.
  15. Daedly Augur

    I never said it was a problem :p
  16. Tiggold Augur

    Ohh I wasn't insinuating that or quoting you. Maybe was not the right way to word it. Just meant who tops parses are different everywhere. On subject, yes, Decap is stagnant. I was still getting asked "was that decap" everytime I Dicho a mob. Just proves people still don't know what we do and how we do it. Don't take what I say too seriously anyways, I'm a quitter after all. I also don't know everything or as much as I thought I did. I mean I solo/molo too and I've never once thought to myself "wow I'm so glad I had that 100k BP rune, it's a life saver".
  17. Daedly Augur

    I didnt use Dicho until level 110 cause i didnt quite understand what it did. All i saw was my endurance bar take a huge hit and some wimpy hit limit buff. I didnt even notice how much it was doing to the mobs and i dont know what i was reading but didnt see the part about it doing the slash attacks. Thankfully ran across a post on the boards saying the zerkers should be using it and finally found out what it does.

    I cringe at all that wasted DPS while i was trying to get leveled up.
  18. Tiggold Augur

    We live we learn. Progress is never easy.
  19. Brohg Augur

    Progress is sometimes easy
  20. rusco New Member

    Welp want things to change on the decap side? Then dbg needs to change it from a magic based attack to a melee based attack otherwise it is going to stay the same.