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  1. Gragas Augur

    Kreacher=enchanter? If you think it procs too much use a piercer.
  2. TriangleMan New Member

    I've never seen decapitation in action yet but no matter how much I read about these abilities on the internet almost nobody shoots straight about the information. The following is what anyone wondering is true via Headshot and Assasinate.

    Headshot in real world (game) usage is superior to assasinate. The reason for this is that Rangers get an AOE root to prevent them from being hit which prevents them from requiring a merc. The downtime for rangers using headshot then is virtually 0 in the areas they should be using headshot.

    Assasinate can still be decent but only used in a certain fashion. Because Assasinate does not work via melee auto attacks and only has a chance to proc off of backstab which is on a huge timer compared to ranger bow auto attack, using the ability in this way for fast XP is almost completely useless. There is only 1 way to consistently use assisinate to good real world consistent XP gains. That is to find yourself an item that summons stacks of 100 throwing weapons because throwing a weapon behind a mob has a chance to assasinate and you can throw 5x or more faster than you can backstab. This does require a merc though because a mobs back must be facing you (seized opportunity AA does not allow throwing attacks to assasinate from the front and besides even if it did rogues do not have an AOE root). Now to make up for this rogues can assasinate higher level mobs in relation to their current level. So despite requiring a merc they can offset the exp loss a bit with that. However I still don't think it compares to headshot.

    I have no experience with decapitate yet, but honestly if I was given a choice of having a similar ability as headshot or assasinate to a bezerker (decap) only better (it may or may not be I don't know), OR having assasinate and headshot nerfed I would choose the first option any day. I would be sorely dissapointed if these abilities never got upgrades as essentially it would be removing what is fun content to me in the game not adding fun content.

    So in closing everyone should be asking themselves and Sony, are these abilities fun to be in the game? To me the answer is yes, if the answer is yes for you also then we should all be wondering who is making the bad decision of essentially phasing out something that people enjoy. Forget about any reasons you might have, just think about the end result. Is the game more fun with these abilities being available to you if you want to use them, or is it more fun without them being an option?
  3. Darktower Elder

    I know there's quite a bit of mixed feelings on 'decap' but I can honestly say that as a zerk that returned from a 3 year layoff, decap has been a fun game mechanic for me in the zones I'm catching up on.

    I left right after SoD came out due to, in my opinion, the horrible changes (or lack there of) that were made to the zerk class at that time. Coming back a few months ago and gaining decap has allowed me to solo better then before and allowed me to see older content quicker since it's next to impossible to efficiently find groups for older content (SoF, SoD, UF mostly).

    I realize and respect why rangers and rogues may feel it 'unbalanced' their classes vs. zerks but even if they never update it again I would be happy that I got to plow through some older content faster and 'catch up' to some of my EQ friends.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    I am reading the description for Decapitation and it says "When wielding a 2-handed or thrown weapon..." Does it really work off of thrown items and if the answer is yes is it worth doing it that way if you can get singles or is it better just to tank it straight up?
  5. Genryusai New Member

    3 months ago i wasint all into decap on my main zerk then i seen a friends zerk do a riposte pull in ferrott and he decapped everything within the 2 ticks the disc lasted knowing my decap never went off via riposte i checked forums and seen somewhere (forgot where now) that a coder/dev even said it is suppose to work off riposte. 3 months later after 4 petitiones and 4 /bug reports later im still getting the bull story to check forums. am just wondering any other berserkers having the same issues with this run around? i know theres alot whos decap also isint going off of a riposte and i also know its not an aa issue due to my current mains aa count and others i have talked to whose isint working right and have max aa just wondering if soe is pretty much giving anyone else the middle finger on this issue like they have with me
  6. Darktower Elder

    Yes it works off of the 'throw' mechanic.

    IMO, it's better to simply tank and let decap hit from normal 2h and riposte damage. It will also decap off of the volley/axe throw/AoG & AoI lines. It won't work off of frenzy (in my experience). When I pull, I'll use volley/axe throw and every once in awhile decap will hit and kill the mob before it even moves but that's rare for me, I wouldn't rely on it that way.
  7. Darktower Elder

    Are you absolutely sure decap isn't going off on riposte? Do you have all 3 ranks? What level are you? What level of mobs are you trying to decap on? Are they LB's? What weapon are you using? There's a lot of variables that could be effecting if you are/aren't decapping. If you pull a swarm of mobs, are you noticing other mobs health going down that you're not immediately focused on? I know on the gozerk forums there was some confusion it seemed about riposte working differently on different servers but I'm not sure how something like that would ever happen. I know mine works well on normal ripostes and works extremely well popping a riposte disc.

    I don't think SOE is doing anything intentional to avoid fixing a 'problem'. They may not be aware that there is even a problem, considering we (the community) can't seem to pinpoint if there even is one.
  8. Genryusai New Member

    main is 100 zerk 5k aa all possible aa needed for decap to go off of riposte such as frenzy riposte ect ect all 3 ranks useing a 2hs 30 delay (have heard issues with other zerks useing 2hp) literally everything i have i know other zerks with less aa at 3 ranks useing roughly same weapon doing it just fine. im just more irritated at the fact after 3 months multiple petitioned and /bug reports later i keep getting the check forums crap
  9. Genryusai New Member

    also the issue is not a by server problem 2 good friends of mine also main berserkers and have no issues and i have discussed this with them multiple times and we all came to the agreement this is bugged and not another problem
  10. Quatreh Lorekeeper

    my decap doesnt trig on riposte too i have 8K+ AA all the needed AA for decap ( tried gorilla in feerrott) decap fire nice on all disc but not on riposte ( i use a 2HS)
  11. haswb New Member

    I never post just read but I had to post for this. I have a 93 zerker with 4500 aa and decap 2/3 and most other aa. Using 2hb/2hs/2hp I have never got a single riposte decap. In the last 2 weeks I've probably killed thousands of gnomes etc in beta riposte pulling. I don't turn on attack or hit rampage and I've never seen a decap. I go back up through my chat box after every pull and there's no decaps. When I fight regulary, use volley, rampage etc I see decaps.
  12. Genryusai New Member

    so yeah 2 more bug reports later still nothing. noticed today killing in underquarry that im killing the mobs more times then not before decap fires im so irritated having mained the class for 4 years and soe is giving me the middle finger and on my new server Firiona vie every freakin noob who made the class only for this aa does fine with it.. imo they need to remove it i missed being one of 4 or 5 zerks online at one time now the list is too long to show them all. this aa has been more of a headache then anything else imo. i have asked them to refund my aa for decap since they dont care for actually looking into the problem and from what i can see i have always killed just as fast without this broken bogus aa as i do with it
  13. haswb New Member

    Made 95 and decap 3/3 and no riposte decaps. Could there be a bug in the order we purchased some aa's in the past or something? Grasping at straws here.
  14. Rouan Augur

    IS Frenzy Riposte needed? It's been said it doesn't fire off of Frenzy. That AA could be what's fudging it up.

    I would recommend doing a test copy and resetting your AAs on test and not rebuying possible problem AAs when you rebuy, seeing if decap works, then buying it and seeing if you break it.

    Change buy orders, etc etc.
  15. Genryusai New Member

    it fires off my normal frenzy so doubt its that tho i will try the testcopy thing without frenzied resolve
  16. roth Augur

    For some reason it has a vastly reduced firing rate when you are using a 2hp. It also is level capped and does not work on mobs higher than 84/86/88 depending upon rank, so if you are simply pulling mobs too high for your rank that could also be why you are experiencing this problem.
  17. Darktower Elder

    Are you absolutely sure about this? In my experience, I haven't seen it fire off of frenzy. I've seen it fire off of normal attack only, volley line, axe throw line and axe of graster/illdaera line (and I *think* banestrike but not 100% sure).

    But I'm fairly certain I've never seen it fire off of frenzy.
  18. haswb New Member

    Ran my lvl 95 decap 3/3 zerker on live to brells rest and pulled a bunch of lavakins. Hit reckless and no decaps. Test copied toon, repurchased aa and pulled a bunch of lavakins. Killed almost every one with decaps before reckless wore off. I'm gonna redo this again with another test copy. No idea what is wrong with my live characters decap.
  19. haswb New Member

    Can anyone else having this issue testcopy, repurchase aa, pull a big train of lvl 88 or below mobs if you have decap 3/3. Hit reckless with attack off and see if you riposte decap everything.
  20. haswb New Member

    Test copied again earlier today. Logged into test. Pulled a huge train in feerrott without resetting aa. 0 riposte decaps with reckless.

    Reset aa. Pulled another train....riposte decaps left and right...what's wrong with my toon.

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